Nov 082012

I woke up a little after 5 PM yesterday.  Thinking it was 5 AM today, I opened my email and found that my PP email was offline, so the site was down AGAIN.  I spent another two hours fighting with HSP tech support and convinced them to migrate Politics Plus to a new server.  The increase in speed and decrease in latency is stunning, so it looks like our problems are worked out.  This is today’s only article.  I need a rest.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow appears routine.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:09 (average 4:58).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: The Graphic That Needs To Be Posted On Every Congressional Facebook Wall Before November 6


It’s just as relevant on November 8.

From NY Times: Republicans don’t have a Hispanic problem. They have an America problem, a country that is growing more diverse and, on a wide range of issues, shows a sensible moderation and social tolerance far out of step with radio ranting and Tea Party rigidity. It wasn’t just Hispanics who heartily rejected Republicans on Tuesday. It also was African-Americans, Asian-Americans, young people and, to perhaps the greatest effect, women.

I’m proud to be in the minority of white men, who voted for community, not for whiteness.

From MSNBC: Lawrence O’Donnell trashed the de facto head of the Republican Party


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Some things just never change! Another PhD in Bullshitology for Limbarf, and his audience says "BA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!"




  16 Responses to “Open Thread–11/8/2012”

  1. 3:35 And they're off and trotting!

  2. You know your party is pathetic and has major problems when a friend asks,
    "Hey, did that guy of yours who was spewing utter nonsense about rape get elected?"
    And you have to reply,
    "Which one?"
    It's clear that all those wingnuts who were wanting to "unskew" the spot-on accurate polls of  Nate Silver were simply engaging in "mathturbbation".

  3. Puzzle — 3:51  I went for a spin in the sulky around the paddocks!  Those damn gates slowed us down!
    MoveOn — Not me!  Mr Obama in his victory speech mentioned getting down to business by working with the GOP to solve problems, even to the point of conferring with Romney.  It is interesting to note that Boehner is back to saying 'no tax increases'; Patty Murray (D-WA) has stated that she is committed to letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire.  What part of 'negotiate' does Boehner not get?  In 2009, McConnell pledged to make Mr Obama a one term president.  To do that, the GOP obstructed the work of the people rather than working collaboratively with Democrats.  But that didn't work out and Mr Obama is president for a second term.  Do the GOP plan to obstruct the work of the people for another 4 years?  What will their excuse be this time?
    NY Times — I saw a short piece on one of the videos that said I believe, if memory serves me, the GOP had 70% of the 'white vote' in 2004 and received well over 300 electoral votes.  In 2012, the GOP got 70% of the 'white vote' again but only received 206 electoral votes.    The racist fear expressed particularly by the Teabaggers that the country is being 'taken over by non whites and whites will be a minority' seems to be proven in these numbers.  I saw a video with Gingrich talking about re-assessing the demographics and being more inclusive.  I don't know that the GOP is capable of that right now. I think that, beyond thinking of the supremacy of the white race, the GOP may be afraid of having done to them, what they did to others over the years.        
    MSNBC — Limbaugh — WHAT an IDIOT!  Obviously thinks that everyone is stupid and won't notice that he "misspoke".  As I listened, I started laughing when he said "my intelligent analysis".  There is nothing intelligent about that liar and bombastic air bag!
    Cartoon — A bunch of cry babies!  But they will keep coming and coming, especially as long as Citizens United is not over turned.
    Question — I hear of CU being over turned, but then I hear about a constitutional amendment.  Can CU be overturned by SCOTUS, assuming a reasonable court, or must it be relegated to the  dustbin by constitutional amendment?    Or can CU be overturned by SCOTUS and a constitutional amendment is simply to prevent a similar future action?  With needing the states' ratification, I doubt it could be had at this point with so many GOP state governments.                                                                           

    • Clobbered me!

      See today's top article.

      Clearly the demographic shift helped us, but I think ideology was far more important.

      For sure.  This spat has just begun.

      SCOTUS can do so, and I think that is the most likely way it will happen.

  4. MoveOn ~ Now the RepublicanTs will do everything within their power to ensure that President Obama does NOT get a third term. Bwaa-haa-haa!  

    NY Times ~ The RepublicanTs will never adjust to the rainbow nation we have become. They will continue to be old white men shaking their fists at the clouds. They will continue with their hate and fear-mongering.  

    MSNBC ~ RushBo admitted on the air that he is a liar. Will the sheople continue to listen to the Big Fat Liar? Of course they will. They don't know any better and they are afraid of the rainbow nation we are becoming.  

    Cartoon ~ Here's an interesting read. I enjoyed it.      

    • I think they will be successful at that.

      If they don't abandon the KKK, they will end.

      I agree.


    • Great article Patty!  It is interesting that with all the finger pointing, they missed the real reason — they tried to screw the American people, and some people just don't like that!  And it just goes to show that people still don't know what socialism means.  "…the front page of his [Adelson's] newspaper Israel Today the following morning read: "America Chooses Socialism." 

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