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Yesterday I turned on the TV, and lined up my barf bags, backed up by my trash can, my pocket and my shoes, to watch the Republican debate.  The lies flowed like water.  Here are the notes I took in their raw format, with no attempts to polish the writing and just a little evaluation at the end.  I’ll leave most of that to you.

Diane Sawyer opened by praising all six for their commitment to democracy.  That knocked out barf bag #1. She might as well have called Donald Trump a beauty pageant winner.

Diane Sawyer asked all six about jobs. She asked for the number of jobs they could create, a time frame for creating them and an idea. None of the six gave a number or a time frame except Romney, 11.5 million in a year. The newest idea was to blame Obama.  The rest date back to before Obama was President.

On the payroll tax cut, Bachmann and Santorum opposed and lied that it takes the funds from the Social Security trust fund. Romney and Paul supported but wandered into talking points.

Romney said Obama wants an entitlement society, while he wants a merit society.

Gingrich said he wants to expand the space program and doubled down on child labor.

Paul attacked Romney on “liberal” positions and taking money from Freddie Mac.

Bachmann accused Gingrich of being a lobbyist and Romney of inventing Obamacare. She called them Newt Romney. Perry backed Bachmann’s accusations. All accused both Gingrich and Romney of supporting individual mandates. Santorum said that he alone supported Medical Savings accounts. He said that he is the only winner, despite having lost his last Senate race.

Bachmann promised to help elect a Republican supermajority in both houses of Congress.

Perry said voters should consider marital fidelity as a characteristic of a candidate’s fitness to serve. Santorum, Paul, Romney, and Bachmann all agreed. Gingrich did too and said he has changed.

Gingrich said most undocumented immigrants should be exported, but said there could be exceptions, based on local citizen review. Romney said send to them all home and put them at the end of the line. Perry we should enforce existing law.

Are Palestinians an invented people, as Gingrich said? Paul said no. Gingrich accused Obama of acting like Israel has no right to exist. Romney said no, but we should support Israel’s positions regardless. Bachmann ducked the questions and blamed the Palestinians for all the problems in the region. Santorum said that what Gingrich said is true, but imprudent. Perry blamed the press for blowing a minor issue out of proportion.

When did you last have to cut back on necessities? Perry said he grew up poor. Romney admitted to always being rich. Paul said it was when he was growing up. Santorum said he is middle class and never had to cut back on necessities. Bachman said it was in her teens. Gingrich said he was middle class, but had never gone without necessities.

What should government so about unhealthy habits? Paul said nothing, that government should not force anyone to do anything. Perry said it’s up to the states.

What did you learn from one of your challengers on stage? Santorum said Gingrich had been his roll model when he first entered politics. Perry said that Ron Paul had gotten him interested in the Federal Reserve. Romney said Ron Paul has enthusiastic followers. Gingrich said Perry got him engaged as a tenther and Santorum got him interested in Iran. Paul ducked. Bachmann said Cain inspired her with 9-9-9.

There were no major gaffes.  I would say the debate had two winners.  First is Gingrich, because Romney needed to score significant points against him and failed to do so.  Second is Bachmann, because her attacks against both Gingrich and Romney were well presented and factually true.  The moderators failed thoroughly in their fourth estate duty.  They asked mostly softball questions, and did not even touch such important issues as Republican plans to privatize Social Security, replace Medicare with a coupon, and convert Medicaid to a state voucher program.  They also failed to touch on the huge inequity between the 1% and the rest of us.  They did not even mention Republican obstruction.  Therefore, the big losers in this debate are the American people, because ABC did notr do their job honestly.


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  1. Reality show #48 (I lost count on the number of debates!) – I totally agree TC about your winning couple – I was surprised Bachmann could actually put a few words in a sentence and not go dingbat – although – it wasn’t particularly enlightening or substantive – which is why she came out so strongly! I enjoyed the “Young Turks, with Gore” wrap up – though there really wasn’t much to go on – it was a stupid “debate”, more a “character” development sketch by an author of a sci-fi novel!

  2. Diane Sawyer was the perfect monarater and had a good side kick.

    The Republians will never admit they just want there cake and eat to.  The payroll tax is just one of many lies they get away with. And by all accounts the American people belive them.  Sure lets not give the top % more tax cuts.  But on the other hand believe Obama is out to destory the country.


    Perry was off his drugs for the night.  So he looked ok.  Even tho he is a friut cake in disguise.

    Obama is two steps ahead on foreign policy.  And it may bad but ahead in the economy.

    The 999 is win win win now lol  sounds good but a joke.

    Get out the  kleenex we all have a story to tell.

  3. Oh I forgot the bet that Romney was willing to make with Perry.  I guess thats why Newt wants the children to work instead of getting an  education.  You should never be smarter than a 5 grader

  4. Biggest Winner: Pres. Obama!  (You gotta love the wacky GOP field of candidates, AND the debates are making Obama look better and batter)

    Second Biggest Winner: Bachmann, for her “Newt Romney” quip.  (Pretty sure Ronald Reagan played someone named “Newt Romney” in a blockbuster movie where he famously said, “Now go out there and win one for the Flipper.”)

    Second Biggest Loser: Diane Sawyer (Doesn’t she EVER shut up?  Hell, she droned on so much I thought SHE was a candidate.)

    Biggest Loser: Romney, for his $10,000 bet.  (Not only does the Mormon church ban gambling, but Romney recently claimed, “I’m also unemployed.”  How many unemployed people do you know who go around making $10,000 bets?)

  5. I didn’t watch the debate as I don’t have cable, however there are some things noted that concern me.

    “Are Palestinians an invented people, as Gingrich said? Paul said no. Gingrich accused Obama of acting like Israel has no right to exist. Romney said no, but we should support Israel’s positions regardless. Bachmann ducked the questions and blamed the Palestinians for all the problems in the region. Santorum said that what Gingrich said is true, but imprudent. Perry blamed the press for blowing a minor issue out of proportion.”

    Each of these boneheads needs to consider that Israelis are, according to Newt’s logic, also invented people as Israel only came into being in 1948.  Even Americans are an invented people using his logic.  Bachmann probably doesn’t know what she thinks, but to blame the Palestinians for all the problems in the Middle East is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard come out of her mouth.  Perry blaming the press — I’d say they didn’t pursue it far enough because that statement of Newt’s will adversely affect foreign affairs.  Romney blindly supporting Israel and Newt accusing Obama for acting like Israel has no right to exist are both beyond all comprehension.

    And Bachmann was inspired by Cain’s 9-9-9.  Oh please.  Dingbat warning light just went on!

    They are all on the same side so I guess I didn’t quite the adversarial approach, but then, they all have oversized egos, so adversaries they are.

  6. I didn’t even try yesterday. I never last more than 20 minutes when watching Rushpubliscum beauty contests anyway.


    And what else would we expect from Diane Sawyer? She is a paid off whore, a 1%er in good standing. Most in the MSM are.

  7. They should call these “debates” the Biggest Loser.

  8. I find it just so wacky that any one of these losers is seriously considered as a possible President!!  Its like SNL    for real ??

  9. SSDD….same shit, different debate. Glad to know I didn’t miss anything earth shattering like one of them actually having a real plan for those little things we need, you know, called JOBS. They are all losers. Well, I hope so anyway because America just could not take any one of these walking travesties of humanity as President.

  10. Oh goody, another GOP reality show! These are such jokes that maybe we should also have Elisabeth Hasslebeck moderate the next debate after the Donald does he stand up routine.

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