Personal Update–4/2

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Apr 022012

I’m still down and have a Dr. appointment tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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  1. You get to your doctor, my friend.  Besides COPD and some dead spots that I have trouble getting mucus off of I have advanced Psudemonus, which shape shifts and becomes immune to antibiotics (no pill form antibiotics work any more).  Every other month I have to take the inhalant drug Tobramycin to keep it under control (20 minutes twice a day for 28 days).  Hopefully you just have bronchitis.  Hope you are back writing soon.

  2. Tomcat, I hope you’re OK – please keep us posted.  I’ve been out of touch for awhile running around to the nursing home visiting my aunt, who just passed away at 91.  Am trying to catch up in the blog world once again. Of course one of the first blogs I went to was yours, especially seeing it labeled “personal update.” I hope you are feeling better and that it’s nothing serious.

  3. Relieved to hear your seeing your doctor.  Keep us updated – and GET WELL … You’re Missed & You’ve Got Work to Do Here!

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