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One of Lord Willard’s more spectacular debate lies was the bogus claim that there is no tax break for companies who outsource American jobs by moving production overseas.  As an outsourcer himself, Lord Willard had to know he was lying.  You should know about the special relationship between the Republican Party and the tax breaks for outsourcers.


Of all the many claims that Mitt Romney pitched to the American public with such confidence that most viewers declared him the “winner” during Wednesday night’s debate, few were as brashly misleading as his response to the President’s objection to tax breaks that enable outsourcing jobs overseas. “Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant,” Romney said. “But the idea that you get a break for shipping jobs overseas is simply not the case.”

But even Fox News acknowledges that “companies can claim a deduction [Faux Noise delinked] for the costs associated with moving jobs overseas.” The idea that former Bain CEO Romney wouldn’t know this is simply not believable. Instead, his advisers have argued that this isn’t a “special” tax break for outsourcing — it’s just a deduction like any other cost of doing business.

But beyond any semantic argument, Romney certainly would know that just this summer, Republicans in the Senate (with three exceptions) blocked a bill to eliminate this deduction when the expenses are for relocating jobs out of the US. As ABC New reported, “Under existing law, employers may take tax deductions for the costs associated with moving jobs out of the country. The proposed legislation would have eliminated that, and used the resulting new revenue to fund a 20 percent tax credit for the costs companies run up ‘insourcing’ labor back into the U.S.”… [emphasis added]

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As much as Republicans say that they are about jobs, jobs, jobs, they have  repeatedly blocked legislation to grow jobs in the US.  Right now, we could have a law that stops helping companies that move jobs overseas and starts helping companies that bring them back.  Why don’t we?  Republican filibastards sided with Vulture Capitalists that outsource our jobs like Lord Willard, and sided against the American people.

The Republican Party Will Not Represent YOU!


  20 Responses to “How Republicans Love to Outsource Jobs”

  1. One of the very first thing Obama tried to do when he took office was get a law passed that allowed outsourcers to be taxed to the maximum and gave tax breaks only to the corporations who came home to manufacture and hire Americans.  Guess what?  All the republicans hated it.  It would have solved so many problems in this country – and they refused to get on board.  They retaliated later on with Citizen's United.  But Obama tried and he still tries.

  2. Do you want to cut down on out sourcing?  Here are 3 things that you can do and I'm sure that others can come up with more ways!
    1) Do not feed the elephants in the room! — The most important, do NOT elect Rmoney or Ryan, or any other Republican/Teabagger for that matter!  As has been said before, Rmoney is the Out Sourcer-in-Chief and he has his boy wonder, Lyin' Ryan, to make sure that his fancy magic underpants are washed, dried, starched and ironed!  I hear starch is great on the family jewels!
    2) Resurrect the defeated bill that gave tax breaks to companies who brought jobs back to the US and penalties for those that out source, pass it AND ENFORCE it!  If it isn't enforced swiftly, or not at all, what is the point?
    3) Promote quality education and educational systems that are adaptive to the country's needs so that companies don't turn to outside markets for employees.  Teach subjects like maths, sciences, and computers, but make sure that students are also taught critical thinking, analysis, investigation techniques and problem solving.  I have heard some say that people either have these last 4, or they don't, and it can't be taught.  To that I say BEAR SCAT!  These can be taught but not everyone will be equally good.
    What did you come up with?

    • #. 3 on your list:  Where I live, we do teach those things.  They CAN be taught.
      That's a great list, Lynn, and I agree with 100% of what you have suggested here.

    • Excellent, I would also place a tariff on outsourced goods that stifle US competition in critical fields.

  3. IMO– Mutt is not able to tell the truth—–he lies when the truth would serve better

    • What a sterling example to his kids and grandkids!  Read this to see what a son said: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/09/23/1135444/-Craig-Romney-My-Dad-Cheats-That-s-What-We-Need-in-the-White-House

      • Lynn,
        this story is just too good not to use in our care2 group.  I posted it and gave you and Politics Plus credit for it.  The world should know that  Romney is a guy who would trip his own daughter-in-law, right after she's given birth, simply to win a stupid family foot race (those family get togethers must be excruciating).
                                       Thank you very much!

      • Here are my favorite lines in this story:
        " Yes, I know, politicians lie and create visual illusions to con voters with … but … the point to this Diary is to underscore the Romney Family ideology that cheating at everything, including tripping your own daughter-in-law, is a good quality.
        Mitt and Ann Romney have raised their kids to believe that 'severely' lying and cheating is equal to, as Craig Romney said: "hard work" and according to the Romney family cheating and pathologically lying is the "type of determination, that we need in the White House."
        The last time America elected a President and Vice President who were pathological liars, we got Bush and Cheney … and the Iraq War … and the melt down of the US Economy.
        It is my opinion that the Romney Family are ass holes."
        That just about sums up my opinion of them too. Mommy & Daddy taught them all unwell.

    • Amen, Phyllis.

      The story Lynn presented shows that he has no sense of decency.

  4. I did laugh out loud when this lie fell out of his yap during the debate. This was also one of the times that our President looked incredulous at Mittens and shook his head.
    I'll ask it again. What color is the sky in Mitt's world???

  5. Hadn't heard about the tripping incident before, that is one big bunch of sicko's. 

  6. “Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant,” Romney said.

    Willard needs more than a new accountant, he needs a shock collar that zaps him for every lie…. 🙂

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