Jul 012011

It finally happened.  A Senate Democrat actually grew a pair, and not just little ones.  He grew BIG BRASS ones.  Chuck Schumer (D-NY) actually came out and said what many of us have been saying for years.  Republicans are sabotaging America’s economy, causing untold suffering on Main Street, for political gain.  Both Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow took this to the bank.

1brass-balls…And now, Senator Schumer has hammered that home in this speech at EPI.

And we need to start asking ourselves an uncomfortable question – are Republicans slowing down the recovery on purpose for political gain in 2012? It’s one thing for them to block programs they have always opposed. But when they start to contradict themselves by opposing programs they have supported—such as pro-business tax cuts—we are left to wonder.


Let’s not forget – Senator McConnell made it clear last October that his number one priority, above everything else, is to defeat President Obama.

And now it is becoming clear that insisting on a slash-and-burn approach may be part of this plan – it has a double-benefit for Republicans: it is ideologically tidy and it undermines the economic recovery, which they think only helps them in 2012.

The result is that Republicans aren‘t just opposing the President any more. They are opposing the economic recovery itself – and all that means for America’s working and middle class families.

It’s about damn time someone called the naked emperor out. I am so tired of hearing the press memes about Obama this, Obama that, and how it’s all going to land on the head of Obama. No. These crazy lunatics on the right are colluding with their corporate brothers to bring down this economy with the assistance of the media… [emphasis original]

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On Countdown, Keith interviewed both Schumer and Markos Moulitsas.

I was glad to hear Schumer confirm that cuts in Medicare benefits are NOT on the table.

Markos is right, "It is clearly what is going on here."

Rachel Maddow agrees, as does columnist Eugene Robinson.

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Robinson said that six months ago, saying this would have been a bridge too far.  I disagree.  There are still some here that have been with me for several years and will remember this.  During the primaries in early 2008, I predicted this.  I said that Republicans knew they were loosing and would do everything they could to tank the economy and obstruct recovery so they could blame Democrats and present themselves as saviors in 2010 and 2012.  Obama was promising to govern in a bipartisan manner, and I said that would be impossible, because Republicans would not negotiate in good faith in their attempt to regain power.  If I could peg this over three years ago, before Obama was even the Democratic nominee, it was not a bridge too far six months ago.

Republicans have two agendas: class warfare and establishing a permanent regime of Republican one party rule to last 10,000 years.  Acting on the basis of Republican concern for America’s well being is a non sequitur.


  36 Responses to “How Republicans Sabotage America”

  1. ………..and they’re just now noticing that Republicans want America to fail??? Well, they need to start kick’n ass and tak’n names! That’s all I know! 👿

  2. Truman—8
    Bush 1—4
    Bush 2—8
    Since WWII
    Democrats = 31 years in office
    Republicans = 36years in office
    Post Vietnam era (Nixon forward)
    Democrats = 15
    Republicans = 28

    Seriously is it only them inside the beltway who are now coming to understand what is happening? And how they did the exact same shit during Clinton’s years and that Reagan actually committed treason by negotiating with the Ayatollah Khomeini as a private citizen during the Carter years. What are the Democrats fools who trust the opposition party. The republican lust for power knows no boundry to corruption and hasn’t since Johnson left office.

    Look Democrats…I have refused to reinstate my party affiliation for exactly this reason, you state the obvious but then do not offer any solution other than whine with the cheese. I am going back to being independent so you all can quit asking me for money and support until there is a reason to give it. The entire politcal machine from local to federal has been corrupted by the courts and dollars.

    • Mark, I agree, up to a point, but you’re only yelling half the story. The other half is what happened to the defect during those administrations. If posted that information here several times, and it reveals just how much worse the Republicans are.

      • Yes, Tom , the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. But that really isn’t saying much. On a scale of 1 to 100, the Republicans rate 0 while the Democrats rate about 9. The Republicans are pure hate, greed, and viciousness, while the Democrats talk a good game but never follow through. It ends up always going the way the Republicans want.

        I admit to being very frustrated by the sorry state of American politics today. One doesn’t want to reward poor Democratic performance with a vote, yet it is clear that the Republicans are the wrong way to go. Rewarding the Democrats with the vote further entrenches them in their surrender-monkey mode, while a vote for the Republicans will only bring on the Fourth Reich that much faster. There has to be a way to break this cycle of endless political and economic decline before there is nothing left of our nation to save.

        • I do hear you, but I’d rate the numbers more like -200 for Republicans and 40 for Democrats, who failed to get credit for a lot ofd excellent legislation passed in the House that died under Republican fili-buggery.

          If you can think of a better way than trying to reform the Democratic Party, as we mostly have here in Oregon, I’d love to hear it.

  3. People need to contact their reps and sens and tell them what they think of what they are doing to the economy. They ran in 2010 on the ticket of Job, Jobs, Jobs! They have done nothing to create jobs nor fix the economy. They are doing the exact opposite.

    Get some balls, Dems!

    • Part of the problem now , so many who have been Reublican all their lives still see the Party as being Conservative , but with honor ; That honor is long gone , I have said from day one– “they will not let a Black Man succeed– its all about racism and hatred toward President Obama– They will bring down the country to achieve their goals , destroy him , and bring about destruction of the way of life enjoyed in this country. They– Tea bagger Repugs want this country, America , to fail

      • This is actually meant for Patty – 2 weeks ago, the Senate proposed a jobs bill – guess who killed it by threat of filibuster – the Repubs. They have not put forth ONE jobs bill since they have been in office.

      • Phyllis, I don’t think that’s the case. Look how hard they went after Clinton. They are playing the race card now, because it’s available.

        • The race card is powerful as is the sex card used with such effect against Clinton– I do agree they would use anything possible against a Democrat– I also do think the racism was /is a big factor in the hatred of President Obama—-Clinton was not despised in the same way Obama is hated—-I do see much of what is going on as personally aimed at destroying This president– It’s deeper than the attacks on Clinton–

          • America has always suffered more than our fair share of racist pigs, but until recently, they hid under their sheets and hoods. The Republican party has embraced them, because they will do ANYTHING for power.

        • Don’t forget,Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton the first black president.He saw the poverty and oppression his whole life living in Arkansas and was a poor person with a single mother much of his early life so he tried to right many of the wrongs done to minorities and the poor of all color. In an attempt to appease the right, he did change the welfare and other social programs though it affected more than blacks.Clinton found out the hard way there is no appeasing these radicals that have commandeered the Republican party and Obama would be wise to see they will never change in any meaningful way other than to attack all people who don’t look and act like them.Some say Clinton was a better friend to African Americans than Obama.I don’t know if that is true but Obama had better wake up quick or McConnell will get his wish and this country will never be the same.

    • I do so regularly, Patty.

  4. I don’t think a lot of us thought at the beginning that the GOP would transition from conservatism to downright un-American. Sure, we expected opposition to progressive ideas but I don’t think we anticipated the blatant racism, attack on entitlements and women’s rights, and the all-consuming naked greed. I think a lot of folks had a hard time grasping just how evil the GOP had become and the extent to which they will go to bring down Obama, even if it means destroying the country. Yes, many are slow waking up but beware of the sleeping giant. After all that rest, his roar should be ten times more potent.

    • Leslie, I did anticipate their un-American posture. I do admit surprise at the degree to which the Republican leadership is stirring up racial hatred for political gain.

  5. Alas – you depress me Tom! Who ever said ignorance is bliss – It’s time for a few other parties to face off against this 2 party system – perhaps then we’d have more monetary equity. This ridiculous campaign agenda going on every 2 years shuts down congress – nothing gets done, and the possiblity of sabotage almost becomes inevitable! It’s clear that Schumer when cornered will speak the truth – better late than never!

    • Lee, I think you’re wrong. Until and unless there are some major changes to how we elect leaders, additional parties will serve only to dilute the vote against the interests of the voter. I love three way races with a Democrat, a Republican and a Teabagger, because the Republican and Teabagger can split the majority of the votes, so the Democrat can win with a plurality. But when left wingers vote for third parties, it gives the same advantage to the Republican.

  6. I think the Repubs are willing to destroy the country just so they can blame it on Obama. And, I don’t think that will go well for them. Not one jobs bill, they keep changing their mind about what they want and now it’s 100% spending cuts starting with Medicare and Medicaid. This is not going to make people happy. And why aren’t they drawing their line in the sand on the budget (which should be even uglier) instead of trying to bankrupt the country? If the US defaults, everything will be moved to Euros and no one is going to like that one bit. The Arabs have already threatened to do just that. Keith and Rachel did an excellent job of explaining this in simple terms – as soon as Obama likes what they like, they not longer like it. It’s like dealing with a bunch of toddlers. 🙄

  7. I’ve been saying this for a damn long time. Nice to know some people are listening. Finally.

  8. Agreed, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Once Bush’ Brain, Karl Rowe (sp?), became so effective by using street-fighting tactics, the Dems needed to adopt nasty counter-punches immediately. They naively thought behaving like leaders and grown ups would win the day — wrong. That’s exactly why I voted for Hillary, she’s got the biggest set in the Dem party.

    The urgency now is making this cynical Rep strategy known to the American electorate. Rachael Maddow and Keith O. can’t do it on their own. We’ve got formidable opponents — entire corporate America, Tea Party, and Fox News. However, if this week’s events in Ohio, California, and Wisconsin are any indication, it appears that the public is starting to get it big time.

    • Ann, it’s Rove. It doesn’t have to be nasty. I breath fire in many of my articles, but that’s more to get people’s attention than it is to be mean. I’d be happy if our leaders just stated the facts without sdugar coating them for congeniality’s sake.

  9. In a way, it’s great the Republicans keep up this stupidity. They are digging their own graves. The US voters aren’t brilliant, but they’re not totally stupid. They will see through this sham.

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