A Win for Warren!

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Sep 212012

Because I live on the Left Coast, I had to wait until this morning to see the debate between consumer advocate and CFPB founder, Elizabeth Warren, and corporate-shill, pretending to be progressive, Scott Brown.  In my opinion, Warren mopped the floor with him, but I know that many will parrot the Republican Ministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, to the contrary.  Therefore I have included the complete video of the debate.  Watch it and decide for yourself.  But first, here is John Nichols view.

21brown_warrenAn overbearing and at times ridiculously aggressive Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown came across as a desperate man Thursday night, as he attempted to gain the upper hand in the first debate of this year’s most closely watched US Senate race and, by extension, in a re-election contest that seems to be slipping away from him.

Brown literally attacked Elizabeth Warren, his surging Democratic challenger, from start to finish…

…But Warren never sweated it. She knew she had the winning hand.

And she played it. Again and again.

In a very Democratic state that very much does not want Republicans to take control of the US Senate, Warren kept emphasizing that—for all Brown’s talk of bipartisanship and reproductive rights moderation— “It’s not about Senator Brown’s vote. It’s about the votes of all the Republican senators.

Noting again and again that Brown had told Republican donors across the country that they needed to help him win re-election so that Republicans can take charge of the chamber, Warren kept returning to a basic theme: “This is about control of the Senate.”

That was a powerful message, and a correct one.

But the even more powerful message came when Warren declared mid-way through the debate: “This really is about who you want as commander-in-chief.”

In a state that once elected Mitt Romney governor but that will never vote for him again, Warren drew the line of distinction that her opponent feared most—and that Republican candidates in other states are view with mounting trepidation as the Romney campaign stumbles from candidate-created crisis to candidate-created “crisis.”

“I support President Obama,” she said.

Brown just gulped… [emphasis added]

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Photo credit: Boston Globe

Here’s the complete video.

Her point that it is about control of the Senate is key.  She noted that, if Republicans win the Senate, Climate-change denier James Inhofe (R-OK) will control the agenda of the Committee on the Environment and Public Works.  That point is so good in brings me to a conclusion that I really dislike.

Now, you know that I have little use for DINOS, and have often called for their removal.  Sadly, a few survived the primaries and are now opposing Republicans.  Although there may be no difference between the votes of a Republican and a disloyal DINO, it is still important to support the DINO.  If DINOS Beat Republicans, Democrats set the agenda for the Senate or House and their committees.  That is far too important an advantage to shun.


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  1. Hailing originally from the Commonwealth – I follow their politics a lot!  I too felt that Lizzie whooped some "behind" there! She is an intellectual, but she is also a friend of the "proletariat". I think she brings a welcome transition from the old "Irish lace" dems of Mass to the integrated new voice that is intelligent and representative of "we the people" – that I think, is the problem with the GOP – an issue of "character" and morality!

  2. It was a good debate. I think Warren could have taken a harder line. Her genius moment (s) — repeatedly stating she's behind Obama. I for one am glad she said what she did about her ancestry, There are stories in my own family that are questionable but also have a kernel of truth. Her explanation was dead-on.

    • Blue, I agree completely.  I believed throughout my childhood that my mother was raised a Presbyterian, and did not learn until my early forties that my grandfather was a Jew.

  3. Scott Brown was out classed by Elizabeth Warren– He completely failed to make points by hitting at  her personally , she clearly confronted and demolished his foolishness
    He never moved her  from the real Issues- the importance of  control of the Senate–and The Role of Commander in Chief-
    She did this , and not once did she stoop to his level  – she never   'talked down'–

  4. I think the US has another educated janitor — Elizabeth Warren — she wiped the floor with Scott Brown!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!
    Brown right from the opening salvo seemed to go after Warren in thinly disguised personal attacks . . . really not disguised at all I guess.  Warren kept hammering at Brown's voting record, while Brown mentioned Warren raising taxes a number of times.  At one point, Brown mentioned voting against party lines, and I thought back immediately to one (can't remember what the vote was for) when I remember he voted with the Democrats, but it didn't matter — his vote either way would not have made a difference.  When Warren made a comment about other politicians, Brown was rather dismissive saying that the race is about she and he, nobody else.  And I suppose that is true in one sense, but the bigger picture is the whole Senate, the WH and SCOTUS, and that big picture affects how things get done for everyone, not just for the people of Massachusetts.  Warren kept bringing that point forward several times and Brown had no comeback for it. 
    As John Nicolls noted, when Warren mentioned supporting Obama as Commander-in-chief, Rmoney's name was nowhere to be heard.
    Brown certainly wasn't relaxed.  Several times he wanted to pounce and came very close to breaking the rules of the debate.  Sheer frustration I'm sure.  Warren was Warren, very cool.

    • Good analysis, Lynn, but to be fair, he has voted with Democrats, but he usually reserves such votes for occasions when his vote does not matter.

  5. Family stories handed down have a lot of truth in them. Brown is being very petty. He chooses to ignore the answer. He started out on the wrong foot in the debate and went downhill fast from there. From here, it looks like he'll win the race to the bottom on his voting record alone.

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