Nov 202017

Of course, I’m not referring to the Reich on the right, the Republican Reich.  They are virtually always wrong about everything.  I’m referring to the Reich on the left, Robert Reich.  Robert has a fascinating theory about why women are coming out and exposing their predators.


Why are so many women now speaking out about the sexual abuses they’ve experienced for years? Is there anything unique about the time we’re now living through that has encouraged them to end their silence?

I can’t help think their decisions are part of something that’s happening throughout much of American society right now – a backlash against what has been the growing domination of America by powerful and wealthy men (and a few women) who came to believe they can do whatever they want to do, to whomever they choose.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ‘em by the pussy,” said Donald Trump in the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape.

Sexual assault is one obvious assertion of dominance. Other forms include economic bullying and the stoking of bigotry to gain political power.

Trump epitomizes it all. As a businessman he stiffed contractors, used bankruptcy to avoid paying creditors, and wielded lawsuits to threaten critics.

As a politician he gained traction by alleging Obama was born in Africa, Mexicans are rapists and murders, and Muslims must be kept out of America.

As president, he has bullied everyone who disagrees with him – journalists, judges, members of congress, his own staff and cabinet.

And he’s bullied the vulnerable and innocent – “dreamers” who came to the U.S. as small children but could be deported because of him; the elderly and sick who may lose their health coverage because of him; the needy families who will no longer receive assistance because the the massive corporate tax cuts he’s pushing will require cuts in programs they depend on…  [emphasis added]

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Click through to read the rest of this fine article.

I think Robert makes an excellent argument, and because of it, I think we need to consider all forms of Republican bullies at the same level of depravity as GOP Perverts.


Nov 202017

I continue to improve and am still trying to get as much rest as I can, so I don’t regress, as I usually do at this time of year.

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Religious Agony:


They could have and should have won this one.  They beat themselves with their own mistakes.

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Roy Moore “would not be the horse you would want to bet on first,” opined an anonymous source of Steve Bannon’s.  Bannon’s goal as self-appointed GOP kingmaker was to remake the party in his own image, starting with getting Roy Moore elected after a divisive and passionately fought primary against Luther Strange. Bannon saw Moore as being the first of many right wing candidates that he endorsed that would be victorious at the polls. Unfortunately, with Moore in disgrace and Democrat Doug Jones leading in Alabama, it’s all gotten topsy turvy in Bannon World and the campaign is starting to come off the rails. First and foremost, the RNC announced they were pulling funding for Moore’s campaign a few days ago and lo and behold GOP mega donors are jumping ship as well. Washington Post:

Early this month, GOP mega-donor Robert Mercer announced that he was stepping down as co-chief executive of his hedge fund and selling his stake in Breitbart to his daughters.

In doing so, he wrote a letter distancing himself from Bannon in which he expressed concern that he at times had been mischaracterized in the press as “a white supremacist or a member of some other noxious group” and made clear that he would be making his own decisions about candidates to support financially.

A person familiar with Mercer’s thinking said in the past week that he does not plan to be “joined at the hip” with Bannon in his Senate efforts. In some cases, there could be overlap, but in other cases they could part ways, said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak about private conversations.

Mercer’s not the only one to entertain second thoughts about this Senatorial make-over of Bannon’s creation.  Las Vegas casino tycoon and major GOP contributor Sheldon Adelson went on record last week as saying that he did not support Bannon’s efforts to recast the Senate and was instead, “supporting Mitch McConnell 100%.”

If the Plutocons and Corporacons are abandoning Bannon, the Theocons and the InsaniTEA wing of the party won’t be able to give him long-term control of the Republican Reich. RESIST!!

From Media Matters: "I think media activism is one of the most important parts of this whole resistance," Bill McKibben, influential climate activist and journalist, told Media Matters in a recent interview. His new novel, Radio Free Vermont, puts a spotlight on the importance of independent media.

"Just as we have got to go about the work of building a fundamentally healthy energy system, and a fundamentally healthy agriculture system, we have to go about the long, patient, crucial work of building a healthy information system again on this planet," he said.

McKibben has published more than a dozen nonfiction books, many of them about climate change and environmental issues, but Radio Free Vermont is his first foray into fiction. It features a band of activist pranksters in Vermont who find creative ways to fight against corporate control and the big retail chains that push out locally owned businesses. The novel’s protagonist, Vern Barclay, is spurred to become a rabble-rouser because the local radio station where he works is taken over by a corporation based in Oklahoma.

McKibben says this aspect of the book was partly inspired by a frightening event that happened in Minot, ND, in 2002. In the middle of the night, a train derailment caused a dangerous chemical release into the town’s air, ultimately killing one resident. When police tried to reach someone at the local radio station that was designated as the town’s emergency broadcaster, they couldn’t get ahold of anyone. Clear Channel Communications, a Texas-based conglomerate, owned that station and all five of the other commercial stations in Minot, and piped in prepackaged content from remote locations.

"That really struck me," said McKibben.

Clear Channel, now known as iHeartMedia, is the largest operator of radio stations in the U.S., with more than 850 in its control. Meanwhile, in the TV market, Sinclair Broadcast Group owns more stations than any company in the U.S. and is poised to acquire many more, which would enable it to squelch local voices and spread its right-wing messaging to the biggest media markets in the country.

We have far too much media concentrated in far too few and far too Republican hands. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Mr. Moore, long a controversial and polarizing figure, stands accused of molesting or making unwanted advances toward numerous young women and girls, one as young as 14, when he was in his 30s. That has rendered him radioactive for national Republicans and led The Birmingham News to bellow on Sunday’s front page: “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore.”

And the Democratic candidate, Mr. Jones, is a respected former prosecutor best known for convicting two Ku Klux Klan members for the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, who was raising the possibility of a truly competitive race even before the accusations against Mr. Moore.

But opportunity has knocked on the door of a Democratic operation with the lights out. With a fairly anemic state party, there is little existing infrastructure for routine campaign activities like phone banks or canvassing drives. National Democrats, while helping to pour in money, are taking pains to keep the race at arm’s length, figuring their presence could hurt rather than help Mr. Jones. There are no beloved statewide officeholders or popular party elders to rally the troops.

“The Democratic Party is not behind him pushing him up the hill to victory, because they don’t have a wagon for him to ride in right now,” said Mark Kennedy, a former state Supreme Court justice and erstwhile chairman of the Democratic Party. “He’s got to do it all by himself.”

I agree that a strong national Democratic presence now could be self-defeating, because we have been AWOL for much too long. Grass-roots is the best we can do today, but we need to build a strong party infrastructure in all 50 states in time for 2018.  RESIST!!



We need more here.

Nov 192017

There’s a train coming down the track, a gravy train, and it’s filled with holiday treats for the Trumps, the Kochs, the Mercers, the Adelsons and lots of other GOP billionaires.  For you, me and over 90 percent of Americans it’s like inserting my artificial leg in your southern exposure.  Only Republicans can stop it, so here is a preview of which ones might.


On Thursday, House Republicans passed their version of tax reform by a 227-205 vote. Now, the Senate is preparing to take up its own version of a bill, but several Republicans — from fiscal conservatives to moderates — are taking issue with several provisions. The bill needs 50 votes to pass the Senate — let’s take a look at what might get in the way.

Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)

Corker — who will not seek reelection in 2018 — has said he will oppose any tax legislation if it adds “ one penny to the deficit .”

Don’t forget:

Free from the baggage of running for reelection, Corker — who has been increasingly critical of Trump — has been one to watch.

John McCain (R- Ariz.)

McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 in part because they disproportionately favored the wealthy. “The deficit went up,” McCain said. “Guess what? I was right.” It also doesn’t help that Trump feuded with McCain over the GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill this past summer.

Don’t forget:

McCain has also stressed that the tax bill needs to go through the normal procedures for writing and passing bills. He’s signaled that he’s been satisfied with the process — so far.

Jeff Flake (R – Ariz.)

Flake is worried about fiscal responsibility. “I remain concerned over how the current tax reform proposals will grow the already staggering national debt by opting for short-term fixes while ignoring long-term problems for taxpayers and the economy,” Flake said in a statement released last week.

Don’t forget:

Like Corker, Flake is a harsh critic of Trump who isn’t running for reelection… [emphasis original]

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Photo credit: Patriot Post

I have three of seven listed by the author.  Please click through to read the other four.  If any of these are yours, call their office and tell them to vote against passage.  We need three.  If not please keep doing everything you can.


Nov 192017

I’m waiting for Wendy to arrive to shine and polish the TomCat and help with other work, including the dreaded task.  I shall finish this after she leaves.  Then it’s time to meditate upon the Ellipsoid Orb.  I’m still improving gradually.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (SNL Channel): Weekend Update: Jeff Sessions


Is this based on a transcript? RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Unimpressed by President Donald Trump’s sudden backtracking on his proposed elephant-trophy ban, elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia released a scathing official statement on Saturday, ominously warning Trump, “We don’t forget.”…

…“The decision to lift the trophy ban reeks of political expediency as it worst,” the elephants’ statement read.

The elephants also sent a strongly worded legal letter to the Republican National Committee, demanding that the G.O.P. immediately cease and desist using the elephants’ likenesses in Republican fund-raising appeals and all other materials.

They should never have said that, Andy. Trump wanted to kill them all just for fun, let alone over the image! RESIST!!

From NY Times: As we watch Roy Moore thumping his Bible to defend himself from accusations of child molestation, let me toss out a verbal hand grenade: To some degree, liberals practice the values that conservatives preach.

This is complicated terrain with lots of exceptions, and the recent scandals involving Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and Al Franken underscore that liberals can be skunks as much as anyone else. Yet if one looks at blue and red state populations as a whole, it’s striking that conservatives champion “family values” even as red states have high rates of teenage births, divorce and prostitution. In contrast, people in blue states don’t trumpet these family values but often seem to do a better job living them.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey of 32 states, those with the highest percentage of high school students who say they have had sex are Mississippi, Delaware, West Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas. All but Delaware voted Republican in the last presidential election.

Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest proportion of high school students who have had sex were New York, California, Maryland, Nebraska and Connecticut. All but Nebraska voted Democratic.

Most Republican pseudo-Christians preach piety and behave immorally. Most Democrats preach freedom and behave responsibly. RESIST!!





Bill Maher from 11/17

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Nov 182017

It’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share four fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Monologue: Sweet Home Room Alabama


Like Bill, I was very upset to learn about Al Franken, and agree that it’s unfair to equate someone who is addressing their problems and taking responsibility for them with a continuing and recalcitrant pervert like Moore or Trump.

Chelsea Handler: Women in Office


I agree with her in principle, and recognize that women are underrepresented to an absurd extent. However, that a candidate is female cannot be the only issue in a campaign. I also agree that we need to look at things contextually.

Bill McKibben: The Hope Is in the Resistance


I’m glad that the scientists in Germany boycotted the Republican coal plan.

New Rule: The Scrooge of Our Time


Funny as hell, and so, so true.

Say goodbye to Bill until January.


Nov 182017

Day by day, I continue to improve, but I had to miss my morning nap, because I have Republicosis and am waiting for the Immodium AD to set in.  Tomorrow is a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos worship in Cincinnati, but the game is not televised here.  May my Broncos eat some Trump-stripped kitties!!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Jeff Merkley Channel): Senator Merkley Calls for Immediate Action to Restore CHIP Funding


Every penny spent on saving children’s lives is a penny Republicans can’t give to a billionaire. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Republican Ohio state legislator Wes Goodman describes himself on his Twitter bio as "Christian. American. Conservative. Republican." The self-described “family values” conservative with a history of anti-LGBTQ stances has resigned after admitting he engaged in sex with a man in his Ohio office. From The Columbus Dispatch:

State Rep. Wes Goodman, who consistently touted his faith and conservative values, abruptly resigned late Tuesday after being confronted with evidence of inappropriate conduct with another man inside his Riffe Center office, the second Ohio lawmaker to fall within a month.

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, R-Clarksville, met Tuesday afternoon with the Cardington Republican soon after the speaker became aware of an incident from weeks ago in the lawmaker’s office that, sources said, involved a male in a consensual situation.

Apparently someone witnessed the affair, and Republicans wasted no time demanding his resignation

What hypocrites Republicans are! Roy Moore is OK, but Goodman has to go. Would a some gent please give Roy Moore a BJ?  RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Senators Orrin Hatch & Sherrod Brown Get In Tax Reform Shouting Match


Hatch is such a lying sack of shit in this case. If he’s sick of the attacks, he should stop goose-stepping behind billionaires. RESIST!!