Nov 172012

After a tense week, some humor is clearly in order, and what better target could there be than the man who became famous for firm and irrevocable stances on both sides of every issue, Little Lord Willard.  John Stewart had some great fun at his expense.

17RomPoopIn time-honored Republican fashion, yesterday Mitt Romney demonized young women, young people and minorities, blaming them for  his election loss . During a conference call with wealthy funders, Romney echoed his 47% comments, claiming that Obama had won over members of his coalition by essentially bribing them. "What the President’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. Give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote." 

Romney’s sore loser comments prompted Jon Stewart to speculate about the President’s grand giveaways to his coalition…

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Poor Willard. Neither of his faces gets any respect!


  5 Responses to “John Stewart Lambasts Poor Willard”

  1. Poor Willard. Neither of his faces gets any respect!

    Jon Stewart is awesome… ROFLMAO

  2.  Never ever have I felt such an utter lack of sympathy!! Poor poor Mutt– The poor baby lost , in spite of all he did to steal the election fair and square– Now he is crying in his milk–:(.
    And the  rest of us can take a deep breathe , and thank all that is holy that we missed the bullet–

  3. I'm enjoying my bag of gifts. the Biggest gift of all was Obama/Biden winning another 4 years!

  4. Thanks guys.  I'm glad you enjoyed this.

  5. Caught it on The Comedy Network.  Very funny bag of gifts.  Also found it amusing that later in the show, Jon had Judge Somebody, a Libertarian on the show.

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