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In yesterday’s debate editorial, I listed many of Romney’s lies.  Unfortunately, Lord Willard can lie fasted than I can write them down, let alone debunk them.  Here is part of an article by Alex Kane that list ten of Willard’s most outrageous lies.  Then we’ll cover Obama’s way forward.

romney-pinocchioThe verdict is in: Mitt Romney handily won last night’s debate, and did what he needed to do to have a fighting chance at winning the election. But what he didn’t do, predictably, was tell the truth.

Romney’s debate performance was chock full of lies, recalling his running mate’s address to the GOP convention, which was also chock full of lies. Hopefully, just as Ryan’s address was dissected and debunked by some media outlets, Romney’s claims are as well, so the debate can move to substantive issues instead of stylistic ones.

Here are ten of Romney’s fact-challenged claims from last night:

1. An ‘Unelected Board’ Controlling Your Health Care…

2. A Bipartisan Record…

3. Dodd-Frank Labels Banks as ‘Too Big to Fail’…

4. Obamacare Leads to Loss of Healthcare…

5. The Failure of the Obama Economy…

6. Obamacare Cuts Billions From Medicare…

7. Gas Prices Increase…

8. Health Care Costs Rising Under Obama…

9. Oil and Gas Production Increases Only on Private Land…

10. No Tax Cuts for the Rich… [emphasis original]

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I have just listed the lies Kane included.  I urge you to click through to see how he debunked each one.

On Obama’s way forward, Ed Shultz discusses strategy with E.J. Dionne and Sam Stein.

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The process of debunking the lies has already begun as we have discussed. Rachel Maddow and Jonathan Alter also discussed the way forward.

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Frankly, I think that Romney caught Obama off guard, because Romney reinvented himself, falsifying his positions so completely, that he appeared to have nothing in common with the Romney Obama had prepared to debate,

Lord Willard may talk about ‘trickle down government’ but he and the Republican Party offer only tinkle down government. I agree that Obama needs to call Romney out, and on the campaign trail, he did so quite well yesterday, but he needs to confront him face to face.


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  1.  But what he didn’t do, predictably, was tell the truth.

    Facts are most important and his coined phrase of ‘trickle down government’ isn't going to fly….

  2. I think Obama's calm  performance had the effect , perhaps unintended, of allowing Mittens to trot out his lies for all to see- It was apparent almost fro m the first words that Mitts was lying.. it seemed several times the President was surprised–I more and more think that reacting with anger would have worked against the President- because the focus would have been on the reaction , rather than the focus on Mitts lies that has occurred.

    • Where that does not ring true to me is that Obama could have countered Lord Willard's lies without displaying anger.  When I gut Republican talking points to Republicans, I do so cordially.

    • Yea, but why allow someone to draw you into an argument. Plus no one could get a word in without Romney interupting, and cutting in without letting a person conclude their thought. Thats Rove for you…

  3. I have shared this article on Facebook, hope some of my Republican friends will read it.  They are so busy celebrating Romney's win at the debate, I doubt they will.  I still can't believe the President's performance.  I don't think he helped himself at all, and if he doesn't come alive at the next debate, I think he will lose.  Perception is everything as we all know, and he was perceived as being out of touch during this debate.  Romney and the Republicans will continue to lie as they have done since Obama was elected, but they will reach a large audience with their lies.

    • Thank you, Edie.  As I have said, he prepared for a Romney that was the 180° opposite of the one that appeared to show up.  Whatever traction Republicans gained, they have already lost.

  4. There were many times, while Lord Willard was speaking, that the President just subtly shook his head. It reminded me of what I do when a person blatantly lies to my face. He seemed to have an incredulous smile on his face a lot during the debate.
    Was anyone here really surprised that Mittens shook that Etch-A-Sketch yet again?  I'm sure it will happen a bunch more before this election cycle is over.
    This is one of my favorites.  From CNN ~
    "The GOP presidential nominee claims his energy plan would reap more than three million new jobs, including jobs in manufacturing.
    "My tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more," he adds.
    Romney says his other economic policies, such as "cracking down on China and improving job training," would push jobs over the 12 million mark."
    The only jobs Mittens creates will be with the Fact Checkers! He's probably the reason we've had such a good jobs report this month.

  5. A Care2 member brought this delightful cartoon to her post there.  "Speak softly –and carry a big stick!"
    In a nutshell, it is he perfect summary of the debate!
    TC — "Lord Willard may talk about ‘trickle down government’ but he and the Republican Party offer only tinkle down government."  
    So true, TC.  A Republican/Teabagger administration would "piss" on the American people in ways imagined and yet unimagined!
    EJ Dionne, Sam Stein  and Jonathan Alter all made good points and all agreed that Mr Obama has to take the "war" to Rmoney, politely, but call Rmoney out, put him on the defensive — that is when Rmoney will start to really make mistakes.  I read an article that said his team worked with Rmoney to memorise his arguments.   To me, that is a clear indication that thinking on his feet under debate conditions is not a Rmoney strength.  That would also account for why he came back several times with the same points on an issue.  He doesn't know how to think outside is little box of prepared tricks.
    Get out the vote!!!!!
    Vote Democratic 2012!!!!!     Vote Obama/Biden 2012!!!!!

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