Oct 222012

I have just enough time to get this up before leaving for medical appointments (routine, no worries).  I am not current with replies.  Tomorrow I hope to get a debate report up before leaving for our CoDA group in the prison.  See the cartoon for Lord Willard’s secret advantage.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:08 (average 4:49).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Elizabeth Warren’s Most Eloquent Debate Moment Against Scott Brown


Brilliant! The same (except for some good votes) could be applied to every Republican Senator that has not been forced out by the extremists.

From NY Times: The U.S. economy finally seems to be recovering in earnest, with housing on the rebound and job creation outpacing growth in the working-age population. But the news is good, not great — it will still take years to restore full employment — and it has been a very long time coming. Why has the slump been so protracted?

The answer — backed by overwhelming evidence — is that this is what normally happens after a severe financial crisis. But Mitt Romney’s economic team rejects that evidence. And this denialism bodes ill for policy if Mr. Romney wins next month.

About the evidence: The most famous study is by Harvard’s Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, who looked at past financial crises and found that such crises are typically followed by years of high unemployment and weak growth. Later work by economists at the International Monetary Fund and elsewhere confirmed this analysis: crises that followed a sharp run-up in private-sector debt, from the U.S. Panic of 1893 to the Swedish banking crisis of the early 1990s, cast long shadows over the economy’s future. There was no reason to believe that this time would be different.

I personally projected, before the onset of the Republican recession in the fall of 2008, that the damage done to the US economy by Crawford Caligula and the Republican Party would take fifty years to fully mend. I strongly urge you to click through and rest the rest of this fine editorial by Paul Krugman, who should replace either Timmy the Tool or Ben the Bankster.

From NY Magazine: After Brian Antal, the president of an Ohio soup kitchen where Paul Ryan pretended to wash dishes recently, called out Ryan for the photo op, he was bombarded with hundreds of angry phone calls. Even worse, he tells the Huffington Post that his soup kitchen is now losing conservative donors. That’ll show him those hungry homeless people!

It would not surprise me at all, if the man who despicably use their suffering for political advantage, Paul Lyin’ Ryan, is also behind this shameful Republican attack on homeless people.




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  1. Puzzle — 3:50  This so looks like my cat Fred, were he still alive.  Fred was born in 1971 and for several years would make a nest in my very, very long hair every night and drool.  Once I cut my hair, he wasn't so enamoured  with my hair as his "mattress" was no longer as soft and thick.
    MoveOn — Excellent!  Excellent!  Excellent!  I wonder what Brown had to say in response?  It is hard to fight back against the truth, especially when using recorded votes.  It wouldn't surprise me if he tried to spin it into a personal attack but it plainly isn't one!  And if anyone doubts that Brown holds some anti women views, just remember how he embarrassed his daughters in a very public forum when he said, in jest I'm sure, they were 'available'.  This shouldn't even be a contest!  Warren should be ahead by leaps and bounds!  Go Elizabeth Warren!!!!! 
    NY Times — "Unfortunately, the stimulus was both too small and too short-lived, partly because of administration errors but mainly because of scorched-earth Republican obstruction." — that nail was squarely hit on the head!  And all because the Republican/Teabaggers were, and still are, on a mission to make Mr Obama a one term president!
    "And once politicians start refusing to acknowledge inconvenient facts, where does it stop? Why, the next thing you know Republicans will start rejecting the overwhelming evidence for man-made climate change. Oh, wait." — When I got to the words "inconvenient facts", in my mind I was saying "yea, like climate change".  Then I finished reading and started to laugh.  Republican/Teabaggers are so predictable in their arrogance, their stupidity and in their perfidy!
    NY Magazine — Conservative donors — all flash, no substance.  They probably talked up among their friends etc how socially responsible they were.  If their donations were about doing the right  correct thing, then there would be no backlash from conservative donors.  Using people who can not fight back as political pawns is despicable, and so Republican/Teabagger!
    Cartoon — I hope the name 'Boca Raton' does not bode well for Willard!  Maybe Willard should be sent to a medical research lab where researchers could work to find a cure for lying! 

    • 3:42  Here kitty kitty kitty!

    • Would that I actually HAD a hair of hair for my cat to nest in.  *sigh* 
      Oh, well….  He's my third rescue cat, and far-and-away the orneriest one I've had.  But he's also the one who loves his "tummy-scritches" the most.  At least he doesn't drool!  (I had no idea that cats do that.)

      • Some do!  And it wasn't an old age thing as Fred was only 2 years old!  Now, my hair is a lot shorter than my cats' hair — just as thick but shorter than theirs!  It is called "very, very low maintenance"! 

  2. Thanks everyone.  Patty will probably clean all our clocks.

    Lynn, amen to all of the above!

  3. From MoveOn: Elizabeth Warren’s Most Eloquent Debate Moment Against Scott Brown

    I'd like to move to Mass. just to vote for Elizabeth Warren… Thumbs up ^…

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