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I guess I don’t have to tell you that I’m pooped.  I’m current with replies.  I still have four 60 gallon bags to unload and put everything away today, so it isn’t in the way of tomorrow’s grocery delivery.  Because of this I need to put off my return until Sunday or, more likely, Monday.  Because I was down the entire month of January, I’ll skip the Monthly Report.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From MoveOn: 3 Facts The Republicans In Congress Would Rather You Didn’t Share


Democrats are more fiscally conservative, in the true sense of the word, than Republicans. Republicans have run up huge debts with programs to enrich billionaires and giant corporations. Now they want YOU to pay the bill for their excess.

From [Extreme Propaganda Site Delinked]: The failure of the Republican leadership to pursue an investigation of the balloting almost suggests what some Americans have asserted for years. These folks are almost completely disenfranchised politically, and are regarded as fringe dwellers, even by most conservatives. Their assertion being that for many years, the job of the Republican leadership has essentially been to run interference for the Democrats’ advancement of socialism. Why? Because the interests of the power brokers on both sides transcend parties. They have decided that America – and probably the world, eventually – will be an oligarchical collective, a global slave state managed by narcissistic elites whose nests have long since been feathered.

In such a case, it will take nothing short of Divine Intervention or civil war to save America.

This is completely untrue.  Voter fraud was extensively investigated by DOJ during Crawford Caligula’s regime.  They found virtually no incidence of voter fraud whatsoever.  This article is an example of the nefarious lies promulgated by Republicans and their media lackeys every day. The thing that is noteworthy here is that this piece came from the Canada Free Press. Dang! InsaniTEA is contagious and spreading north!

From TPM: Rush Limbaugh, who recently declared that “it’s up to me and FOX News” to stop a bill from passing, told Rubio in an interview this week that he believed immigrants no longer came to America because they wanted “to become citizens of the greatest country on earth.”

“I’ve seen a number of research, scholarly research data, which says that a vast majority of arriving immigrants today come here because they believe that government is the source of prosperity, and that’s what they support,” Limbaugh said.

This should prove interesting, because dozens of Republican Representatives consider Limbarf the ideological head of the Republican Party. I don’t see effective immigration reform, unless Boehner brings it to the floor without a majority of his own caucus behind it.



Republican legislators want to return to the good old days.  Some have even said publically that to segregate a business is a property right, although most with that view keep it hidden.


  14 Responses to “Open Thread–2/1/2013”

  1. 3:28 Ruination!  The walls are falling all around me!

  2. MovOn ~ Remember before the elections when this hapened?


    From http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/31/1126572/-Romney-Ryan-They-don-t-need-No-stinkin-Fact-Checkers

    Romney Surrogate [Neil Newhouse]: "We're Not Going [To] Let Our Campaign Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers."

    Nothing has changed in regards to their collective selective amnesia.


    Extreme Propoganda Site ~ Is it another case of collective selective amnesia?

    Lynn, be on the lookout! It's spreading northward.


    TPM ~ The group of Republi-thugs in the House wil do everything to block the "compromise" on immigration reform. They didn't get the memo from their fearless leader telling them to court the Hispanic vote for the next round of elections.


    Cartoon ~ I remeber when all this was happeneing and I found it hard to believe because we never had segregation up her in central NY. Everyone was together and we got along.

    Life must have been horrendous in the South and I'm glad and proud that I was born a Yankee.






    • Actually, I came across this site a few months ago and mentioned it in one of my posts.  I was disgusted then as now.  It seems to be run out of the Toronto area and aimed at primarily the US, for now.  But I expect that Canada will feel more of there wrath and stupidity eventually especially if the federal Liberals or NDP win control of the government from Harper's Conservatives.

    • I sure do.  Republicans still lie non-stop.

      Probabably a case of collective InsaniTEA.

      Next, they'll try to say they arent racist.

      In many plsces in the north there was de facto segregation, even though not required by law.

  3. How about some Myths & Urban Legends WRT the Super Bowl?

    Sure – OK …


  4. Puzzle — 3:28 Ruination! The walls are falling all around me!  Well, at least I'm not last.  That is reserved for Jerry today.  We have all been TC thrashed!

    MoveOn — Despite what Rmoney used to say, sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose, especially if the goose is a Democrat!  Now there is a Republican conspiracy theory that isn't a theory but a fact.  2014 mid terms can't come any too soon.

    I read on Care2 how Boehner is making the outlawing of abortion the focus this year.

    "…Boehner pledged to “commit ourselves to doing everything we can to protect the sanctity of life” …"

    Where is the concern for 'sanctity of life' when:
    — food stamps are cut back such that families and children go hungry?
    — affordable medical insurance is not available to every US citizen?
    — children go to school only to be shot and killed because weapons are too readily available and there is no gun control?
    — big banks use predatory lending and mortgage practices which put families on the street?

    Boehner, and the Republican/Teabaggers are the south end of an elephant going north.

    The Repugs are still demonstrating that they haven't learned a thing! And what happened to their previous mantra "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"? Too old and hackneyed? The economy and jobs first Elephant Slayer!

    CFP Extreme Propaganda site — I first saw this website a few months ago when i was checking something else out for a comment on PP.  What a wack job they are.  Here is the wikipedia link to the owner  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judi_McLeod  .  Crap, she is so Teabagger and then some right down to the xenophobia etc.  On their website, they don't give an address just a telephone number, and if I remember correctly, a reverse lookup does not provide an address either.

    TPM — Immigration reform from a bunch of xenophobes?  Don't make me laugh!  They haven't learned a thing from the last campaign.  The angry white men are a dying breed . . . thank goodness.  May they die a little quicker so that sanity can be restored.

    Cartoon — When are people going to understand that we are all the same, black or white, rich or poor?  We all bleed red blood; we cry when we are hurt; we are joyful about the birth of a child and mourn the death of a loved one; and in awe of a sunset.  Thank goodness that these protesters had the courage of their convictions.  I thank them for their part in making the world a better place.


    • A rare event indeed, but it's cat-box buried. 😉

      Amen to all.

      It would not surprise me if her office in the HQ of a Canadian subsidiary of Koch Brothers.


      When the Republican Party is gone, the bad ones will go back to hiding under their sheets and hoods.

  5. The GOP uses code when they are speaking to their white supremacist supporters. Trent Lott was a master of this coded speech. “Let’s return America to the America we once enjoyed.” “Let’s get back to the good old days.” “Whatever happened to our traditional values?” These are all codes for the white supremacy of the southern Klan – and a return to that kind of America that allowed the Klan free rein. I imagine it still resonates with the white supremacists today. Let’s face it – the Klan doesn’t vote liberal! They’re devout republicans.

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