Jan 162013

Yesterday exhaustion set in, after my trip to the doctor, the day before.  Except for a few short breaks for food and personal functions, I slept around the clock.  My antibiotics will probably come today.  I’m current with replies.  I expect to be down for at least a couple more days.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:37 (average 5:13).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: The Humanity Of Fox News In 11 Words


I have no doubt that the Republican Ministry of Propaganda was merely sugar coating the Republican Party’s plan for all American workers.

From NY Times: More than 100,000 people who signed an online petition calling on the Obama administration to allow Texas to secede from the United States and create an independent government received an official 476-word response from the White House last week.

The short answer was no.

But the response — in which a White House official said the founding fathers established the United States as a “perpetual union” — hardly discouraged the Texas secession movement, which has been simmering for decades but gained momentum after the re-election of President Obama.

There is clearly an equitable solution to this dilemma. Simply encourage these dissatisfied Republicans to self deport.

From The New Yorker: Responding to reports that President Obama is considering signing as many as nineteen executive orders on gun control, Republicans in Congress unleashed a blistering attack on him today, accusing Mr. Obama of “cynically and systematically using his position as President to lead the country.”

Spearheading the offensive was Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), who charged the President with the “wanton exploitation of powers that are legally granted to him under the U.S. Constitution.”

How dare he?!!? It must be a black thing!!!




  18 Responses to “Open Thread–1/16/2013”

  1. So very sorry to hear you still haven't got your antibiotics TC!  I do hope you rest enough and keep warm and hydrated.

  2. 3:13  Nothing fishy about that time.  Will 2 minutes better than the average get me a win today?

    • 3:33 I guess I have been critter crunched, and in the deep end of the ocean!  Will we all be Patty-monstered?

      • There seems to be a monster shortage of late.

        • 3:48 Last in school.


          I've been in the hospital again and had a great risk of losing my left leg due to blood clots again. The doctors don't understand why I'm getting them. My blood work is all super. So after 3 surgeries and 9 days, I am home with a fully intact  leg with great blood flow. I pray it stays that way.

          • That is awful and good — awful about the return of the blood clots and ensuing risks, but good that you're home, intact with good blood flow!!!

            Welcome back my friend and look after yourself.  I take it you areon blood thinners?  It certainly does seem very bizarre.

          • Welcome back, Patty.  You have been missed even though you spank us each time you appear.  Nine days in the hospital is no picnic.  May the blood keep flowing!

            • Thank you, for your kind wishes.

              I was on blood thinners before my hospitalization. Am now on a new one not as dangerous as coumadin but more effective for my problem.


              I have to get my monster-ness back.

          • Patty, I'm so sorry you have been ill and pray that you continue to improve.  I'm quite familiar with coumadin, from my years in the pest contrul business.

  3. Well at least you know now what the issue is.  I have never had pneumonia before but I did get the shot about 5 years ago and was told I was good for 10 years.  Don't want pneumonia though.  For that matter, don't want the  flu either.  Take your anti-biotics, drink lots of water until you feel like you can pee like a race horse, stay warm, rest and say your mantra "size 9s, size 9s, size 9s, size 9s, size 9s, size 9s,size 9s, size 9s, size 9s…"

    Puzzle — 3:33 I guess I have been critter crunched, and in the deep end of the ocean! Will we all be Patty-monstered?

    MoveOn — Gutfeld looks like he has the IQ of a pickle!  I know, the pickle police are coming after me.  If he thinks that sweatshops are so good, why don't we arrange a vacation stay for him at the Sweatshop Hilton, all expenses paid by him!

    NY Times — There is clearly an equitable solution to this dilemma. Simply encourage these dissatisfied Republicans to self deport. — But they may NOT self deport to Canada!!!!!

    The New Yorker — The nerve, the gall of Mr Obama to “cynically and systematically [use] his position as President to lead the country.”  Will wonders never cease?  But there is more.  Stockman says he will call for impeachment!  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/15/steve-stockman-obama_n_2478913.html?utm_hp_ref=politics  What a nut case dork!  Has this idiot been drinking the BP cleaned Gulf water?

    Cartoon — Prohibition may have started but from what I have read over the years, Canada kept part of the US wet during the dry spell.


    • I passed that on to Jerry. 😉

      Where is that monster?

      Foxconn's factory in China would be ideal.

      You guys may need toi build a 3,000 mile wall. 😉

      Dang!  You'd think Obama got a BJ or something!

      Canadian distillers thrived during those years.


  4. I was so happy to find this blog site.  TomCat I have been sending you letters on Care2, then something finally reminded me I might reach you here.  I am and have been so concerned about your health and well being.  Please give an update on how you are doing.  I can reasonably speak for all of your friends at Care2 by say, "We miss you, we are worried and concerned".

    Big hug,

    Miss Kitty

  5. NOT from "The Onion":


    Man falls to his death after defecating between subway cars; another injured at same station

    It was his time to go.

    A 31-year old Bronx man fell to his death this afternoon while defecating between subway cars on a moving number 6 train, cops said.

    The man fell onto the tracks and was run over by the northbound train as it was leaving 125th Street station shortly after 4 pm, police said.

    • Also NOT from "The Onion":


      Former Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has joined Fox News Channel and Fox Business as a paid contributor, TV Newser reports.


      Sorry, but I've never been all that fond of Kucinich.  And now that he's working for Fox "News" I fear that either

      [1] He'll be used as a stooge to degrade and debase Pres. Obama – something he's done on his own numerous times before

      … OR

      [2] He'll be made to look like some wild-eyed, left-wing zealot (and it WON'T take that much to do that)


      • I used to be a strong Kucinich supporter, until he revealed that he is just as big a wing-nut as a Teabagger.  In the 2004 Presidential election campaign, he was asked who he might choose as his VP running mate.  His choice was that horrid gnome, Ron Paul.  I have always apprecuated Dennis' stands on progressive issues, but after that chioce, I trust him so little that I supported Marcy Kaptur, when Republicans gerrymandered them into the same district.

        My only disagreement is that, instead of either [1] or [2], both/and is more likely.

    • Of one thing, I have no doubt.  Anyone that stupid had to be a Republican.

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