Feb 252012

Yesterday I took a trip to the mailbox and the store.  I almost did not make it home, because my nether regions have still not recovered fully.  I’m current with replies.  Tomorrow I have housework to do.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today it took me 3:58 (average 4:55).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Rewriting The Word ‘Liberal,’ By Lawrence O’Donnell


I could not have said it better.

From Common Dreams: Environmental group Friends of the Earth, represented by Earthjustice, sued the State Department yesterday to gain access to communications between the department and lobbyists who pushed for approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

This is something I fully support.  We need to root out the corruption in the State Department, no matter how high up it goes.

From Current: Rating tax plans: Robert Reich compares the strategies put forth by Obama and GOP challengers


Keith and Robert Reich make it crystal clear.  Republicans do NOT represent YOU!




  12 Responses to “Open Thread–2/25/2011”

  1. Cartoon — All that is froth is not beer! or All froth is not created equal!

    Lawrence O’Donnell — Don’t ask me why this particular line came to mind immediately but “Well done good and faithful servant!”  Liberal is very, very good!  Some south of the line would even call me a socialist, but they don’t know what that is.

    Keystone XL — No matter what has happened, the people have the right to know who is gambling with the future of the country.  Do I recall correctly that the State Department was one of those areas that was stacked with Republican/Teabagger bureaucrats before Baby Bush ‘retired’?

    Robert Reich — The man always makes so much sense.  I’m sure that the Republican/Teabaggers will find a way to turn Mr Obama’s corporate tax reduction into a “I told you so.” moment.  The trouble is, they will be wrong.  And their own plans are higher than limburger cheese.

    One thing though, would someone tell Reich he needs to dye his beard or shave it off.  He looks like he has a polka-dot face! . . . or some weird disfiguring skin disease!

  2. Get some Depends until this is over.  Jeez, you men would die if we women weren’t around.

    Great depiction of a Liberal, Lawrence.

    That pipeline will be TV makeup and a shave – he looks like shit.  It’s an honest question – why is he lowering corp tax rates?  I’d take away their billion dollar subsidies first and then work on tax cuts.

    Happy brithday to me!

    • Happy Birthday to you!

    • Happy Birthday Lisa G! or as some of us say here north of the 49th Bonne Fête!

      • Thanks Lynn and Patty — it’s the last year of my 40’s; not quite sure I’m gonna miss them!

        • Crap Lisa, you’re just a baby!  I hit 60 in about 8 weeks.  I can tell you that my 50’s are better than my 40’s (with the exception of the aches and pains that are surfacing), my 40’s better than my 30’s, my 30’s better than my 20’s, and my 20’s better than my teens!  I say that I am like a fine wine, I get better with age!  It also helps to have some cheese!

          Here’s to you girl!

  3. 4:1I

    I stand with Lawrence on this and wear my tag of Liberal proudly!

    It will be fun to watch the results of the lawsuit. I can’t wait to see the actual reports instead of the propoganda.

    Look at the analysis of all their budget plans on the Romney thread to see just how they plan on helping the American people.

    some froth is good.


  4. 3:40 🙂

    It is a compliment when republicans call us Liberals.  Say thank you.


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