Five GOP Obamacare Lies

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Mar 252012

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) faces the Supreme Court Injustices, I am amazed at how little the general public understands about this law.  This is largely do to extreme misinformation by the Republican Party and their Ministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise.  Some of these lies have been repeated so often, without challenge in the MSM, that even many Democrats believe them.

SCOTUS3The Supreme Court will hear three days of arguments starting Mondayon whether President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is constitutional. Twenty-six states have filed challenges to the health-care reform law. The main issue, on which the lower courts have split, is whether Congress had the power to pass this law under the Constitution’s commerce clause. The answers to that and other questions are clouded by misperceptions about the law itself. Let’s debunk them.

1. The “individual mandate” forces everyone to buy health insurance…

2. Only the individual mandate is at stake in the Supreme Court case…

3. If the court upholds the health-care law, it means Congress has the power to require Americans to purchase any product…

4. The law is socialist…

5. The law is an extraordinary intrusion into liberty… [emphasis original]

Inserted from <Washington Post>

Now what I have done is given you only the Republican lies themselves.  The original article has a fairly extensive explanation of each one.  You owe it to yourself to click through and read it in its entirety.

To be clear, I still support single-payer coverage for all Americans.  However, the ACA represents the best Obama could get, when Republicans in the Senate, supported by a small group of DINOs, made the 60 vote threshold to overcome a Republican filibuster in the Senate almost impossible to achieve.  While it falls far short of single payer, it does have several provisions that are benefit Main Street America far to return to pre-ACA, and it represents the first small step on the path to universal, single payer coverage.


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  1. I  still have secret hopes they will leave it alone but then I’ve been called delusional before too.

  2. The filibuster has to be dealt with. This isn’t “democracy;” this is a clear case of one third of the country turning back the will of the other 2/3. I once believed that the filibuster ought to be kept, but the only way I can see that now is for the filibuster to go back to its original form. MAKE these scumbags stand up, and declare before the WORLD what it is they’re opposed to. The “filibuster” they have in place now is chickenshit.

  3. “Twenty-six states have filed challenges to the health-care reform law.”

    Yeah Florida being one of them via Republican AG Pam Bondi…. I do believe like anything else the Republicans do is failure but, the SCOTUS loaded with active political Judges via George W. Bush anything is possible….

  4. Nothing is certain with the Court– Thomas conflict of interest alone makes  decisions problematic –  There is so much good in this first step toward assuring health care for all— the tea bag scum  will not stop the lies– it’s the old repeat a lie often enough and it will be believed–

  5. I love the graphic of a kangaroo court!  However, Kangaroos Anonymous, official party for the cute furry marsupials, is going to be on your ass for defamation of character!

    So, if  SCOTUS upholds the challenges to the legislation, will those of the 99% who voted Republican/Teabagger (I will never understand their reasoning — delusional all of them!) be accepting of the ‘no insurance — let him die’ pronouncement of Ron Paul in one of the first debates?  Probably not, but once you are sick, purchasing health insurance is not going to happen.


  6. Repubicans telling lies? 

    Well, of course.  But if it weren’t telling lies, repubicans would be utterly speechless!
  7. There are a couple of new radio/tv call-in talk shows on CurrenTV which started this AM. This has been the main topic of conversation among the callers today. Bill Press chastised the mainstream media for not jumping on Clarence Thomas for not recusing himself from the case.  It is clearly a conflict of interest for him to be included in the case. I’m hoping he gets busted big time for his role if they overturn it. However, they are only going to decide if the individual mandate violates the Constitution. So, if that happens, then what?

  8. Such blatant hypocrisy! The Republicans love to talk about “liberty”, but when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, they prefer their own restrictive autocratic approach to any semblace of liberty.

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