Dec 012012

In an attempt to demonstrate that they are not the racists their policies in recent years have made them out to be, House Republicans passed an immigration reform measure yesterday.  It was a nice try, but sadly, the effect of the measure would actually decrease the number of Black and Latino immigrants allowed into the US.

1GOPImmigrationThe House on Friday approved legislation aimed at providing more visas to foreign nationals with advanced degrees from U.S. universities.

Members approved the STEM Jobs Act by a 245-139 vote. While most Democrats opposed the bill, 27 of them joined Republicans in support of the measure, just a little less than the 30 Democrats who voted for it earlier this year.

The bill creates a new category of visas for foreign students with science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) degrees. Republicans said the bill would reorient the visa program toward people who can stay in the United States and help create jobs.

"Our commitment to foreign STEM graduates is a commitment to American job creation," Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

"For each person we welcome to America with one of these high degrees, we create jobs, net jobs," said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.). "We create opportunity for expansion of the kinds of businesses that in fact Americans are prepared to work in, but often we do not have enough engineers, scientists or math professionals."

House passage sends the bill to the Senate, which is unlikely to consider it at all given broad Democratic opposition. In either case, the White House has already said it opposes the bill and would rather work on broader immigration reform that covers other issues, including the creation of a pathway toward citizenship for illegal immigrants that have been in the country for years.

Democrats used debate time Thursday and Friday to argue that while they support a STEM visa program, they do not want one at the cost of eliminating the Diversity Visa program, as the STEM Jobs Act would do. The Diversity Visa program gives countries with low rates of emigration to the United States access to 55,000 visas, and Democrats said many of those visas are being used by African countries… [emphasis added]

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Frankly, I think that STEM Visas are an excellent idea, but consider eliminating Diversity visas counterproductive.  Many of the fiscal problems confronting our nation come from the aging of America.  Fewer young workers will be paying Social Security and Medicare premiums, while more seniors will be drawing the benefits they earned with a lifetime of contributions from them.  Low population growth in the US reduces demand for goods and services.  Allowing more younger workers into the US will expand the entitlement  base, and their spending will stimulate the economy.  It should be seen as a win-win for everyone.

Chris Hayes discussed immigration reform with Ezra Klein and Victoria DeFrancesco Soto.

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What then is the Republican motivation for eliminating diversity visas?  It can only be that, in keeping with their announced fear of white people no longer being the majority, they’re dreaming of more white visas.


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  1. They operate from a worldview of fear ; The lost of control by old white men is more and more apparent– They sure wont just lie back and accept the inevitable , now can they ?
      Observe the rapidity of change—Declining birth rates along with  a disintegrating Education system is bringing  about change more rapid than we would of dreamed–
    It is also  fun– to watch the reactions of the Whit Men who are seeing their power erode

  2. Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) are the last people with ideas worth supporting… πŸ™‚

  3. The STEM category won't help Republicans as much as they think.  Most immigrants with those kinds of degrees now come from Asia, not Europe, and Asian-Americans lean increasingly Democratic.  Even with white immigrants, in general Europeans and Canadians are quite liberal by American standards.  And most people with technical and scientific expertise are very suspicious of the Republican party, for obvious reasons (too many people who think the Earth is 6,000 years old, global warming is a myth, stem cell research is evil, etc.).
    Maybe they can create a visa program targeting South African die-hard white nationalists of European neo-Nazis or something.

  4. "The bill creates a new category of visas for foreign students with science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) degrees. Republicans said the bill would reorient the visa program toward people who can stay in the United States and help create jobs."
    This goes against all their principles. Why on earth would they want scientists or mathematicians here?
    Their ideas all come from the devil. Don't they?

  5. Sorry I can't respond because I get too angry thinking about it! I left the "liberal" state of Mass, my home and family and "inheritance" to find a compassionate society, which I found in NYC — WHY, one might ask? Because even with my own inbred intolerance to "counter-culture" this city is a powerful mentor of tolerance and understanding – that I knew I needed even in my ill-conceived youth!! I never regretted that decision! My life is in constant reincarnation and I abhor those who must "lord it over" the "lesser" people (whoever they may be) — the morality and character of this country has diminished since my youth, the "twig" regime brought on plutocracy and torture, neither of which I tolerate – leaving me a "man without a country" – it really was a profound change that brought about the realization that the country was in deep deep shit!
    This congress will not tolerate "different" because it is ruled by an elitist plutocracy – even within the democratic party, so much so that policy is challenged and halted! This bill only exaggerates the issue, as does all of the energy proposals that create the environmental disaster that we now face — I see how much it is all inter-related and how devastating it is to our country's morality and character — while it is an individual dilemma, the individuals have decided that these are their representatives — and I never have and never will be tolerant of those who cannot advance compassion over mythology or racism!

    • Lee, how on earth did you manage to blame Democrats equally with Republicans for this, when Democrats oppose the measure?  Your ongoing attempts to call the two parties identical are not rational.

    How often did we hear Republican/Teabaggers say that "traditional America" was disappearing, or that the white race would be a minority in the US?  I must admit to snickering when Bill O'Reilly said that the white race would be a minority with the implication through context "in its own country".
    The Republican/Teabaggers are walking a fine line because they deny science, yet it seems that now a light has gone on that says "we need science".  We have pared back education such that we aren't graduating enough American students in science, technology, engineering and math, and this is where the future lies so we need to import them.  The trouble is, many of these skilled people will not come from Europe.  Look where the technology centres are — India, Japan, China.
    In my opinion, this is all flash and no substance.  The Republican/Teabaggers have been caught with their collective pants down (bare assed if you like).  They have painted themselves into a corner with no escape route.  By getting rid of the diversity visas, they won't have much luck with the STEM visa.

  7. This bill would not even be necessary if we had greater access to higher education.  We should be educating our own people for these jobs rather than importing them for overseas.  
    The republicans have it all backwards.  They export jobs and import people.

    • "They export jobs and import people."  Jerry, short, sweet and to the point.  Interesting dichotomy isn't it?!

    • What an interesting observation, Jerry.  I think you're right, or perhaps the best solution is both STEM visas and more access to education here.

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