Aug 122012

I have only this and one other article today.  I want to wait and let Romney’s choice of Michele Bachman Paul Ryan to sink in for a couple of days, and that has dominated political news.  This heat wave promises to be even worse than the last.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow, it is likely I will post only an Open Thread as I have a doctor appointment.  My GP is the one that moved, and it takes forever to get there.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:43 (average 4:44).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

From MoveOn: The Scariest Gay Marriage Chart Ever


Dang!! Would Republican Supply-side Jesus cry, or what?

From CBS: In his debut as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan promised "America’s comeback team" won’t duck tough budget issues, although the man standing next to him has kept his head low so far. Romney vowed the duo would "preserve" Medicare, an eye-popping claim considering Ryan wants to transform the program from the ground up.

More accurate, he wants to replace Medicare with a coupon, the value of which decreases annually.

From Barack Obama: Romney and Ryan want to take us back to the failed, top-down economic ideas of the past.


America cannot afford Willard’s choice. America cannot afford Willard.

Cartoon: good bumper sticker too



  14 Responses to “Open Thread–8/12/2012”

  1. Excellent Bumper Sticker!:)

  2. Love the bumper sticker.  Hope you have a good week. Edie

    Puzzle — 3:43  Would have been a second or two faster had I not lost a piece under the puzzle, no more.  I wonder how Jerry and Patty will do?
    MoveOn — Excellent representational pie chart of likely world and national events stemming from the legalisation of gay marriage!  Now maybe other can understand that this is a phenomenal and important step forward for the LGBT community but not a big deal for anyone else.  Suggest a self-help group such as Bigots Anonymous could be helpful for those who fail to adjust.  Would Republican Supply-side Jesus cry, or what?  For certain!  But the real Jesus would be whooping for joy!
    CBS — "Romney vowed the duo would "preserve" Medicare, an eye-popping claim considering Ryan wants to transform the program from the ground up." — So who is running for POTUS and who for VP?
    Video — Just the picture of Ryan there at the beginning — what a smug, smarmy assed idiot without a trace of intelligence or compassion.  If anyone doesn't love America, it is Rmoney and Ryan, not Mr Obama.
    Cartoon — Oh what a bumper sticker and there will be more.

  4. My, my MoveOn!  I'm sure the Bigots are all trembling because they actually think all those things will happen if the LGBT community is ever allowed to have the same rights as they have.
    Rmoney and Eddie Munster. What a team!
    Great bumper sticker!

  5. Hi TC  do yourself  a favor take an air conditioned cab to your GP appointment tomorrow, don't sweat it out in the heat for such a long ride particularly considering your health.  Something can be worked out by some compassionate friends of yours.    : )

    • That might have been a good idea, but a cab ride from that far out would have cost me over $25.  And the exercise is good for me.  Thanks for caring.

  6. I wish someone would answer this simple question and not lie..The president has been in office for a few years with Congress and the Senate at the beginning all in with HIM. All I see is more debt, less jobs and folks out of work, housing is in the low end with so many folks homeless and no funds to even live a life to enjoy the next day?
    This has been a horrible time for so many and all the people in office do is spend money , go out on stage like ROCK Stars and keep changing what they say in order to raise funds and NEVER SPEAK the TRUTH of what either party will really do to help the USA and get this land and the people back to being respected and able to live for their families and enjoy spending and doing more then what is going on in this present time…
    People wake up and STOP the cutting back and forth it is get old and not really helping anyone but the same ones in our Government no matter what party…. they are not in to help us …but they sure know how to for their glory and that is what people are really not asking them to answer what is really going to stop all this and soon we will not be any better then other poor countries.   I would love an honest answer and NO cutting back and forth and blame ..everyone is !!

    • Welcome Georgia. πŸ™‚


      You start with a mistaken assumption that in Congress, majority rules.  Certainly Obama had a majority for the first two years, but in the Senate Republicans have filibustered virtually everything and required a 60 vote super-majority to pass legislation.  Now Obama did have a super-majority briefly, but still could not achieve 60 votes, because that super-majority included DINOs like Lieberman, who wanted to be McCain's running mate, and Nelson, who, Democrats often call Benedict.  Of Obama's policies were never enacted, while Republicans did everything possible to sabotage the economy to blame Obama and take power.

      You say neither party is the answer, but here is reality.  In January, Obama or Romney will be President.  That's the bottom line.  Obama is certainly imperfect, but he is pretty good.  There are third party candidates I like as well, but their campaigns are pie in the sky.  The person, other than them, with the most support is Ron Paul, but only his brainwashed acolytes support him.  He never has mattered and never will.

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