Nov 232012

Yesterday I overdid it, working my butt off cooking for folks and wrapping myself around too much bird (It’s a TomCat thing.).  Since it’s a slow news day, and since I’m really pooped, I’m taking the day off except this Open Thread.  I am current with replies, though, and tomorrow appears routine.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 5:54 (average 6:47).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Four Short Sentences Explain Who Killed The Twinkie


As I have said before, this is a classic textbook case of the Vulture Capitalism promoted by the Republican Party.

From USA Today: A Florida police detective has resigned after telling colleagues he would volunteer to assassinate President Obama and other members of the Democratic Party.

And Republicans keep saying "Who us?" every time one of them commits a violent atrocity in response to their hate mongering.

From Chicago Tribune: But I’ve got a suggestion for cutting short the GOP angst: Sarah Palin for president in 2016.

This clown actually means it! Go for it, with Batshit Bachman for VP!




  22 Responses to “Open Thread–11/23/2012”

  1. 4:45  No dragin' on this dragon.  Good time on a tough puzzle…if I do say so myself.

    • 5:04  I am a dragon from the Chinese zodiac!  I tried again and on the second attempt, which I know does not count, I managed 4:01.  It was funny, a few years ago, my two junior managers at work were dragons — my one is 12 years younger than me (she holds my power of attorney and is the executor of my will) and from Shanghai originally, and the other is 24 years younger.  We got along so well.  In the Chinese zodiac, it is the year one is born, not the month.  One of my first artistic endeavours was a dragon in grade 7.  Dragons R Us! 

    • BTW Jerry, great time!!  I think your dragon roasted TC's turkey!

  2. Good for you, TC, for taking a rest and taking care of you.
    I am so bewildered and upset by the hatred for this Black Man who is also a White Man.  The racists see only one color. I had a relative tell me this morning about a woman, lots of money, owns a company, who said (told my relative) that she wished she had signed the petition to kill Obama.  They are coming out of the woodwork and yet most call themselves Christians.  I will tell you this, if I hear of anyone saying such a thing, I will turn their ass in to the FBI and the Secret Service and anyone else I can think of.  Don't care who they are or how much money they have.
    And also will sign anything and take it to my congressmen about the politics in the pulpit. Knew about crazy old Pat Robinson but never realized that the Grahams were such racists. Wonder what the Lord will say to them when their time is done on earth !!!!  Evidently these racists have their own religion as they are not getting it from the Bible I know. As for the FL detective, why isn't the sorry so and so in jail?  Sounds like threats to me. And as the old saying goes—if it walks like a duck——-.
    As for the twinkie king–I am sorry for the workers– but for the TK, may the bird of paradise fly up your nose and more—–may you have no Prep H–
    Off to do my puzzle——-gonna take it down to six pieces and whip all of you—-lol———-xoxoxo to all—

    • Bless you Gypsy – I agree with every word – however I missed the bit about the Grahams (memo to self – look that up).  There was a lovely book published a while ago called 'Rolling in the Aisles' by Murray Watts – and at the time Apartheid was still going strong….. In one of his anecdotes he drew a picture of Jesus walking along outside a racist South African 'church' and seeing a black man crying on the steps having been refused entry.  Jesus sat down beside the grief-stricken man, and said sympathetically "I don't blame you, I've been trying to get in there for years too!".

    • Thanks Gypsy!

      I would do the same, as should we all.


      NOPE!!  For a time to count, it has to be in the same format.

  3. Palin/Bachman in 2016.  That's a match made in heaven…for the Democrats!

  4. Puzzle — 5:04 I am a dragon from the Chinese zodiac!  I tried again and on the second attempt, which I know does not count, I managed 4:01.  Dragons R Us!
    MoveOn — Yup!  Vulture Capitalism.  Romney would be proud!  I hope the vulture chokes on his own entrails!
    USA Today — Each side has its far out fringe radicals, but the right sure seems to have a lot more and they are vocal.  Ted Nugent sounded off before the election; a woman is on FB or Twitter, as well as on tape saying, although she would not do the deed, she certainly would not be upset.  Now this idiot!  And those are just a few that we know about.  What about idiots like Jared Loughner?  When you promote extremism and discrimination, you will attract crazies.  Personally, I think that all cases be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and Secret Service and at the very least, charges of malicious mischief made.  Hang them by their toes!
    Chicago Tribune — This commentator has shit for brains.  Palin in 2016?  How about I'll run for Congress in 2016!  The author also has all the talking points down — the rationalisations etc as to why the GOP lost.  How pathetic!
    Cartoon — You take a rest and look after yourself.  Meow!  Meow!!  Meow!!! from your 3 little Canadian furball nephews and niece!

  5. Thanks TomCat – glad you are having a bit of a rest after your mammoth Thanksgiving for so many people – I hope you all had a good time!  The Hostess details sound prosecutable to me – they stopped paying in to their employees pension fund while still getting contributions from them?????!!!
    As for the lunatic right – what ARE they drinking?!  God protect President Obama and his family and all the Democrats from these evil lunatics!

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