Jan 172013

It’s a new day, and I still feel like burying myself in the deep corner of my cat box.  I am not covering Obama’s gun safety proposal, because it is too big for a short take.  However, I would like to say that, although it is not exactly what I have done, it is far broader than anyone expected, long overdue, and worthy of support.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow I will probably still be down.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:22 (average 5:13).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Hails Ted Nugent As Civil Rights Crusader

It appears that InsaniTEA has no depth limit, and the Republican Party has no hate limit.

From NY Times: Ken Salazar, the blunt-spoken lawyer and rancher who took over the scandal-ridden Interior Department at the outset of the Obama administration, said Wednesday that he would step down in March to return to his home in Colorado.

He did not say what he intended to do after leaving Washington, and the White House gave no hint of who might succeed him.

Mr. Salazar’s exit, along with the announced resignation of Lisa P. Jackson, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the anticipated departure of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, will leave vacant the critical cabinet posts dealing with climate change and energy, which are among the most pressing challenges facing the nation.

Frankly, I’m glad to see Salazar go, because he has been far too focused on the production of energy from fossil fuels, and not focused enough on the development and production of green energy.  I hope Obama’s appointment brings screams of agony from BP, the Koch Brothers, and other criminal polluters.

From MSNBC: Rachel Maddow discussed the tactics of and dealing with Republican extremists and their pundits.

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Amen Rachel! How many times have you folks seen me say, "Do not feed the trolls"?




If only we had listened.


  15 Responses to “Open Thread–1/17/2013”

  1. FUN FACT:


    Due to a couple of unique circumstances, Pres. Obama will join FDR in becoming only the second (and probably last) President who has officially taken the Oath of Office FOUR TIMES!

    If you recall, Chief Justice Roberts botched the administration of the Oath at the official Inauguration in 2008, so to prevent wingnuts from saying Obama was not REALLY our President (like that's ever stopped them), Roberts administered the Oath a second time the next day in a private ceremony.

    Because the Constitution requires the Oath be administered at noon on January 20th – and because this year the 20th is a Sunday, Pres. Obama will take the Oath both on Sunday in a private ceremony and again on Monday at the public Inauguration.


    I like the idea of FDR and BHO sharing a very unique bond that will probably never happen again.

  2. 4:29 Not a bad time after what I've experienced. I will think of this as a small get well bouquet.

  3. Glad to see that Salazar is leaving. Now, who is going to take his place: a pro-environment person or another shill for the oil, gas industry…

    Speaking of shills, Tom Vilsack needs to go as he is a monsanto supporter.


  4. Question for the Gun Nut Wing of the NRA

    (NOTE: Not ALL NRA Members Belong in the Gun Nut Wing)


    If a car or a knife or a hammer are as lethal as an AR-15, like the NRA Gun Nut Wing claims, then why do you need an AR-15 for protection when you already have a car, knife and hammer?

  5. Quite a statement from the Commander of the Allied Forces of WW II, and so true.It has been quoted often over the years, but America has not heard its message.

  6. Puzzle — 3:45 I dedicate these posies to your full and speedy recovery!

    MoveOn — I found the episode 14/01/13.  Sad that MLK Jr Day is being hijacked as Gun Appreciation Day.  Even sadder when the one gun lunatic says that MLK Jr would support Gun Apprreciation Day.  Rosa Parks and Ted Nugent both civil rights crusaders?  It is an afront to Rosa Parks and MLK Jr to be mentioned in the same breath as that certifiably gun-mad idiot, Ted Nugent.

    NY Times — All the time I have been at Care2 and here, I have never heard one good thing about Salazar and the BLM. Was it Salazar that let Shell into the Arctic?

    MSNBC — I liked this segment as it put a bit of perspective on some of the miserable SOBs that are just so damned disagreeable — attention seekers. They are users.  They know how to use the fears of non thinking people to whip up a frenzy, when there need not be a frenzy, and all for self agrandissement.  So do not feed the trolls!

    Cartoon — Prophet or what? . . . and he was a Republican!  PS — It is military-industrial complex.  It's those anti-biotics!

    Extra! — I saw the "Miss Representation" documentary tonight and will give you a brief report tomorrow.  TC watch your e-mail as I need you to check something for me from a US perspective.

  7. The day is yours.

    It sure is.  See my 1st short take today.

    Yes it eas.

    Thanks for the Amen.


    Excellent.  Will do!

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