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Yesterday I slept most of the day.  I even slept through the games.  I’m still pretty groggy, and current with replies.  I hope a couple more days will do the trick.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:28 (average 5:26).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From AlterNet: The Christian right in America, like all organized religions, claims to have a correct and exclusive understanding of God’s will. To hear them tell it, the almighty creator of the universe has strong opinions about corporate tax rates, firearm ownership and what consenting adults do with their genitals, and he’s delegated them to speak on his behalf.

But if they want us to believe they have this authority, it seems only fair to consider their track record. After all, the Bible itself tells how to identify false prophets, saying that if they’re not really speaking for God, their predictions won’t come true — a very sensible test!

It’s a test that the American religious right should be worried about, because their history, to put it politely, doesn’t inspire confidence. Many of the most powerful and influential members of their movement, including presidential candidates, media moguls and the founders of churches, have repeatedly claimed to have God-given visions of the future that proved to be completely and utterly wrong. Here are some of the more notable (and hilarious) examples of their prophetic blunders.

Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians are infamous for proving that right and wrong are synonyms. Click through for many examples.

From Addicting Info: The “populist” Senator from Kentucky, having sold his constituents a sack of bullpucky that he’s just one of them, is once again showing his true colors, this time in the arena of tax dodging. He’s helping his rich buddies hide their wealth overseas by blocking three treaties that would help the U.S. government find them and make them pay their taxes. Hiding money in Luxembourg, Hungary and Switzerland is common practice among the very wealthy (so I hear) and these countries are very secretive about their clientele. The Obama administration has been trying to hunt down these tax dodgers to make them pay their fair share, running into opposition from… you guessed it, the party of the rich.

As we all know, as the filibuster rules in the Senate now stand, any Senator can block a bill (or treaty, as it turns out) by merely making his objection known. And that’s exactly what Rand Paul has done.

What a shame it is that Ron Paul (R-InsaniTEA) had to be a litterbug, befouling the US Senate with his rancid litter This emphasizes the need for Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) version of filibuster reform.

From AMERICABlog: Michelle Malkin and her flying monkeys seemed to have an issue with my tweet criticizing the poorly-attended “Gun Appreciation Day,” held Saturday. (Twitchy is run by Malkin.)

While citing the rallies as an expression of “Second Amendment” fandom, both ignored the fact that the event was not a regularly-held observance, but instead vindictively created by gun advocates in response to gun control talks following the Sandy Hook massacre.

Yes, gun nuts are actually spitting on Sandy Hook families in order to wage war on a non-existent “We’re Coming for Your Guns” government plan. But their insanity doesn’t stop there.  Enter the Sandy Hook hoax crowd.

Click through.  The way I see this, the NRA has to be hurting their own cause, by sponsoring so many rabid fools to act not just inappropriately, but insultingly so.




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  1. 3:58 I'm not cooking with gas this AM.

    • 3:57  We will see if Lynn's the best cook today.  It use to be that one minute better than the average time was a sure winner.  Now, TomCat is 2 seconds short of a minute better and so far he is third.  We all have improved.  The competition has made us all better. 

    • 3:56  I never cook with gas! . . . only electric!  I used to make a really good tourtiëre that my ffriends enjoyed around Christmas time especially.  Tourtière, hot mulled apple cider, cheddar cheese . . . mmmmm!!!!!  For dessert, warm spiced pears

  2. One of the funniest pieces I read in the news this past weekend was the story about 5 people getting shot at 3 different gun shows. This link was provided in TC's article from AMERICABlog. Please read on:


    Idiots all!


    Cartoon ~ I must repeat myself. Idiots all!

    • If only there had been SOMEONE there packing a gun, then they could have stopped it.


      Oh, wait a minute …

    • I know an on duty police officer that years ago managed to shoot himself in the leg while standing in the middle of the briefing room!  . . . and he didn't even get his gun unholstered!  His name: Dingle.

      If an experienced police officer (he was no rookie!) can manage it, anyone can.

      As you said Patty, idiots all!

    • It certainly knocks a hole in the NRA arguments.


  3. Puzzle — 3:56 I never cook with gas! . . . only electric!  Well there is the proof that the anti-biotics are starting to work TC . . . your times are getting better! . . . or was it the thoughts of tourtière?

    Alternet —

    Pat Robertson, the one-time GOP presidential candidate and religious-right media mogul, has repeatedly tried to predict the future, with roughly the same accuracy as a dart-throwing monkey.

    Yup, and also predicted that Romney would win the election.  Ha!!

    The religious right as a movement thrives on fear, because it depends on the unthinking obedience of its followers, and fearful people are far easier to shepherd and control. . . . but it means that secularists and progressives can win people over if we offer them freedom from fear. And the best way to do that is to point out that the prophets of doom have failed over and over again.

    I have a dream.

    A dream that all these purveyors of doom will shrivel up and go back to the darkness that inhabits their souls, . . . if they have one!  And, that people will learn to think logically for themselves.

    Addicting Info — What a pile of elephant scat!  Harry Reid and the Democrats need to get that filibuster rule changed and NOW!  No watering down of Jeff Merkley's bill.  Harry, grow some big brass ones NOW!!!

    AMERICAblog — InsaniTEA plus!!!!!  I wonder what these lame-brains would be saying if their children had been victims in the Newtown murders?

    Cartoon — When you think about it, you have to wonder at the strength of their convictions when KKK members are so fond of wearing masks to hide their identities.  Too bad that the KKK is not listed as a national terrorist organisation and only a hate group.  Scary, scary morons deluded by their own stupidity and smugness.


    • See above. 🙂

      I have to disagree.  A dart throwing monkey gets a hit now and then, but not Pat.  Of his many predictions for Obama's first term, none were correct. But that's right about the fear.

      There will come a time again that the bigots will go back into hiding insted of winning elections.

      Amen.  I called again yesterday.  Today is the day.

      My guess is that theyt would go gunning for the perp's family.

      They aren't hiding any more.

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