Dec 142010

The depth of hypocrisy to which Republicans stoop never ceases to amaze me.  This is not the first, nor will it be the last article I’ve posted on Arizona’s Republican death panel, but Brewer the Butcher blew me away with this beauty!

14toe-tagAnxious over serious state deficits, many Republican governors have decried Medicaid as the “monster” eating at the budget. Chief among them is Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer (R), who is committed to gutting Arizona’s Medicaid program at the expense of transplant patients. Ignoring pleas from Democratic lawmakers and transplant patients to restore the $1.4 million in funding to the transplant program, Brewer insists that such “optional [Foxtopia delinked],” “Cadillac” treatment for the dying must go toward recouping one-tenth of a percent from Arizona’s projected budget shortfall.

Brewer is no stranger to sacrificing the welfare of vulnerable constituents for a buck. But this particularly callous dogma made enough waves across the pond to bring Britain’s Channel 4 News Washington correspondent Sarah Smith to her doorstep. Confounded by Brewer’s dismissal of the lives her decision damns, Smith asked Brewer “how many people have to die” before she’d reverse her position. Calling the “obvious” question “unfair,” Brewer then quipped that “if people are so worried about the transplant patients, then they should ask the federal government in Washington to send us more money”:

I managed to “doorstep” her as we call it in TV – i.e. I caught her at a public event and just started asking questions, uninvited.

“How many people have to die before you are prepared to reverse your decision on the transplant operations?” seemed like the obvious question.

She said she thought that was unfair and started to explain how dire the state’s financial situation is. If people are so worried about the transplant patients then they should ask the federal government in Washington to send us more money, she said. But she would not explain to me, or to any Democrats in the state capitol, what she has done with the nearly $200 million she was already given in ‘stimulus funds’ to spend on anything she liked.

While suggesting that Arizonans should request more federal funding, Brewer openly vilifies a law — the Affordable Care Act — that provides exactly that. The health care law’s Medicaid expansion will foot 100 percent of the bill for states to expand until 2016 and 90 percent after 2020. However, to receive this funding, states have to maintain current eligibility levels in Medicaid and CHIP, something Brewer does not wish to maintain… [emphasis original]

Inserted from <Think Progress>

For starters, Brewer has $30 billion in stimulus money rat-holed for undisclosed projects.  Frankly, I would like states who vilify federal projects the way Brewer has the health care package, flawed though it may be, should not get funding for the project, but I know better.  The poorest residents would suffer.  Can there be any doubt that Obamacare is better than Republicare?


  8 Responses to “Republican Killer Wants More Money”

  1. Republicare takes life from the poor and gives it to the rich just like republinomics takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich. At least the republicans are consistent in the transfer of life and money from the poor to the rich.

  2. There used to be a time when most governors fought for the people in their states, for their well-being and their welfare. I hope “Brewer the Butcher” (I like that) is not the beginning of a new “fad.”

  3. Tom, it will be interesting to see how the misguided who voted all of these Republican assholes into office feel a year or so from now. Buyers remorse?

    • That will happen, unless the MSM spins it so dishonestly, that the poor fools never understand what’s happening. Sadly, that’s the most likely outcome.

  4. I hope she needs a transplant soon – mostly for her face. Then we’ll see how quickly this pile of crap changes. You couldn’t pay me to live in AZ now.

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