Jan 232013

Yesterday afternoon, as I was going to bed for the evening, my landlord came to check my radiator.  Some radiators in the apartments are leaking into the businesses below.  Naturally, mine is one of the culprits.  My computer corner surrounds the radiator, so I have to tear it down by 8 AM to provide access to a repairman.  He offered to have his people do it for me, because I’m sick, but there is no way I will let people who are technically challenged by a toaster tear down my system.  I am not current with replies, but will catch up when I can.  I will be offline until the radiator is repaired and I have redone my computer corner.  So I may be back online tomorrow, or it could take several days.


  8 Responses to “Personal Update–1/23/2013”

  1. Oh no! The dreaded computer shutdown has hit our Fearless Leader!

  2. Oh dear – just what you needed at the moment(!) – I am glad your wit has not deserted you under stress – but I do hope you take your time to reassemble your computer corner – and that your radiators all work properly at this time of year!


  3. If it's not one thing then it is another.  Your parade is certainly getting rained on right now!  I suppose that since it has to be done by 8 am, you didn't get much sleep and won't during the day either.  Your health comes first so please take your time to put everything back together and make sure you get sleep first.  We, your adoring public, will be here when you return!

  4. Oh, no that is not what you need right now.  Hope your radiator is repaired by now.

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