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Short Takes:

From MoveOn: REMINDER: This Is Why We Voted For Obama


Switching to chained CPI will not reduce the deficit or the debt by a single penny.  Therefore it should not even be on the table, so I made the call. How about you?

From NY Times: An independent inquiry into the attack on the United States diplomatic mission in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11 sharply criticized the State Department for a lack of seasoned security personnel and for relying on untested local militias to safeguard the compound, according to a report by the panel made public on Tuesday night.

The investigation into the attack on the diplomatic mission and the C.I.A. annex in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans also faulted State Department officials in Washington for ignoring requests from the American Embassy in Tripoli for more guards for the mission and for failing to make sufficient safety upgrades.

The panel also said American intelligence officials had relied too much on specific warnings of imminent attacks, which they did not have in the case of Benghazi, rather than basing assessments more broadly on a deteriorating security environment. By this spring, Benghazi, a hotbed of militant activity in eastern Libya, had experienced a string of assassinations, an attack on a British envoy’s motorcade and the explosion of a bomb outside the American Mission.

Finally, the report blamed two major State Department bureaus — Diplomatic Security and Near Eastern Affairs — for failing to coordinate and plan adequate security. The panel also determined that a number of officials had shown poor leadership, but they were not identified in the unclassified version of the report that was released.

Sadly, this report could not be better ammunition for Republicans to use against Hillary Clinton in the event of a 2016 run for the Presidency.  Nevertheless, Hillary has not even approached Republican levels of incompetence in national security matters.

From MSNBC: Rewriting the NRA’s stance on gun violence


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I could not have said it better. There are no words that can wash the blood from the NRA’s hands.  However, I would add the Republican politicians that continue to place a higher value on gun industry profit than on the lives of American citizens.




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  1. 3:02 A right jolly old elf!

  2. I'm sorry to hear it hit you this hard. Are you sure you didn't catch the flu or somet other bug? Take care of yourself, dear man.
    MoveOn ~ I made the call and called my Senators & Representative although calling a RepublicanT Representative is useless. I still made the effort.
    NY Times ~ They fail to mention the RepublicanT congress voting down the request for more money for security which was requested.
    MSNBC ~ Nothing to say, Wayne? Hiding behind your assault rifles waiting for the pitch-fork armed mob of mothers? This was on the local news this AM and is of great importance here because it is one of the last manufacturing businesses left in our area.
    Cartoon ~ Is that the RepublicanTs Christmas wish this year? Well, they've been very naughty so I don't think their wish will be granted.

    • Patty, I'm sure it has progressed to bronchitis.  I just recxeived an antibiotic my Doctor called in for me.

      Thank you.

      But I mentioned it.  See today's Open Thread.

      My thinking here is that Remington is using the tragedy as an excuse to offshore American manufacturing jobs to a slave labor market.  You can be certain that Remington isn't getting out of the gun business.

      I think Michelle Claus might object to that. 😉

  3. SS does not affect the deficit or debt.  Not only that, but the predicted shortfall can be covered with a 40 cent per week per year increase.  <b> FORTY F**KING CENTS!</b>

  4. I Googled Lewinsky, so I'm pretty sure that photo is her … but it sure looks like she's wearing a wig.

  5. TC, I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the posts today.  Lawrence Odonnell said it all, didn't he?  Gun control, if it ever happens will only be done in small steps. There are too many who firmly believe they need a gun.  If they can get rid of the assault rifles and hand guns that fire multiple rounds, it will be a step in the right direction.
    I am sorely disappointed in Obama's offer to cut Social Security and Veterans's benefits by accepting a CPI>  He caved to the Republicans the first four years, looks like he is going to do it again.

    • Thanks Edie, and YVW.  I agree.

      It's far less a cave this time.  Now I know he has to give the Republicans something, but thgink that is the wrong something.

  6. 3:44  on my new computer — an intel i5.  I haven't found my e-mail yet — Outlook so right now I am blind.

  7. Puzzle — 3:44  I'm glad the 'fat man in red' can't hear the cussin' that's going on here as I try to get accustomed to the new system.
    MoveOn — TC : "Switching to chained CPI will not reduce the deficit or the debt by a single penny.  Therefore it should not even be on the table…" — I agree.  I'd call but I don't count.  It sounds though as Mr Obama is giving in some from what I hear on our news ie tax increases from $400K instead of the previously noted $250K.
    NY Times — As Patty says "They fail to mention the RepublicanT congress voting down the request for more money for security which was requested."  It seems just about everything comes down to the Republican/Teabagger House voting 'NO' on everything — pure ideologues, not patriotic Americans concerned about the country and its citizens (unless of course they are the 1%!).  Perhaps enough will come out by 2016 that this will not be a big stumbling block for Clinton if she does decide to run for POTUS.
    MSNBC —  I saw an article on Care2 where I believe it was Diane Feinstein of NY that is going to or has introduced a bill to ban assault rifles.  That is a start, but more needs to be done.  When even diehard gun enthusiasts are calling for change, it is time to strike while the iron is hot.  The NRA might by lying low, taking cover for now in the primordial ooze that is their nest, but they will slither out  of the ooze in full force, and anti-gun control legislators will be out in full force with  the NRA at their back.  These bastards care nothing for the safety and well being of Americans, only GREED!    As you said TC, "…   only the vilest Republicans will not be afraid to oppose reasonable firearms regulation now."
    Imagine the Aussies referring to mass shootings in the US as the "American disease" and then tightening their gun laws and banning many. The weapon used in Newtown was not listed as an assault weapon but would a hunter normally use it?  Lawrence O'Donnell noted that when the 2nd amendment was written, the known weapon was a musket — a single shot, cumbersome weapon.  Perhaps, rather than appealing the 2nd amendment, it should be written to be more definitive about what arms can be are legal to own.  That way, it would be clearer that the right to own a hunting rifle or hand gun for defense were not being challenged.  When I think about the fact that 88.8 guns/rifles per 100 people are owned in the US , that is a chilling statistic.
    Cartoon — They can only dream . . . but not of sugar plum fairies.  They have already tried the birther crap, the racist dream, etc etc ad nauseam.

    • The Aussies, living in a country originally established as a penal colony, are absolutely correct in referring to mass shootings as an "American disease". They were the smart ones when they tightened their restrictions. Here, we loosen them. Pure Insanity!


    • Getting used to the new machine will take time.

      I would have no trouble accepting a move to 500K.

      See today's Open Thread.


      Excellent point, but getting enough states to ratify it, would be problematic.

      Geez!  Don't mention fairies!  It will set them off against gay folks. 😉

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