The Republican Jobs Plan

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Mar 042012

Strange as this may seem, the Republican Party has successfully instituted part of their jobs plan.  Since they stood so unequivocally against Obama’s support for the US auto industry, they consider anything that marginalizes that effort a success.  Since they are so gung-ho for fossil fuels, they consider anything that that hurts green energy a success.  Since the more people are out of work, the better their chances are to retake power in November, they consider anything that costs US workers, especially union workers, jobs a success.  Sadly this part of the the Republican Jobs Plan was successful in all three areas.

4voltYesterday, General Motors told 1,300 Detroit employees “they will be temporarily laid off for five weeks” due to lower than expected demand for its Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle.

No doubt there are many contributing factors, but in January, GM CEO Dan Akerson explained:

We did not design the Volt to become a political punching bag and that’s what it’s become.

He had been called in to testify by the Tea-Party crowd running the U.S. House in a hearing witch-hunt titled, “Volt Vehicle Fire: What Did NHTSA Know and When Did They Know It?” Yes, that’s a reference to Nixon and Watergate!

In fact, NHSTA concluded it does not believe the Volt and other electric vehicles “pose a greater risk of fire than gasoline-powered vehicles.”

Media Matters put together this video of the conservative media misrepresentations:


As TP Green reports, those who launched “conspiracy-tinged partisan attacks” got what they wanted… [emphasis original]

Inserted from <Think Progress>

There you have it.  The Republican Jobs Plan, aided by the Republican Ministry of Propaganda, aka Faux Noise, hurt the auto industry, hurt clean energy, and put 1,300 workers out of work.

Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!

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  1. “Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!”

    That’s how I see it…..

  2. The only GOP “jobs plan” is a SNOW JOB on American voters. We need to remember that and throw them all out next November!

  3. Every Republian is one to many  Thanks TC

  4. Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!

  5. You know, when I first saw the graphic, I thought it was a graphic from a Star Trek Next Generation novel — I didn’t really look at the faces — it was one of those quick glances.  Then when I saw who it was, I thought we should put these characters on Newty’s spaceship to the moon, or even further away!

    Isn’t there some law about truth in news reporting?  I know there is about advertising.  From the one battery fire in a crash test several days after the test to Faux Noise’s proclamation of all Chevy Volt’s catching fire while being driven.  That is so irresponsible!  Personally, once these ‘eat up time, create faux noise, waste money’ Republican/Teabagger sponsored witch-hunt hearings are over, I think that GM should sue the crap out of Faux Noise and the Republican/Teabaggers.  Did anyone stop to look at the safety records, specifically battery fires, of other vehicles like the Toyota Prius?  The fact that the NHTSA has cleared the vehicle after minor alterations to the battery protection housing should carry some weight.

    Also, why all of a sudden are the Republican/Teabaggers so concerned about consumer safety?  What a sham!  They should take greater care with consumer financial protections as they do more damage to consumers!  Could it be that (read with heavy syrupy sarcasm!) they want to hurt the auto industry, hurt clean energy, and put 1,300 workers out of work, just to stick a dagger in the hearts of Mr Obama and the Democrats come November 2012 and thus declare success?

    I particularly like part of a Care2 member’s response.  From William K “So, the republican plan is to leave the US a smoldering ruin, in order to get voted in. Then what? Preside over the smoking ruins, and pretend everything is ok?”

    Well outer space looks really good for this pile of bear scat, but somehow, I think we’d be cited by the cosmic police for pollution!

    • Maybe those three are Ferengi.

      Actually there is not, and SCOTUS, when Republican dominated, gutted trith in advertising as well.

      They could not care less about it.

      William spoke well.

      It we dumped those three on Mars, it would start an interplanetary war.

  6. The vast majority of oil field work is not permanent. At the most people have a job for a year or two then the projects shut down. How do I know this? My brother is a welder who worked the oil fields off and on for years.

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