Feb 042012

For the past 3+ years, Republicans have done everything within their power to prevent US economic recovery.  The better the economy does, the greater the probability  that Obama will be elected to serve a second term as President. Therefore Republicans have blocked almost every attempt Democrats have made to improve the economy, and what they haven’t blocked, they have watered down so much that it was less effective than it otherwise could have been.  In spite of that, unemployment has fallen to 8.3% in the best jobs report we have had since Obama took office.

4unemploymentThe United States economy gained momentum in January, as employers added 243,000 jobs, the second straight month of better-than-expected gains.

And in a separate measure, the unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent, giving a cause for optimism as the economy shapes up as the central issue in the presidential election.

Measured by both the unemployment rate and the number of jobless — which fell to 12.8 million — it was the strongest signal yet that an economic recovery was spreading to the jobs market. The last time the figures were as good was February 2009, President Obama’s first full month in office.

The report sent stocks up by over 1 percent in trading on Wall Street.

The White House used the new numbers as a platform to appeal for an extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. President Obama, speaking at a Washington-area firehouse to promote a jobs initiatives for veterans, warned that more help was needed and called on Congress to aid with the economic recovery… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

Private industry actually did better than the 243,000 jobs, but that figure also counts the thousands of police, firefighters, teachers, and other state workers Republicans have fired to give more to millionaires, billionaires, and corporate criminals.

Cenk Uygur covers this story with attention to the disingenuous lies the Republicans are telling about it.

Republicans say "We could do a lot better"? How could reinstituting the same failed policies that caused the economy to collapse do better?

The US would have done a lot better had Republicans not been in the way!


  14 Responses to “Unemployment Falls in Spite of Republican Sabotage”

  1. This is great news for all sensible people, and horrible news to the crazy Tea Party and conservative Republicans!

  2. You are so right , Jack!! Now watch the asshats try to take credit!!

  3. The only way we could do better is if we got rid of all those obstructionist RepublicanTsand Tea-buggers in office.

  4. I’m just glad we’re finally out of the 9’s for unemployment.  Obama can easily shave off .3% that number come November.   Oh and Boehner and Cantor are STILL ASSHOLES.

  5. Boehner is such a doorknob!  Saying that the President promised unemployment no higher than 8% and it went up over 9%.  Could that be because:

    • of Republican/Teabagger obstruction when dealing with the jobs bill?
    • of the failed Bush policies that ramped up the financial crisis?
    • he is not clairvoyant?
    • did I mention Republican/Teabagger obstruction?

    Boehner saying “We could do a lot better!”  Yeh, right.  They’d start another illegal war — Iran this time maybe — send troops into a country that their dying to leave, quite literally.  There would be fewer people to fill the jobs so of course the unemployment rate would be down.  (read with a gigantic amount of sarcasm!)  Boehner et al are the biggest pile of pond scum I’ve seen.  They’re worse than Harper and his minions!  I have this incredible urge to kick Boehner in the ass so hard with my size 9’s that  he turns inside out and is never heard from again!

    • Another reason is that Republicans from the Bush regime actually underplayed the crisis and did not tell anyone just how bad it was.  When Obama’s team was briefed before he took office, they were not given the straight dope by Republicans, so he made that projection noi realizing that the mess was far worse than he know.

  6. The republicans made this mess so the 1% c ould get richer and they could get household  help cheaper.  Shame on them.  I can never understand why a working man  votes Republican.

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