May 172011

Republicans and very few Democrats involved in The Family and C-Street have been working overtime to implement a social engineering experiment in Uganda, perhaps as a trial for future use here, to apply the death penalty to gay people.  I’ve posted several articles.  Just search for Uganda here at PP.  Because the Ugandan Parliament adjourned without voting on the measure, it has failed, for now.  But the reprieve may be short lived.

17David-BahatiJay, a 27-year-old lesbian in Uganda, touches the scar tissue starting to form between her nose and lip.  The tall, sturdily built woman was attacked last week outside her gate by two men she believes followed her home from a bar.  They punched her repeatedly and when she tried to get away they said, “Come back; we’re not finished with you.  You are spoiling our children!” she recalled. 

Since the October 2009 introduction in parliament of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, a proposal that called for the execution of some homosexuals, enduring accusations of “recruiting” the nation’s youth and suffering physical attack “is what it takes to be a lesbian in Uganda,” said Jay.

On May 13, the speaker of parliament in this small East African nation suspended the legislative body without allowing MPs a chance to discuss the proposed anti-homosexuality law. Ugandan gays and lesbians say that while they are relieved the legislation is off the table for now, they fear it will be re-introduced when parliament reconvenes.

As she was being beaten, said Jay, “I kept thinking, what will happen if the bill is passed?  So today, [since it was dropped from the agenda] I am one of the happiest people.”… [emphasis added]

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David Bahati, the author of the bill, is also a member of the Family.  Jay’s treatment shows the love that followers of Republican Supply-side Jesus (not the real Jesus) have been trained to adopt.  Sadly, Bahati has an excellent chance to become Uganda’s next Minister of Ethics.  The Family?  Ethics?!!?  This measure is likely to return next year.

On October 31, I posted what I think is Rachel Maddow’s first segment on this subject.  To refresh your memory, here it is again.

This is the end result of Republican hatred against the LGBT community.  It is beyond redemption.


  4 Responses to “Plan to Kill Gays Fails, for Now”

  1. “Uganda be kidding me?” Unfortunately, Rachel answers her own question, and it’s sadly, No.

    Here’s a list of 83 countries where homosexuality is outlawed – literally outlawed:

    • Nameless, frankly, I think that’s tragic. However, I would see nothing good coming from trying to impose justice from outside.

  2. If it gives you any comfort, human rights organizations have taken note of the anti-gay bill in Uganda. Human Rights Watch announced that David Bahati and Scott Lively are the top candidates for the Homophobia Hall of Shame this year.

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