Mar 292012

Yesterday I got the blog up and that’s about all.  I’m feeling slightly better today.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow I have lots of volunteer paperwork to do.

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Today it took me 3:58 (average 5:33).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Colbert Nation: Barack Obama-Gun Control Conspiracy

The fear of not being able to buy guns during a second Obama term leads to Americans buying so many guns that now they can’t buy any guns, just like they feared.

Loved it!  Hat-Tip: CaityJ

From MoveOn: Rep. Bobby Rush Silenced And Kicked Off House Floor When He Raises Hoodie For Trayvon


Republicans break their own House Rules with high-fiber regularity.  This comes down to love of violence and racism.

From National Post: An Oklahoma judge has rejected as unconstitutional a state law that would have required women seeking an abortion to first view an ultrasound image and listen to a doctor’s description of the fetus.

The Ultrasound Act was approved in 2010 when the Republican-controlled Oklahoma Senate overrode a veto issued by then-Gov. Brad Henry, a Democrat. The law was immediately blocked by a temporary injunction and never was enforced.

Let’s hear it for the judge!




  3 Responses to “Open Thread–3/29/2012”

  1. Colbert Report — Hopefully I found the right one as I can’t view this one.  Colbert sounds like a Republican/Teabaggerwith his double talk that means absolutely nothing!  And conspiracy theories . . . oy veh!  Nobody can top the Republican/Teabagger conspiracy theories for outrageousness and lunacy!

    Rep Bobby Rush — In the context of the House, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Rush expressing his outrage over the Martin murder with a hoodie. Figures that a Republican/Teabagger would find offense sufficient to have Mr Rush removed from the floor.
    Oklahoma — Well finally a judge with some common sense, integrity and knowledge.  Move that man to SCOTUS — it needs common sense and integrity.
    Cartoon — The little tin men taking aim at the two wack jobs ahead of them in the Republican/Teabagger presidential nomination race.  It does look like they are coniving and up to no good.  I heard a rumour that Newty is not going to campaign much at all, has let most of his staff go, and expects to be the dark horse at the convention and come through to win the nomination.  I also heard that Paul, though disappointed that the stir he has created has not translated into delegates, is staying in the running.  These 2 have more chutzpah than brains.  Thanks for the tin foil hats to keep the rest of us safe!

  2. 4:24 Just terrible!

    Colbert’s satiric comments on gun control were hilarious.

    It would seem that there is no Freedom of Speech in the House. They actually have a rule expressly forbidding hats when the House in is session? WTF!

    Kudos to the judge in Oklahoma!

    Their tinfoil hats are blocking their brains from realizing neither has a snowball’s chance in hell of being the nominee.



  3. 4:41  Not even in the same ballpark as Patty.  And as for you, TomCat, you are in another state.

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