Dec 202012

I did my online grocery shopping yesterday, but returned to bed afterward.  I’m current with replies.  Soon, I hope.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:58 (average 4:41).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Joe Scarborough, Long-Time Pro-Gun Supporter, Changes His Mind After Newtown


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The times when he and I agree are few and far between, but this is one. Kudos to Joe and to Barack Obama for supporting regulations to help prevent such tragedies.

From NY Times: Mrs. Clinton accepted all of the panel’s 29 recommendations and has already begun to make changes. The trick will be enhancing security for diplomats while not confining them so much that they cannot do their jobs. Two of her top lieutenants are scheduled to testify on the report to Congress on Thursday because she has been ill. But, as the secretary, she should also make herself available for public questioning as soon as possible.

If Congressional Republicans are truly interested in protecting American diplomats abroad they should support increased financing for improved security, without forcing the State Department to divert money from an underfinanced budget that has been earmarked for other uses.

Mrs. Clinton is seeking to transfer $1.3 billion slated for Iraq-related expenses to put $553 million into additional Marine security guards worldwide, $130 million for diplomatic security personnel and $691 million for improved security at overseas facilities. Even if the State Department makes the needed reforms, it will not be able to carry them out without a commitment of new money to the project.

Since it was the Republican Party that slashed funding for diplomatic security in the first place, they should stop making unjust accusations and join the Democrats to help fix the problem. I’m not holding my breath.

From MSNBC: Class Warfare Campaign Style

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Had Little Lord Willard been able to lie his way into the White House, he would now be conducting class warfare through vulture capitalism against the American people. Thank God we defeated him!




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–12/20/2012”

  1. MoveOn ~ Joe Scarborough will do anything to up his ratings. I don't believe he truly espouses gun control in his black little heart. He does talk a good game though.


    NY Times ~ Kudos to Secretary Clinton for accepting responsibility. That is something a RepublicanT can never do. They should accept a large part of the blame for denying increased funding for security as was requested. It will never happen.

    I think she will testify. She has to get all her ducks in a row first.


    MSNBC ~ WOW!

    Price-gouging by the vulture capitalist himself! He obviously still does  not have enough money to suit him. Gimme, gimme, gimme – that's his mantra.


    Cartoon ~ Will the South fall again?



  2. Puzzle — 4:16  Hmmm . . . this isn't even a difficult puzzle and yet I am having time problems.  My be the new computer.


    MoveOn — A very impassioned speech!  Too bad the head of the NRA can't see things in this light — through the lense of a parent with young children.  I wonder if people will also see the children killed and maimed in wars in the same light now?  Well, the NRA and any politician who fights reasonable control should crawl back into the primordial ooze that is their home.


    NY Times — I'll believe it when I see it!  This obstructionist House holds the answers but I believe lacks the political will to do the right thing.  They wouuld rather show Mr Obama's administration as a failure.  Let's see, the Republican/Teabaggers want to substantially increase the military budget — change that and divert funds to the State Department for foreign mission security.  After all, shouldn't they be trying to stop wars?  The missions and the ambassadors have the ability through diplomacy to do that.


    MSNBC — I wonder if these media sources should be looking at these expenses as campaign contributions?  They certainly got hosed if you ask me.  Rmoney is not worth it!


    Cartoon — Can you just imagine what would happen to the states that opted for secession?  Since they are red states, the balance of payments does not favour them.  Not only would they have to refund the feds for military bases etc, but they wouldn't get any financial assisstance.  There truly would be third world countries right here in North America.

  3. Get well soon!  I never thought I would agree with Scarborough about anything, but I agree with everything he said.

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