Feb 102012

It’s the time of year again when movement Republicans congregate to to glut themselves on hate, greed, and lies at CPAC, or as I prefer CPUKE.  There are a few changes.  Gays are now barred, as are Birchers.  Banning the latter is probably an attempt to prevent Rabid Ronnie from hijacking the straw poll again this year.  Most notable, this year CPUKE has opened its arms wide to White Supremacists.

GOPRacismCPAC is here, so it’s time for everyone’s annual look at the psychos invited to the premier conservative event of the year, and those unfortunate enough to have been excluded.

GOProud, the gay Republican group that was founded because the Log Cabin Republicans were considered too concerned about gay civil rights and not sufficiently focused on “fiscal issues,” is not invited this year, because they are too “aggressive” about being gay, which made Jim DeMint uncomfortable.

CPAC also uninvited the John Birch Society, which had made a triumphant return to mainstream conservative acceptance in 2010, when they co-sponsored the conference.

But! While the Birchers and the open homosexualists are no longer welcome, there is still room for multiple outspoken white nationalists!

The National Review’s John Derbyshire, a stock “pervert Tory” character from a Martin Amis novel sprung to life and given a sinecure at the National Review, is hosting a panel on “multiculturalism” (boo hiss) featuring two of America’s most detestable sacks of shit: Peter Brimelow, founder of white supremacist site VDARE, and Robert Vandervoort, the director of some sort of “don’t make me press one for English” nativist group and a white nationalist from way back.

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Ed Schultz covered CPAC with Martin Bashir and Joy-Ann Reid.

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I’m not surprised that these Republicans were not even sufficiently competent to introduce Agent Orange.

Republicans are not broadening their appeal for one reason.  If they abandon racism, they lose the majority of their base.

Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!


  13 Responses to “CPAC Goes Even More Openly Racist”

  1. They’re just a fun-loving group who loves America. The America before the Civil War, that is.

  2. They are so filled with Hate they make   the old KKK   ( c 1930)  look like  sissies and lovers of mankind!

  3. A perfect question at the next (I believe it’s number 1,666) Repubican Debate:

    Rmoney, Gingrich and Santorum – you all participated at the recent CPAC gathering.  Also participating at the same conservative conclave was one Peter Brimelow, founder of the White Nationalist website VDARE, who spoke on a panel titled “The Failure of Multiculturalism.”

    You have all made conscious efforts to gain the approval of your Party’s radical right-wing – so what role does the White Nationalism movement and similar hate-mongering groups now play in the Repubican Party?  And, if it should come to that, what role will it play in your administration?

    • What a great question Nameless!  I would buy a ticket to hear them answer that one!  I however, believe that they would dance around the issue using platitudes like — I’ll pick those who I feel are the best people to do the job.  Totally non committal, unfortunately.

    • What Lynn said!  Fantastic question!

  4. What a joke with DeMint making an analogy with the Super Bowl.  And he thinks that this is a good and righteous analogy but it isn’t.  In essence the two teams have the same goal  — to win the game — but from different perspectives.  The goal for the two parties should be the same — the governing and prosperity of America and Americans, ALL Americans. — not the goal of making Mr Obama a one term president as the GOP have repeatedly stated.

    As Ed Shultz says, the GOP can’t fight the Democrats on the economy because there has been movement there.  They can’t fight him on National Defense given that he was the sitting president and gave the go ahead to take out Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.  That leaves them with social issues or as Ed said “Gays, guns and God”.

    I also like what Joy-Ann Reid said when she commented that the GOP needs to broaden its base but instead, in pandering to the 1%, it is not allowing gays to participate; it is pushing minorities out, it is discriminating against women and the poor, and it is inviting White Supremecists into the inner circle.  THAT is discrimination and racism!

    What really annoys me with all politics, regardless of country or party, it seems to always be attacks on the opponents rather than putting forth a reasonable policy line that includes specifics about what and how the party will do.  I have especially noted that with the GOP and Ed Shultz takes note of it too.

    As TC says: “Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!”

    • He’s right, Lynn.  The Republican and Democratic party have no common goals.  The goal of Democrats is to govern.  The goal of Republicans is to prevent it.

      Ed is right.  They still try to give Bush the credit for getting Obama, but when you come right down to it, the Republicans’ most significant accomplishment during the Bush Reich was allowing 9/11 to happen.

      Indeed.  Hence the title of this article. 🙂

      Actually, Democrats have been very straightforward about policy.  Republicans have prevented it.


  5. More flatulence and lies by little Soros whores.  I am at CPAC and everything in this article is fabricated.

    The anti-immigration people you list are anti-illegal immigration.  That isn’t identical to racism.  When you slimy airheads round up poor black kids and sell them to the educrat cartels for donations to Democrats, that is racism.
    The people you list are also not featured at CPAC.  I am at CPAC.  They are in some little panel up against dozens of panels and the main speaker’s hall.  No one even knows they are there.
    for actual CPAC news try http://www.teaparrtiers.blogspot.com
    • Bruce, you’ve done an excellent job of contradicting yourself.  First you call this “flatulence and lies” and called us “little Soros whores” (Read the rules page.  This is your only warning).  Well if you say these are lies, you are saying this did not happen.  Then you said it did happen, but nobody knows they are there.  So, when you said it was a lie, you were lying.  Obviously someone knows they were there, or I would have not been able to post an article about is.  Sorry Bruce.  You don’t get to make up your own facts here.  I offer my deep condolences that you are at CPAC.  Remember, thou shalt not commit Teabuggery!

  6. […] … off to the clown parade known as cpac to pal around with white supremacists and every other right wing fanatical, bat shit crazy, stuck in the past,racist republitard in d.c. … and then he goes off on the ninth […]

  7. Bruce, like all the other Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers, doesn’t seem to be able to keep his stories straight. I honestly (no kidding here) do not know if this is because they lack intelligence, or because they lie so much that they simply cannot keep track of all the lies. It could be either/or, or perhaps both of the abovementioned reasons.

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