Jan 042013

Sadly, I have no changes to report.  I’m current with replies.  One of these days…

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Short Takes:

From The Oregonian: This is more classic Senate-in-Action: The fight over filibuster reform launched by Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall won’t be settled on the first day of the new congressional session after all.

Although rules changes that only require a simple majority are supposed to be taken up on the first day of the session –  occurring on Thursday — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, is putting that off until Jan. 22, the day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech.

How can Reid do that?  Simply by recessing the legislative day on Thursday until Jan. 22 instead of adjourning while lawmakers flock back to their states (or head off to other locales).  That means that, in Senate parlance, the "legislative day" will last for at least 19 calendar days.

So add the fact that a day is just not a day to another curiousity about the Senate, a body where 41 of the 100 senators can block just about anything thanks to its exuberant use of the filibuster.

This means we need to keep the pressure on Senators until the 22nd. Remember that the last time Reid reached an accommodation with Republicans on this matter, the Republicans reneged by breaking their word in less than two weeks.

From NY Times: For the reality is that our two major political parties are engaged in a fierce struggle over the future shape of American society. Democrats want to preserve the legacy of the New Deal and the Great Society — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — and add to them what every other advanced country has: a more or less universal guarantee of essential health care. Republicans want to roll all of that back, making room for drastically lower taxes on the wealthy. Yes, it’s essentially a class war.

The fight over the fiscal cliff was just one battle in that war. It ended, arguably, in a tactical victory for Democrats. The question is whether it was a Pyrrhic victory that set the stage for a larger defeat.

Why do I say that it was a tactical victory? Mainly because of what didn’t happen: There were no benefit cuts.

Click through for the rest of this excellent editorial by Paul Krugman. Chained CPI must be off the table. This year, the CPI increased 1.7%. My rent increased 4%. My groceries increased over 10%. The cost of my Medicare advantage plan increased 3%. Even before reducing the CPI, the COLA is not keeping pace with prices on the items for which seniors spend the most money.

From MSNBC: And the lies begin again (as if they ever stopped).

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No President can spend a dime that Congress did not budget. And the party responsible for over 2/3 of that debt are the Republicans. The debt ceiling only authorizes paying the bill for money Congress has already spent. Republicans only want to give the money you already paid for your Social Security and Medicare to the 1% instead of spending it on your retirement. They are lying for one reason. If they tell the truth, even brainwashed sheeple won’t support them.




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  1. 2:50 Does the Patty-Monster have a "peer" on the pier?

  2. Politicians continue to amaze me by their horrendous tricks – thanks for englightening us TC!

  3. The Oregonian ~ The longest day.  I've heard of daylight savings time but this is ridiculous!


    NY Times ~ You are absolutely right, Tom. My COLA did not cover the actual increases in my expenses even though I continue to cut corners every place I can.

    Hopefully, Pres. Obama will stand firm and use the 14th Amendment instead of giving in one inch to the terrorists.


    MSNBC ~ They repeat their lies so often trying to convince the American people that they actuallu  believe themselves.  It's a disease they have. Diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. It is well known in Washington circles and can spread like wildfire through the airwaves (FAUX Noise).


    Cartoon ~ He's beside himself with joy that he didn't lose his BIG gavel. Like I said the other day, that guy Chris was just on Martin Bashir's show spreading gossip hoping Martin would bite. He kept telling him not to repeat rumors unless he could back them up.





    • So true!

      Most senoors will agree, Patty  Thed staples folks need to live increase fastest.

      They know they are lying.  They don't want us to know.

      I'm careful to make sure that, when I repeat a rumor, I say it's nothing but a rumor.

  4. I just read this by Charles Pierce in Esquire and wanted to share his "humor" with you.



  5. I will never understand why the Republicans are so intent on destroying Social Security and Medicare.  The Cola is all ready too low.  McConnell wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face! 

    • Edie, every penny that Democrats return to people, who spent their whole lives paying for tthe bernefits they have earned, is a penny Republicans can't give to a billionaire.

  6. Puzzle — 3:15 Not a chance I could move like the Patty-Monster! My mouse isn't that fast! My toes are definitely hanging over the edge of the pier.

    The Oregonian — Political games.  41 senators should not be able to hold legislation and the country hostage in the Senate chamber.  I say, if you want to filibuster, fine but actually do something like speaking to your reasons for the legislation, amendment whatever.  Actually work to try and influence the vote.  To me, that is what the Merkely/Udall proposal says.  McCain is just pissed at various things that haven't gone his way.  What is Levin's problem — is he a DINO?

    NY Times — David Gutting left a comment on the article which ended with "Obama is a realist. There is certainly the possibility that he could blow in the weeks ahead. We need to keep the pressure on him–and we really need to keep the pressure on the Republicans to abandon their scorched earth thinking."

    Was it yesterday that we were talking about the 14th amendment?  I wonder what kind of constitutional challenge that would provoke in the Republican/Teabaggers and whether they would try to use that as a cause to impeach Mr Obama.  Certainly trying to impeach Mr Obama, if possible under these circumstances would not surprise me.  Nor would it surprise me if they tried to have him play the thornbird.

    MSNBC — Republican/Teabagger lies = political c. difficile!  The Democrats must educate, educate, educate!

    Cartoon — The definition of insanity.


    • At least you hung ten without falling in the water.

      Levin is a traditionalist.

      Keep pressure on Obama and on Democrats.  We can never match the pressure that the 1% maintains on Republicans.

      That's why I'm here.


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