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Yesterday I worked my butt off unpacking my possessions from bags and putting them away.  I felt so tired that I had trouble sleeping, so I’m heading right back to bed in hopes od catching a few Zs before my grocery delivery.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow is the highest holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  Monday is still the target.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:52 (average 5:23).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: The Most Addictive Infographic About Walmart’s Greed We’ve Ever Seen


Lots of billionaires, like the Waltons from Wall-Fart, take advantage of YOU to externalize their employee expense, making YOU fund their own insatiable greed.

From NY Times: Scott P. Brown on Friday opted out of the Senate race in Massachusetts to fill the seat being vacated by John Kerry, leaving Republicans without a candidate for the special election set for June 25.

Mr. Brown spurned entreaties from the National Republican Senatorial Committee to use his statewide name recognition and popularity — and his leftover campaign treasury — to help the party gain a seat.

Buk-buk-buk-buk Bagger Brown knows that another loss so soon would end his political career forever.

From MSNBC: Republican Teabuggery Arkansas Style


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Rappert and his buddies share a a few characteristics that are essentially Republican traits. The first is misogyny. The second is lying. The third is racism. The fourth is a desire to reverse the Civil War. The fifth is that they are owned by billionaires and corporate criminals. Regardless of who national Republicans are pretending to be, because America has seen through their brand, this is who the Republican Party really are.



If Phil sees a Republican today, he’ll dive so deep in his burrow, that Spring may not come until August.


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  1. Puzzle — 3:46  TC, you stopped at the red signal.  Me, I red blind so I kept going!

  2. Tis is why I have been boycotting Wal-Mart for years. They are corporate outsourcers. For a company that once bragged that all it’s products were made in the USA, they sure get everything from Chinese factories. They not only don’t pay their employees for the hard and grueling work they do (standing in one place at a register all day – most of these people are elderly and down on their luck). It’s time Wal-Mart went down. I hope everyone boycotts them.

    Corporate welfare to jobs outsourcers runs into billions of our tax dollars every year. They should get nothing. If you don’t hire Americans to make your crummy plastic products, then we don’t need to buy them.

  3. Best explanation, infographic, I have ever seen of what Wal-Fart really is.

    Wal-Fart: They don't care about the safety nor the health of its worker drones,
    why should they care about the safety of children from assault weapons. 
    Yes, Wal-Fart continues to sell assault weapons and it continues to be the 
    the largest seller of assault weapons in US. Reason: Wal-Fart 
    doesn't care and "GREED". Oh, let us not forget that US "subsidizes" 
    Wal-Fart with our tax dollars. Not very "Patriotic", eh…

    Petitions against Assault Weapons:
    We Need a National Commission on Children's Safety NOW

    Use Petition search in Care2 for petitions using these words: Wal-Mart, Assault Weapons 

    LINK:   http://www.care2.com/find/site#q=Wal-Mart,+Assault+Weapons




  4. TC, make sure you get lots of zzzs before the big service tomorrow. It is a high holy day, after all.


    MoveOn ~ Excellent infographic! I refuse to shop there and chastise my friends who continue going there.


    NY Times ~ I think he pretty much knew he would lose after his loss to Elizabeth Warren in November. He didnt want a repeat performance.


    MSNBC ~ It's hard to believe that the same state that gave us Bill Clinton produced this "should have been aborted" creature.


    Cartoon ~ Bravo for your commentary!

    • Amen Patty.

      I started boycotting them before I had ever shopped there, so I have nevcer been in one of their stores.


      Foul indeed.

      Thank you!

  5. This came in my mails this AM.

    Join with Daily Kos and the Courage Campaign by signing our petition demanding Walmart put public safety above profits by ending all sales of assault rifles. 



  6. I cannot stand to hear the name WalMart—it makes me cringe———they build these super stores (Lowes and Home Depot and several other do this too) and people flock to them thinking they are going to save a buck when probably will be pennies if anything————-then the smaller home town stores are crowded out because they can't compete with anything the biggies offer———–and the small stores are so much better———-personally—am not lazy—in fact am a runner—but I don't care to walk a mile to get a toothpick and that is what these big stores offer—they are a bunch of greedy pigs—-WalMart and their low class chinese made products make me sick————one time in my life I went to WalMart———midnight————needed an electric blanket–(furnace was down)—only store open that time of day—-bought one—-stopped working after a few days——-exchanged it——-same thing———products are no good—and there is just not enough money for the boys and girls———-Sam Walton put one over on us——-maybe this wasn't his dream——-but it has become the biggest nightmare for many—when they try to make a living on what –Walmart pays them——–.  I will add——I have many family members that idolize WalMart—————-course I came from the "smart" side of the family.  Lol    


    Listen TC———send someone to the store——get some lemons and the biggest bottle of booze you can find——Jose Cuervo is a good brand————–suck those lemons and drink the JC -and even if you still feel a little bad you won't care————-and it will help you sleep—-



  7. Remember when Pres. Obama commented that he goes skeet shooting at Camp David?  Well, of course the wingnuts went into full dudgeon openly calling him a liar, with Rep. Marsha Blackburn actually challenging Pres. Obama to a skeet shooting contest.


    Well, today – the day before the Super Bowl – the White House released a cool picture of Pres. Obama Skeet Shooting!



    I say it's time for Pres. Obama to offer a challenge to Blackburn – and even let her choose her poison:

    [1] She can go skeet shooting with Dick Cheney, or …

    [2] One-on-one half- or full-court basketball game, or …

    [3] An IQ test

    • My vote is to send her hunting with Deadeye Dick.

      I think she would rather Obama and other black people be at the other end of the gun.

  8. Puzzle — 3:46 TC, you stopped at the red signal. Me, I red blind so I kept going!

    MoveOn — Dang this is a long one, but excellent!  When I go into Wal-Fart, I always feel dirty and I feel like a troll.  I go in for one thing only and then hightail it out.  Brand name pullups for my mother  are almost half the price that they are any where else.  When you use a lot of them, it adds up.

    NY Times — So Scott Brown craped his skivies when he realised if he lost he could kiss his political career goodbye?  I guess with all his bluster, he finally realised that the Democrats had a better candidate.  Or maybe he is jut another dumb cluck — buk, buk, buk, buk!

    MSNBC — Yesterday, I posted a couple of articles out of Alternet, one of which, "The Confederacy Making a Comeback in the South? KKK Grand Wizard Glorified, Civil Rights Heroes Ignored"  http://www.alternet.org/confederacy-making-comeback-south-kkk-grand-wizard-glorified-civil-rights-heroes-ignored?page=0%2C0  contains the following.

    "The rewriting of history in the South is a retreat by beleaguered whites into a mythical self-glorification. …

    The steady rise of ethnic nationalism over the past decade, the replacing of history with mendacious and sanitized versions of lost glory, is part of the moral decay that infects a dying culture. It is a frightening attempt, by those who are desperate and trapped, to escape through invented history their despair, impoverishment and hopelessness. It breeds intolerance and eventually violence. "

    This rather fits into one of your stated Republican/Teabagger commonalities, especially when it comes to the possibilities of armed insurrectiion and the Civil War..  The other article I published is related.  "Gun Control Agenda Is Launching White Paranoid Extremists to Prepare for Armed Revolution" http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/gun-control-agenda-launching-white-paranoid-extremists-prepare-armed-revolution

    I must admit that I had a difficult time understanding everything he said because of his accent, but his tone was enough for me to know that in addition to being a decent fiddle player (But give me Ashley MacIsaac, the Cape Breton fiddler who is simply awesome but definitely petulant, any day.) he is a nasty piece of work.

    Cartoon — You have Punxutawney Phil, and we Have Wiarton Willie.  Seems both are calling for an early spring.  http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/wiarton-willie-predicts-early-spring-others-forecast-more-winter-1.1140248

    On the other hand, an early spring could mean thin ice for Republican/Teabaggers, or Conservatives here.

    • And you got mashed in the intersection.

      I would rather pay more.

      I think both are true.

      Scary shit!!

      If it's early Spring, there needs to be a special ice fishing party for Harper's harlots.


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