Jun 222012

While congressional Republicans continue waste time with their Wars on Women, Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Students, Muslims, Seniors, and most of all Libruls, not to mention absurd witch hunts, they are ignoring deadlines that, if not met, will cause immeasurable harm to millions.  They still don’t care who they hurt.

22StudentLoansPresident Obama put new pressure on Congress to keep student loan rates low, just a day after Republican lawmakers offered their own blow against the administration with an initial contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder.

"It’s mindboggling that we’ve had this stalemate in Washington,"  Obama told a group of college students gathered in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in one of a series of jabs at lawmakers. "We’ve been stuck watching Congress play chicken with another deadline."

The interest rate on Stafford loans is set to 6.8 percent on July 1 unless Congress can reach an agreement. In an aside, Obama also noted that the current transportation spending bill is set to expire before the end of the month.

“I’ve been talking about this for, what, a month and a half, two months, three months, five months? I’ve lost track. We’ve been talk[ing] about it for a long time," Obama said of the interest rate extension. "This should be a no-brainer, this should not be difficult, it should’ve gotten done weeks ago."

Obama’s messaging throughout the spring – including a three-college tour in April – helped turn the tide among Republicans to support some kind of measure to stop the interest rate from doubling, but figuring out how to fund an extension of the lower rate has been a sticking point… [emphasis added]

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The student who made that sign needs to understand that Congress will have no heart, as long as Republicans hold a majority.

Ed Schultz reminds us of the details.

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In short, Republicans say they will declare a truce in their War on Students, only if Democrats surrender in the Republican War on Women.


  10 Responses to “They Still Don’t Care Who They Hurt”

  1. I am so angry – and feel so helpless , I read the polls , the blogs , the internet , even the media ; all making it clear what the people want !  However- the lying scumbags  in Congress ignore everything , they are focused on the wants of what we can call the 1%, rather than the needs of the rest of us the 99% ,
    TC is so right– they don't give a damm who they hurt or what damage is done– When does the Revolution start anyway ??

  2. Seriously, at this point I say let them loose.  What more damage can they do?  At the very least it will speed up the inevitable.  The liars and hypocrites and bigots and homophobes and racists and fascists seem to outnumber the rest of us.  Add to that group the deluded and the ignorant and the willfully stupid who regardless of circumstances will never admit that just possibly they've been duped and played for the pathetic fools that they are.  America has never been "at peace" with itself.  That the SCOTUS is corrupt is nothing new; the Supreme Court has rarely decided anything in favor of the People – not where corporate interests have been involved.  Anyone who has actually studied American history [instead of making up their own versions of it] knows that this country was never founded on "freedom of/from religion or taxes" – it was always about business and corporations doing what they wanted to do, which is to make money for their stockholders at the expense of the worker, the worker's family, the school systems, the public employees, the 'middle class' and the poor.  Nothing anyone can or will do at this point will change that.  They already have too much power. 
    Are you really willing to give up your life to get these Republicans Teabaggers out of office?  That's what you will be doing, no danger.  You will be coming up against private police forces and privately-owned militia [like the ones who first cleared Zuccotti Park] and – don't fool yourselves – they WILL HAVE GUNS WITH LIVE AMMUNITION and the government – state or federal or city – will do nothing to stop them.  ALEC and the rest of the republicans bullies will make sure of that; the legislation is already in place – does the name George Zimmerman mean anything to you?  I've heard people talk about 'concentration camps' and 'private prisons' [news flash, most of the prisons in this country are already privately run] but I don't buy it.  Do you think the 1% is actually interested in housing and feeding dissenters?  Do you think Karl Rove or the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson or Foster Friess are the least bit interested in taking care of you? Think again.  The truth is, dissenters will simply disappear. 

  3. Sorry for the typos.  S/b 'republican' not 'republicans'.  Damn.

  4. "In short, Republicans say they will declare a truce in their War on Students, only if Democrats surrender in the Republican War on Women."

    Corporate Profit Margins are at a record high, at the expense of the working poor…

  5. "…Republicans say they will declare a truce in their War on Students, only if Democrats surrender in the Republican War on Women."
    Let's see — Dems cave on the Republican War on Women and lose half the voting people, what 150 million women, and in return, the Republican/Teabaggers will coöperate with a truce in their War on Students which number what, 7 million?  Anyone who can't do the math on that one needs to go back to grade 1 arithmetic!
    Not only that, this just creates a bigger problem!  Now there will be 150 million women without adequate health care etc.  And we already know from experience that  Republican/Teabaggers consistently demonstrate that they cannot be trusted to honour any commitment except their commitment to the 1% and corporations.  And since when did one group become more 'expendable' than another?
    The Republican/Teabaggers have to be exposed for the crooks they are and people made to see that the Republican/Teabaggers don't give a rat's ass for anyone or anything that is not related to their 1% and corporations.
    Vote Democrat 2012!!!!!     Vote Obama/Biden 2012!!!!!

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