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I’m still down.  My only extra activity yesterday was to write a letter to the Parole Board on behalf of one of my guys who has a release hearing coming up.  I’m current with replies.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:44 (average 4:39).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The Telegraph: US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is reportedly preparing to leave his postion [sic] by the end of the month, before politicians sit down for another gruelling [sic] round of talks over the country’s debt ceiling.

I say good riddance to Timmy the Tool, in my opinion, Obama’s worst appointment. However, he could not have picked a more inconvenient time to leave the US without a Treasury Secretary.

From Robert Reich: It has become accepted economic wisdom, uttered with deadpan certainty by policy pundits and budget scolds on both sides of the aisle, that the only way to get control over America’s looming deficits is to “reform entitlements.”

But the accepted wisdom is wrong.

Start with the statistics Republicans trot out at the slightest provocation — federal budget data showing a huge spike in direct payments to individuals since the start of 2009, shooting up by almost $600 billion, a 32 percent increase.

And Census data showing 49 percent of Americans living in homes where at least one person is collecting a federal benefit – food stamps, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, or subsidized housing — up from 44 percent in 2008.

But these expenditures aren’t driving the federal budget deficit in future years. They’re temporary. The reason for the spike is Americans got clobbered in 2008 with the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. They and their families have needed whatever helping hands they could get.

If anything, America’s safety nets have been too small and shot through with holes. That’s why the number and percentage of Americans in poverty has increased dramatically, including 22 percent of our children.

Here we have more clear thinking by Robert Reich. Click through for an excellent read.   As usual Republicans are using text without context for pretext.

From McClatchy DC: U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo says he voted against funding to pay the Hurricane Sandy flood insurance claims because of the deficit, but as the chief financial officer for the Biloxi Public Housing Authority back in 2005, Palazzo asked for federal relief despite the nation’s debt.

The Housing Authority listed $38.5 million in "Total Funds Needed Right Away" in a handout published one month after Katrina devastated 70 miles of Mississippi’s coastline Aug. 29, 2005.

The handout quoted Palazzo, then the authority’s deputy director and chief financial officer: "Tell our national leaders — don’t send more inspectors — we know what’s damaged and how to fix it. Send us money so we can put our families back together and do our part to rebuild our community."

How typical this is of hypocritical Republican greed. Had Sandy hit Dixie, Republicans would be screaming for more aid.



Would someone please give Bought Bitch Mitch a BJ?


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  1. Excellent article TC.  So sorry to hear you are still down (I have been having kidney stones making my life even more 'fun' – we're being got at(!) ).

  2. 4:12  I think I will get my clocked cleaned today.  What a cuckoo I am.

  3. Although I posted this yesterday, it deserves to be posted again.

    I hope everyone will sign actor Danny Glover's petition to Mr Obama telling him to nominate Paul Krugman as Secretary of the Treasury. What a fabulous choice! Here is the link to the petition.


    When I signed earlier yesterday, I was about #7,115 on a goal of 7,500. Since then the target was moved to 125,000, 150,000 and the current count is 205,055 on a 225,000 goal. We need to keep pushing so that Mr Obama knows who we think would give the best counsel to Mr Obama. And hey, this isn't just a US issue. This is a global issue. There are signatures from all around the world. So let's help Danny Glover get the message out. I have also published this on Care2 and some people there have also posted to Twitter and Facebook.  Let's keep the numbers rolling in and send Mr Obama a clear message.

    Thanks for signing everyone!

  4. The Telegraph ~ Like all rats, Timmy the tool is deserting a ship because he thinks it is sinking. He gnawed the holes into the side of it but it will not sink, only flounder a bit.

  5. Puzzle — 3:38 I think you might be right Jerry! You might take a lickin' but you're still tickin'! Now will we all be Patty-Monstered? Probably!  My guess — she'll come in under 3 minutes.

    The Telegraph — Of the 3 noted contenders in the article, do any of them have the credentials of Paul Krugman?  I can't blame Geitner for wanting to step down given the rancour in the Congress.  But, I agree, his timing could not be worse.  What more would you expect from a Tool?  Could Mr Obama bring in someone on a temporary basis without Congressional approval until confirmation hearings conclude?  Or, since one of his front runners is already his chief of staff, would he rely on him to hold the fort, so to speak?

    Robert Reich — He sums it up well

    Taming future deficits requires three steps having nothing to do with entitlements: Limiting the growth of overall healthcare costs, cutting our bloated military, and ending corporate welfare (tax breaks and subsidies targeted to particular firms and industries).

    The Republican/Teabaggers are using statistics from an extraordinary time, the GOP and bankster manufactured financial crisis, so of course UI etc are going to be higher.  But get the economy moving again and the use of "entitlements" will go down.  That it's not hard to reason out if politicians want to, have the political will to do so.  But the GOP is so fixated on entitlements, a social blight in their minds, that they don't want to see what is really happening.  They can not accept responsibility for their part in the debacle because that would expose their soft underbelly.

    McClatchy DC — It seems that Romney's meme is no longer true : Sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose.  Or at least not in the eyes of Republican/Teabaggers like Palazzo.

    Cartoon — Now that was a waste of time.  The Turtle would not know what to do with it.

    • Monstrered you were.

      Obama can tell an underling to assume the duties, but the only way he can appoint a Secretary without Semate confirmation is using a recess appointment.

      And wars and tac cuts for the rich are most of the peoblem.

      Too true.

      He doesn;r even have to enjoy it as much as he does his wedgie… just enough to get kicked out.

  6. Reich is a genius, Palazzo is an idiot.  Help should all ready be there, not still being debated.  I travel to Hancock and Harrison counties, Mississipi three to four times per year.  They are coming back but still are not fully restored.  I cannot believe a repr from Ms. would be so dumb to vote against disaster aid, yet he did. I have never liked Geithner, he always looked sneaky to me.  TC, I doubt Mitch has ever had a bj.  If you  haven't all ready done it, get to a doctor.  We need you.

  7. Signed the petition Lynn – I have forgotten the number despite trying to remember it – but I think it was about 231,731 or something – impressive!

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