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Nov 092012

You may have noticed how, in the run-up to the trouncing Republicans took, Republican spokespeople, including their paid online trolls, seemed supremely confident that they were about to sweep Obama out of office and goose-step their way to a permanent victory.  Their consternation when reality hit is almost funny.  Jon Stewart, who really is funny, has pointed out how much of their InsaniTEA comes from Bullshit Mountain News.


In the leadup to Tuesday’s election, Fox News’ poll predictions were laughably wrong, with some claiming that Romney would win by a landslide when, in fact, the sitting President easily won the electoral college.

But it wasn’t just that the “news” station made a few mathematical mistakes. No, there was an avalanche on Fox News’ bullshit mountain on Tuesday night, reports Jon Stewart on the Daily Show…

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Here’s the video:

Contrary to Republican claim, this election wasn’t just about demographics and was not at all about wanting stuff.  The American people clearly rejected the bellicose foreign policy, the repressive social policy, and the 1% economic policy that Republicans offer.


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  1. An interesting fact to remember: While republlicans still maintain control of the House (despite losing 7 seats) – in total vote count, Democrats got about 500,000 MORE House votes than republicans. That's what gerrymandering will do.

    • "… Partisan gerrymandering exists for one purpose: to cut off the ability of people who disagree with a state’s ruling party to influence future elections. It is a a clear violation of the First Amendment, which absolutely prohibits viewpoint discrimination. Yet the Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility to end this discrimination in its 5-4 decision in Vieth V Jubelirer, where the conservative justices tossed out a lawsuit alleging that Pennsylvania’s congressional districts were unconstitutionally drawn to maximize Republican representation in Congress.
      Americans voted for a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate, and, barring significant shifts in the vote tally, a Democratic House. Instead, they will get a House majority similar to the one that held the entire nation hostage … If the American people wanted this to happen, they would have said so at the polls on Tuesday. Instead, Republican state lawmakers took away their right to democratically legitimate leadership — with a big assist from the conservatives on the Supreme Court."
      Wxcellent piece Nameless!  I quite frankly had not thought of it in those exact terms, but it makes sense.  How else do you explain having a higher number of votes but fewer seats?!

    • I know.  I covered that in the article above this one.  Shocking!

  2. I loved this Jon Stewart episode!  A few notable points . . .
    Fox's Meghan — "…Is this just math that you [Rove] do as a Republican to make yourself feel better,or is this real . . ." — Just like voo doo economics!  Faux Noise and the Republican/Teabagger leadership are such a bunch of nutwads!
    Jon Stewart — "…their [Republican/Teabagger] own willful blindness, their eager supping of a misinformation gruel they themselves cooked up and had to at some deep level of cognition know contained far more than the FDA recommended daily allowance of bullshit . . .  — absolutely priceless!"
    O'Reilly — "…people feel they are entitled to things . . ." — Yup, things like adequate healthcare, a living wage, control of their own bodies, clean air and water, etc etc . . .
    Between Laura Ingram, Meghan, Hannity, O'Reilly and others, Faux Noise are a bunch of cognition impaired individuals who have no business interacting with anyone but themselves.

  3. Nothing new about gerrymandering—-done because it works—always has been predicated on a belief the "common people" Don't know what the goal really is–
    FOX is really all about old-time politics brought up to date—Repeat a lie often enough—-They really must have been stunned– but watch them regroup– They  have only contempt for their watchers–

  4. The Republicans don't realize what the rest of us all ready know.  The country is no longer just about the old, rich white man.  Minorities and women make up most of the population.  They are behind the times.

  5. Math and Science are the 2 main subjects RepublicanTs would love to eliminate from our educational system. We just don't need either one of them.
    Ask any RepublicanT. They have their own system which is much, much better (for them).

  6. The American people clearly rejected the bellicose foreign policy, the repressive social policy, and the 1% economic policy that Republicans offer.

    Karl Rove didn't get the 1% much for their money… smile 🙂

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