Feb 012015

Here are the results of our “Chamber Leader” poll.  Politics Plus Polls are not scientific, because those who respond are not balanced according to demographic categories.   Therefore, we do not accurately reflect the makeup of the US population.  Nevertheless, our polls are usually factually accurate, and more often than not, they reflect thinking or will of the national majority.


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I voted for Agent Orange, because he is a more frequent victim od TEAbuggery than Bought Bitch Mitch.

The new poll is up.  Especially if you were too lazy to vote in 2014, vote here now.  You need to learn how to make voting habitual.

Feb 012015

Day 88.  I’m rushing to get my articles written and posted before services begin on this highest holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  Your sacrament will be served by Chickens and Cheats.  I’ve already collected all the data I’ll needed for tomorrow’s Monthly Report, so I’ve been working my kitty butt off all morning.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: “If I could conceive that the general government might ever be so administered as to render the liberty of conscience insecure, I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of religious persecution.”

- George Washington, letter to the United Baptist Chamber of Virginia (1789)

This is just one statement by one of our founding fathers that contradicts the lies we hear from Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, as they attempt to overcome the separation of church and state out founding father had the wisdom to incorporate into our Bill of Rights. Click through for a bunch more.

From NY Times: If this state had an official color, it would most certainly be red. Football fans here don scarlet sweatshirts each game day, red meat is a dietary staple and, for decades, Republican presidential candidates filled Nebraska’s borders on the electoral map with their party’s hue.

But in 2008, a Nebraska quirk injected a drop of blue into that sea of red, in the form of a single, lonely electoral vote for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Nebraska is one of just two states, along with Maine, that do not award all their electoral voters to the statewide winner. And that meant that in 2008, Barack Obama picked up an electoral vote from the congressional district around Omaha, even as Senator John McCain trounced him across the rest of the state.

One electoral vote — out of five in Nebraska and 538 nationally — might seem trivial, but Republicans do not see it that way. It was the first time since Lyndon B. Johnson beat Barry Goldwater in 1964, when Mr. Obama was a toddler, that the state awarded any votes to a Democrat.

So this year, a longstanding proposal to change the state’s Electoral College system to winner-take-all may finally reach the Republican governor’s desk, amid a renewed push by conservative lawmakers hoping to have new rules in place for the 2016 presidential election.

I don’t have a problem with this, but I will point out the hypocrisy that in states like California that are blue in Presidential elections, Republicans are trying to do the exact opposite and split the electoral delegation.  I prefer it not be split, because split delegations would allow Republicans to Gerrymander the electoral college.

From LA Times: TransCanada Corp., the Canadian company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, filed eminent domain proceedings against an estimated 90 Nebraska landowners Tuesday to secure the right to build the controversial project across their property.

How impolite of them!! We need to build a border fence to defend ourselves from these illegal TransCanada immigrants, until Canadians defeat Harper, and Canuckistan becomes Canada again. ;-)



Jan 312015


Here is the sixty-seventh article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Texas Republican State Representative Dan Flynn. He is so honored for the Republican way in which he wants to deal with unruly school children.

0131flynnTexas Republican State Representative Dan Flynn has introduced legislation that would allow teachers to shoot and kill students who they believe are threatening school property.

Flynn’s “Teacher’s Protection Act” would “allow educators to use force or deadly force if they feel they need to protect themselves against a student or anyone else on school grounds. It also allows teachers to use deadly force to protect school property, and to avoid prosecution ‘for injury or death that results from the educator’s use of deadly force.’”

Although the legislation is ostensibly designed to defend the rights of teachers and their schools, the state’s largest association of educators – the Association of Texas Professional Educators – does not support it… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Alternet>

There it is.  This pseudo-Christian Republican Ammosexual proposes a Second Amendment solution for children.  To keep them from destroying school property, he proposes killing them.  It’s hard to get more Republican than that.

Jan 312015

It’s day 87, and I’m still hard at work effecting the changes needed from my ISP switch.  I need to change my login info at literally hundreds of websites.  Plus I haven’t even begin to start reconfiguring the notebook computer yet.  Tomorrow is the highest holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, an unholy perversion of blessed orb light between the Cheats and the Chickens. I’ll be meditating, but I’m bound to be disappointed, because I’m cheering for both teams to lose.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Guess who owns JebBushforPresident.com and won’t give it back?

The answer is CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater! They are a self-described "bear couple."

The Oregon techies bought the domain name in 2008, when Jeb Bush was rumored to be seeking the Republican presidential nomination, reports Business Insider. Phillips and Rainwater are no supporters of Bush, though — in fact, they wanted to use the website to blog about LGBT rights and draw attention to the former Florida governor’s dismal equality record.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Oregon leads the way!!

From The New Yorker:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told supporters on Friday that he was “incredibly relieved” to be able to keep the approximately five to ten residences he owns across the country.

“Having to talk about how much I care about ordinary Americans and so forth—I was game for that,” he said. “But having to sell all of those houses? That was going to be brutal.”

The 2012 Republican nominee said that he was especially glad he did not have to part with the car elevator in his eleven-thousand-square-foot mansion in La Jolla.

Andy’s doing news again. Little Lord Willard already had that house. In addition, he drowned his sorrows over the whipping he took in 2008 by going on a $multi-million mansion buying spree.

From MSNBC: A couple of weeks ago, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) raised a few eyebrows by complaining about Americans receiving disability benefits. “Over half of the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club,” the senator said at a New Hampshire event. “Who doesn’t get up a little anxious for work every day and their back hurts? Everybody over 40 has a little back pain.”

Since I took note of Paul’s comments, it’s only fair to also mention that the senator’s office has since elaborated on the same point. Whether or not he’s made things better or worse is a matter of perspective.

Paul spokesman Brian Darling pointed to two data points – 27.7 percent of disabled beneficiaries are diagnosed as having ailments related to “Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue” and that 14 percent have “mood disorders.” That adds up to 42 percent, he noted. (There’s also nearly 4 percent who cite injuries, which presumably could cover back injuries.)

Steve Benin, the author, probably thinks he made it worse. Idiot, Son of Idiot, Named after Idiot may belittle mood disorders,but most of the time they are severe mental illnesses, that kind that might even drive people to vote for him.



Jan 302015

It’s day 86.  I was up most of the night working on my network and will be doing the same today, so I’m feeling totally pooped and this is today’s only article.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Former Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson has been a key part of the legal challenge to subsidies under Obamacare, and figures prominently in the King v. Burwell case before the Supreme Court. The Democrat had been a key holdout in the Senate during debate, and was insistent that states be given as much autonomy as possible under the federal law. That included separate state health insurance exchanges. The House Democrats’ bill had one exchange, and it was largely Nelson’s holding out that forced the state exchanges in the Senate bill and the eventual law. The King plaintiffs are using Nelson’s position to support their theory that Congress intended to withhold subsidies from the states unless they established their own exchanges, in an attempt to force states to do it.

They just lost the Ben Nelson argument.

Nelson, who announced his retirement in 2011, speaks for himself in a brief filed by Democratic congressional leaders and others.

"I always believed that tax credits should be available in all 50 states regardless of who built the exchange, and the final law also reflects that belief as well," Nelson wrote in a letter to Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) who sought Nelson’s view. […]

Nelson said he wanted only for the exchanges to be tailored to the needs of each state.

"In either scenario—a state or federal exchange—our purpose was clear: to provide states the tools necessary to deliver affordable healthcare to their citizens, and clearly the subsidies are a critical component of that effort regardless of which exchange type a state chooses," Nelson responded.

If SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD) decide against the ACA now they will broadcast that they are legislating from the bench. Is is also the first time I have ever been thankful for something said by "Benedict Arnold" Nelson.  He may have just saved our bacon.

From MoveOn: Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to fast-track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The TPP is the largest—and worst—trade deal you’ve never heard of, having been devised in secret by representatives of some of the world’s largest corporations.

It’s so big and has the potential to do so much damage, it’s been likened to “NAFTA on steroids.”


I have to admit that I’ve been ambivalent about this, because there is so much we do nor know, but I trust the Reich on the left, Robert Reich, as much as I distrust the Reich on the Right, the Republican Reich.

From NY Times: An overwhelming majority of the American public, including nearly half of Republicans, support government action to curb global warming, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future.

In a finding that could have implications for the 2016 presidential campaign, the poll also found that two-thirds of Americans say they are more likely to vote for political candidates who campaign on fighting climate change. They are less likely to vote for candidates who question or deny the science of human-caused global warming.

Click through for more info. What the American people think and what Republican politicians do are mutually exclusive universes.



Jan 292015

The Republican Party consistently claims to be moderate compassionate conservatives.  To that, I consistently suggest you pay attention to what they do, not what they say.  One of the things they do is climb into bed with the American Family Association, a notorious Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian hate group, and that is giving the GOP some unwanted publicity.  The AFA offended Israel to such an extent that their chief spokesman since forever has been stripped of his title.

0129Bryan-FischerRachel Maddow tonight broke news that the American Family Association has officially fired notorious evangelist Bryan Fischer after a controversy involving the RNC and Israel. Fischer is notorious for having some––well, let’s not sugarcoat it––crazy views on gays, “homofascists,” more crazy views on gays, and… yeah, basically a lot of gay stuff.

Fischer is so out there, he concocted some insane conspiracy theory last year that the only reason Shepard Smith wasn’t freaking out about Ebola is because he wants to support President Obama‘s big government gay agenda.

At issue this time is an RNC trip to Israel that was apparently being paid for by the American Family Association, of which Fischer is the director of issues analysis.

Or, rather, he was. Until today…

…Update- 11:11 pm EST: For the sake of clarification, Fischer has been fired as a spokesperson and director of issues analysis, but is still a radio show host for the AFA.

Inserted from <Mediaite>

Here’s what Rachel had to say.

For all the years that he has been purveying hatred for the AFA as their spokesman, they never once objected to anything he had to say, so even without his title, he still represents them.  Furthermore, given the RNC’s willingness to partner with him, her also represents the Republican Party.

Fore more information, I gave him a parade.  More recently, he sided with ISIL, saying that the people they were killing were “worthy of extermination”.

Nevertheless, the GOP loves the AFA.  This is what they do.

Jan 292015

It’s day 85, and it’s turning into a very busy day.  I am not a fan or supporter of Comcast, but for my building, I have two choices for broadband, that or my current provider Clear.  Clear has been purchased by Sprint, and they just raised their prices.  In addition, their service has dropped off.  I used to get 7 Megabits consistently, and now I’m getting 5 on a good day.  As much as I hate to do it, I can actually save money with Comcast and get 120 Megabit service.  I’m waiting for the installer to come.  That means that two of my five main email addresses will change, and I’ll have to inform a lot of suppliers.

It’s in.  Damn it’s fast!

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: The "Anti-Commandeering" Rule: In 1997, by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court, created an "anti-commandeering" rule, which bans Congress from ordering state officials to carry out federal duties. The case was brought by two county sheriffs, who did not want to do background checks for firearm sales as ordered by the Brady Act. The new rule led to holes in the database that would allow persons prone to violence, like the killer in the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting, to get firearms. Stevens notes that the "anti-commandeering" rule could also cripple other Congressional acts, from routine administration of federal programs to emergency responses to national catastrophes or acts of terror. His fix adds four words (in bold below) to the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges and other public officials in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

This is just one of six proposed Constitutional Amendments written by retired Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, to help fix the damage done to America by the Fascist Five Republican Injustices of SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD). Click through for the other five.

From The New Yorker: In a historic Oval Office ceremony on Thursday morning, President Barack Obama signed an executive order closing Congress, effective immediately.

The President said that the move would dramatically increase the efficiency of the federal government, noting how much he had accomplished since he stopped working with Congress in November.

Additionally, he said, the elimination of Congress would result in annual savings of more than five billion dollars, which Obama said would be refunded to American taxpayers.

Acknowledging that “some sticklers” would argue that the Constitution calls for three branches of government, the President said, “All this order does is reduce that number by one.”

The initial public reaction to the President’s decision appeared to be overwhelmingly positive, as news of the executive order sent his approval rating soaring to seventy-nine percent.

Bad, Andy!! Bad!! How dare you tease us with such a beautiful idea?!!?

From NBC: U.S. regulators on Thursday raised the standard for high-speed Internet, voting that only connections with download speeds of 25 megabits per second or faster will qualify as broadband. The Federal Communications Commission’s previous definition of broadband was a download speed of at least 4 Mbps. The change, opposed by Internet service providers and Republican FCC commissioners, means nearly a fifth of Americans and more than half of those living in rural areas now lack access to high-speed Internet. The change is not expected to immediately influence how competitive the FCC formally views the broadband market. But it could give the agency more of a bully pulpit to push Internet service providers to increase connection speeds and support competitors formed by municipalities.

Excellent idea.  This article is what set me off.