Walker Aides Busted!

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Jan 072012

We have more good news for the oppressed laborers in the totalitarian Corporate Plutocracy of Fitzwalkerstan, formerly Wisconsin.  Two of Walker’s best buddies are proving to be just like he is, and in the process, demonstrating that Walker is not fit to govern at even the county level.

6walkerTwo people, including a former close aide to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker when he served as Milwaukee County executive, were arrested on felony theft charges Thursday as part of an ongoing criminal investigation that centers on people who served in the county during Walker’s tenure

…Former county housing director Tim Russell, 48, was charged with two felony and one misdemeanor embezzlement charges, according to the criminal complaint from the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office.

Kevin Kavanaugh, Walker’s appointee to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission, was charged with one felony embezzlement charge of taking more than $10,000 from a business and four felony counts of fraudulent writings by a corporate officer.

Russell and Kavanaugh each face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the most serious felony embezzlement charge.

The arrests come more than a year and a half after a secret investigation into people who worked in the county when Walker served as executive began in May 2010. The arrest of a close Walker aide raises more questions about the extent of the investigation and its direction as Walker faces a possible recall election motivated by anger over his proposal effectively ending collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Russell, who previously ran former Gov. Tommy Thompson’s Milwaukee office, had worked for Walker’s county executive office from 2002 until Walker was elected governor in 2010. Russell also worked on Walker’s gubernatorial campaign but did not follow Walker to Madison… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Seattle Times>

One of Walker’s biggest failings is that he is so vain, that he uses himself as an example in determining who to appoint.  That explains the high incidence of corruption among his associates.

Keith Olbermann added depth when he interviewed Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director, Grame Zielinski, on Countdown.

Keith called it right when he identified Walker’s lies as projection: accusing others of the vile traits and traits and criminal behavior that describe him and that he perpetrates himself.

Kudos to the heroes of Fitzwalkerstan, fighting to become Wisconsin once again!


  18 Responses to “Walker Aides Busted!”

  1. Keith mentioned an invisibliity cloak that was really, really long.  Do you think we could cover all the Republican/Teabaggers and pretend they don’t exist?

    When you step in cow shit, you usually go sliding in splendid fashion.  There has just been too much bull in the pastures of Fitzwalkerstan for Walker not to end up on his butt.

    It will be interesting to see the progress of this investigation and trial, and what effect it will have on the Recall Campaign.  Wouldn’t it be something if the authorities could tie something to Walker!  And what’s this out of state influence crap he’s crowing about?  Don’t the Koch brothers live somewhere other than Wisconsin?  I would call them an out of state influence!

    May the people of Wisconsin be rewarded with a successful recall and a new governor for the people (and corporations are not people!)

    TC, as a matter of policy, if Walker were recalled and there were no criminal allegations related to his Milwaukee County days, could he run again to reclaim his governor’s seat?  Just a proceedural question.  He’d have to be nuts to do it if it were possible and I would hope that the voters would send him packing with his tail between his legs if he tried.

    • That would sure be nice!

      I’m sure Fartenfuhrer Walker has toadies to fall on their swords for him in exchange for a Koch-sucked bundle, but the appearance here has to help the recall effort.


      Yes he could, but he would be running as a thoroughly discredited candidate.

  2. And who says good things tonot come to those who wait?  Great news Thanks Tom Cat.  I do miss Olbermann on msnbc

  3. Don Scott Corleone – er – Walker – has proven what a smug and arrogant gangster he truly is, and has provided Wisconsin voters with an offer they clearly cannot refuse—RECALL AND REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE!

  4. It would be a hoot if they found out that Walker was dirty too.

    Keep on investigating!

    • From your lips to God’s (and the District Attorney’s) ears.  We can dream, can’t we?

      • What a terrific picture.  I hope I will see this some day but I am sure this little piggy has be greased with Kock oil and will be very slippery!

        You must be a doctor like Patch Adams using humour to cure social ills.

    • What nameless said, but see my reply to Lynn.

  5. Go recall! I hope Walker is out on his ear.

  6. Hi  Tom,

    I just wanted to thank you  for all your good work!

    Peace and Love


  7. Birds of a feather ??


  8. The fact that one of these fellows that worked for/with Walker is gay, is going to rock the Republican/Teabagger world in Wisconsin, the homophobic party (read great sarcasm into this!). And then to have his partner stand accused of trying to lure children (by any other name, pedophilia), well those Republican/Teabaggers are going to be out in full force doing damage control.
    The Republican/Teabaggers are likely to try and divert attention from the main issue, that being the alledged embezzlement crimes of Walker associates and his potential tie in, to the ‘abnormal abomination of being gay’ and trying to link all gays with pedophilia.(heavy sarcasm in this last part)
    Don’t believe their spin — being gay is not an abomination, it is the way God created some people and it is natural for gays just like heterosexuality is natural for others. And from anything I have read, there is no correlation between being gay and being a pedophile, although I’m sure you will hear there is. Don’t believe it. Don’t jump on that band wagon as I am sure the Republican/Teabaggers will try to entice you to do. It is all an attempt to divert you away from the real issue: Scott Walker’s associates being charged with embezzlement and and the potential that he may guilty of this too.

    • I have zero problem with people being gay, but I do have a problem with homophobic gay Republicans who condemn other gay folk from the depths of their own closets.

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