Boehner Desperate

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Dec 032012

John Boehner (R-OH), aka Agent Orange, is showing frustration, because the dirty tricks, blackmail, and economic terrorism that worked do well for him after the 2010 elections, have failed to make headway against a far more resolute Obama.  so Agent Orange doing what he does so well: trying to lie his way out of the corner.


House Speaker John Boehner told Fox News Sunday that it "doesn’t matter" where the money comes from in the deficit deal. No, it’s perfectly okay to stiff the working class and the vulnerable elderly, as long as the Republicans can still play Santa to their corporate funders…

…I wish, instead of these Very Serious Sunday Shows(c), we could have a game show called "Bullsh*t!" Politicians would talk, and viewers would have a B.S. meter at home that would allow them to register their votes. I think our chattering classes would be surprised at how little credibility they have with the country at large…

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Here’s the video:

Agent Orange is using the same old tired argument, that increasing tax rates for the super rich will hurt the economy, and that has already been been proven to be a lie. What he is not telling you is that Republicans have not been specific about where the revenue is coming from, but based on their past attempts at a budget, revenue will come from raising taxes on the working poor, and eliminating deductions from which most of the benefits go to the middle class. such as the mortgage interest deduction.

In the same interview, Boehner objected to Obama’s debt ceiling proposal and promised more economic terrorism every time a debt ceiling is reached.

Think Progress has an excellent articles on three myths about the debt ceiling that Republicans want you to believe, in order to buy their BS.

The thing we need to remember most is to reject Republican fear mongering.  Adjourning with no deal and taking it up again in January is better that accepting a bad deal.


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  1. Seems The most important point- Boner will not give up even tho he has lost and continues to lose face– He could ' man up" and do what is right after the people have spoken– but I doubt that he will-

  2. mr.john boehner i didn't know that you and the republican party are terroist.are you trying to destroy america?with your antics of not raising taxes on the rich.i'm retired and probably pay higher tax base then you and your constituents.i wish that the american people could terminate you and your republican party.

  3. I really expected him to cry. I don't think the spoiled Orange is going to get his way this time.
    The GOP offered their own proposal today.

  4. It seems to me that Boehner, McConnell, and Graham are in the rich folks' pocket.  Maybe they are getting paid big time to not cooperate with the democrats in raising taxes on them.  That's how I see it.

    • Welcome Cassandra! 🙂

      I agree.  Republicans govern exclusively for the benefit of millionaires, billionaires and corporate criminals.

  5. I think the reason that republicans are in such a dither is that Pres. Obama is doing exactly what he told them he'd do during his entire campaign run against Romney.
    Keeping your word by keeping your campaign promises is such a foreign concept to republicans, it has them totally flabbergasted.

  6. It doesn't matter where the money comes from?!?  These people have demonstrated that they CAN'T learn.  Astounding.

  7. Best idea I've heard so far: let's go over the fiscal cliff (whatever that actually means.) When the Bush tax cuts have expired at the end of the year, the Democrats can then propose a tax reduction package that does not include the top 2%. Then we can all sit back and watch the Republicans try to justify opposing it until they eventually have to concede that they have no plan other than continued obstructionism.
    For my Christmas wish list, I would like to see capital gains taxed as regular income, an end to tax subsidies to big oil, agriculture, pharma, etc., a 1/3 cut in defense spending (which would still leave us spending more on the military than the next 10 countries combined,) and the revocation of the tax-exempt status of any religious organization that engages in overt political activity.
    Of course, I'd also like to win the lottery, cure cancer and achieve lasting world peace.
    Happy holidays, everybody.

    • John, I totally agree with you!    These actions would take care of most of our deficit problems.  Of course, since a goodly number of our congress is owned by these people, they will fight to keep them from getting cuts.

    • Love it, John!  Ho Ho Ho!

  8. It was everywhere.  "I found it!"  Well I do believe that Mr Obama found it too, or rather them! . . . a set of BRASS balls!  And Boehner doesn't like that.  I believe he may well end up officially being the Weeper of the House by the time that the fiscal speed bump negotiations are over.  
    So Mr Obama did learn something, but the Republican/Teabaggers don't like what he learned.  The Huffington Post reported that Boehner said there had been no progress.   I suspect what he really meant was that there had been no progress that the Republican/Teabaggers found acceptable.  And now he is crowing on Faux Noise with Chris Wallace.  "What difference does it make where we get the money?" Boehner said.  Well, by my reckoning, and I am no economist, it does matter where the money comes from.  The Republican/Teabaggers have talked about closing loopholes.  But what loopholes? There is scuttlebutt of doing away with mortgage interest and charitable donations, loopholes that the middle class and the wealthy use.  But in that case, the real job creators, the middle class, get it in the neck since such a plan would impact them to a much greater degree. Life's a bitch eh John!
    Just love the Think Progress "three myths".  It catches Boehner with his bare face hanging out!  He claims that Mr Obama has not put detail in his plan, yet the FY2013 budget that was out in February 2012 for discussion, and much of the current proposal was out in October 2012, have the details, more details than any Republican/Teabagger plan.
    As you have said TC, "Adjourning with no deal and taking it up again in January is better that accepting a bad deal."
    So what if the brass is a little scuffed!  It is for the people!

  9. Loved the "three myths" from Think Progress.  Boehner will cry until he goes home, and I hope that is soon.

  10. …I wish, instead of these Very Serious Sunday Shows(c), we could have a game show called "Bullsh*t!"

    Seems to me that John Boehner will lose his extra drinking money via wealthy donors. The game is over agent Orange… 🙂

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