Nov 192012

Life has been a little dicey over at Fox, AKA Faux Noise, the propaganda wing of the Republican Party.  The election demonstrated that their propagandists are so full of fertilizer that their eyes are brown.  Since then, occasional guests, invited so they could parrot Republican talking points, forget to goose step in lock step, causing extreme consternation.  Here, Ben Stein actually put being an economist ahead of being a Republican.


Ben Stein gets honest on Fox News with Greg Gutfeld (a Coulter wannabe), and tells him that if we go off the ‘fiscal cliff’ nothing bad will happen and then asks him this, "What do you care if we raise taxes on some rich person?" You gotta love it. Gutfield’s response to Stein after he demands tax increases on the rich is typical Fox News stupidity…

…I wonder if Greg forgot who Ben Stein is and how important his presence has been to the Fox Business Channel shows for him to treat him like he does every liberal who might cross his path… [emphasis added]

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The video with the article was not embeddable, but I found it on YouTube,

Now I ask you, did Gutfield get his panties in a bunch or what? Look at his face. He looks like he ate a bad clam! Ben Stein is a conservative’s conservative, but anybody who refuses to goose step with the Republican Ministry of Propaganda gets called a communist.


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  1. Here, Ben Stein actually put being an economist ahead of being a Republican.

    Taxes need to be raised a lot on the very wealthy which will generate more wealth for them… πŸ™‚

  2. If the middle and working classes were working and earning a good income, and paying less in taxes, the wealthy might actually make more money because the middle and working classes would have more disposable income.  But in order to have that happen, the wealthy have to 1) quit outsourcing jobs to places like China; and 2) pay their fair share of taxes so that the tax burden does not fall on middle and working class families.  What is so hard to understand?  The Republican/Teabaggers are so myopic, and Faux Noise is worse because they parrot the same crap!
    This Greg Gutfield is such a condescending asshole early on when he says he understands why Ben Stein wants to raise taxes — it's about getting invited to more cocktail parties. 
    Gutfield — ". . . it's about spending.  … why do you raise taxes when spending is the problem?" — Yup, like spending for two wars on the US credit card!  What would the US deficit look like had the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan not happened?  Another unintelligent talking head!
    Gutfield — "… I'm not a class warfarist …" then shortly thereafter calls Ben Stein a communist.  This idiot wouldn't know a communist if one bit him on the nose!  Not only that, he IS a class warfarist — one that supports the wealthy.  And oh yes, he did get his knickers in a twist!  Very unprofessional!
    This Gutfield, and for that matter, all the talking heads at Faux Noise, are squawky parrots waging the GOP class warfare battle.  Too bad you guys in the US have to put up with this BS.  Maybe you'll get lucky and Faux Noise's license will not be renewed! 

  3. This was just wonderful!!

  4. Stein is as two-faced as most RepubliCONs in entertainment.. I liked his "Win Ben Stein's Money" show on Comedy Central back in the day..but he doesn't seem to like Science in general & Evolution in particular, so How Smart can he be??? Even in Economics (his "specialty", which he must regard as an art rather than science) he goes from "Tax the rich" one day to whining he was being punished in 2010 when Obama suggested NOT re-authorizing the Bu$h Tax cuts on the rich… Still, it's always funny to see a FAUX News "agent" messed up!!!!;)

  5. While not a fan of Ben Stein, I agree with him on this and his reasoning.
    Gutfield is a selfish bastard. Poor guy lives in a basement. It's probably in Mid-town Manhattan and he paid over a million for the place. He most likely steps over the homeless on his way to his waiting limo to take him to work.
    The neo-cons are not happy with the poor and middle class paying with their lives and limbs in an endless war for them. They want us to foot the bill monetarily too.

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