Nov 182012


Today I found Bill Maher’s New Rules for you at Crooks and Liars.  This one contains an F bomb or two, so take whatever precautions, if any, are appropriate to your surroundings.  As always, Bill is hilarious.  Sadly, it also contains some bad news.

That’s right, Bill is done for the summer, but we can look forward to his return in January.


  6 Responses to “Bill Maher – New Rules – 11/16/2012”

  1. Bill makes you think….he says lobbyists control the government re Koch brothers ect & the money they give to the Republicans so they can have it all their way …well Bill gave 1 million to Obama's campaign so I guess he expects the same treatment! Having it done his way……Love his show….

  2. He always says what needs to be said, not necessarily with profanity, but still to the point!

  3. Maher is so funny, cussing and all!  So many of his points were spot on — rewriting Patriot Act etc.  I actually find the profanity he used to be appropriate in this context because it adds to the humour.
    Thanks again for this!

  4. Thanks for posting this, Tom. I thoroughly enjoyed it as always. Bill was right again!
    President Obama, show those obstructionists what an angry black man looks like!

  5. Thanks everyone.  I have no trouble with the profanity myself, but included the warning, because there are times and places, where it is not appropriate.

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