Rove is a Mother Fracker!

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Nov 052010

He came out of the 11/2 debacle smelling like a rose, in addition to smelling like the commodity over which his nickname has blossomed.  He was a major player in handing the House to criminal corporations and the richest 1%.  In a rare moment of honesty, he said “Climate is gone” to gas drillers.  If he gets his way, it will be.

5frackKarl Rove, the Republican operative and former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, said Wednesday at an appreciative Marcellus Shale natural gas conference that the sweeping Republican victory Tuesday would put an end to most of the industry’s legislative threats.

Rove said a new Republican House of Representatives supportive of the energy industry "sure as heck" would not pass climate-change legislation that the outgoing Democratic Congress had been unable to pass.

"Climate is gone," said Rove, the keynote speaker on the opening day of a two-day shale-gas conference sponsored by Hart Energy Publishing L.L.P. And Rove told the trade show, "I don’t think you need to worry" the new Congress will consider proposed legislation to put the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing under federal rather than state regulation. The procedure, known as "fracking," is responsible for the dramatic growth of shale-gas drilling in formations such as Pennsylvania’s vast Marcellus Shale.

"I think we’re back to a period of sensible regulation," said Rove, a commentator on Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Philadelphia Inquirer>

Keith Olbermann and environmentalist, Josh Fox, discuss Republicans’ intent to investigate the so-called fraud of global climate change and strip the EPA of authority, in addition to the practice of fracking.

Republicans do not care that this practice contaminates aquifers, makes people sick, and provides flammable water.  We can be sure that there will be no environmental legislation from the House for at least two years.  Whatever efforts there are to protect the environment will have to come from the executive branch.  If Obama does not make a fight of this, it will severely hurt his chances for reelection, but so what?  Delay spells D-o-o-m.


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