Election Theft in Ohio

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Dec 012012

When Republicans claim they need to protect the integrity of elections from Democratic voter fraud, a problem proven not to exist, they are using projection.  By making these false claims against Democrats, they are trying to cover up the need to protect the integrity of elections from Republican election theft.  In Ohio, Republicans are at it again.

1Jon-HustedOhio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) became the public face of vote suppression this year for his overreaching election directives, which restricted early voting hours and forbid election officials from counting legitimate votes. Though President Obama won the state, Husted has not halted his efforts. With two House races heading to a recount, Husted is now facing accusations that he is illegally tossing provisional ballots. These House races will determine whether state Republicans get a super-majority to put constitutional amendments on the ballot without a single Democratic vote.

State representatives Kathleen Clyde (D-OH) and Debbie Phillips (D-OH) threatened to sue Wednesday evening over at least 384 ballots that have been discarded in the two districts in question, Tuscarawas and Cuyahoga. According to the state reps, some ballots were put in plain manila envelopes instead of provisional ballot envelopes, rendering them invalid. Additionally, they say Husted is rejecting ballots covered under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which allows voters who have moved to a different address within the same congressional district to vote at their former precinct.

Even more ballots are likely to have been wrongly discarded because officials are using a database already proven to be flawed and incomplete to determine the voter’s registration status… [emphasis added]

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Rachel Maddow had more on this Republican attempt to overcome the voters’ will.


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There is no doubt that Clyde and Phillips should follow up their intent to sue, because nothing short of that will stop Husted.  It seems that he no longer cares that the blatancy of his abuse of power makes his intent to steal the election crystal clear.  Furthermore, DOJ needs to investigate Republican crimes pertaining to election theft both in Ohio and elsewhere.


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  1. The fraud and its perpetrators are so clear– only question remaining : Just when dos the DOJ intervene??

  2. Furthermore, DOJ needs to investigate Republican crimes pertaining to election theft both in Ohio and elsewhere.

    The exponential damage in incalculable. :mrgreen: 

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that AG Holder's department should be investigating this.
    But it highlights the one area that republicans have excelled at – and we Democrats have miserably failed.  And that is gaining control of our state houses and governorships. 
    When you look at the origin of most of the political malfeasance in the past 5-10 years, it has arisen almost exclusively at the state level where republicans have a stronghold.  Aided and abetted by the likes of ALEC.
    These people are evil incarnate … but they're DAMN GOOD AT IT.

    • Nameless, in 2010, the Plutocons flooded the state races with money, catching Democrats off guard.  In addition they adopted the jobs, jobs, jobs mantra, and far too many believe the lie.  Gaining control in a census year, they controlled the redistricting and dis such an expert job of gerrymandering, that we will be at a disadvantage for ten years.

  4. Despicable!

  5. I'm going by my ancient and somewhat faulty memory here, so please correct me if I am wrong.
    Wasn't it Ohio where Mr Obama sued the state in 2012 over early voting and won, but the state Secretary of State said he basically didn't care what the courts said and was proceeding with his plan?
    Wasn't it Ohio which in a previous election, probably 2010, threw out ballots against election law, thus ensuring that recounts were impossible?
    And wasn't it Ohio where the Sec of State had an untested patch for the election computers that should have reset the vote counts at 11:13 pm 06/11/12 but didn't because the patch was not used? (Anonymous claimed they hacked the computers so that the patch would not kick in.) — and Karl Rove had a nuclear meltdown (well almost) because he recognised that the patch had not kicked in.
    If my memory is just fine, then Hustad as Sec of State for Ohio is a confirmed crook and needs to be prosecuted.  He is lower than a snake's belly in a rut!
    I was also viewing another Rachel Madden tape where she outlined actions taken by state governments in other states like Indiana pushing the far right agenda.  Indiana already has laws declaring marriage equality illegal, but they are going ahead with a state constitution amendment.  Several other states are going after abortion, and in one case, contraception too.  Yet another is defunding Planned Parenthood and another is working diligently on immigration.  It seems that these anal retentive morons are out to do at the state level what couldn't be done at the national level by the party of NO.
    There really does need to be some very major Republican/Teabagger ass kicking, and without delay.

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