Bill Mourns 100th Day

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Apr 292017

I have a rare treat for you today.  I’m justified in saying that anytime I get to share video clips from Bill Maher, but today is extra special for two reasons.  First, Putin’s Pet Pervert, aka Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten, has been the Resident for 100 days, and we aren’t dead yet.  Second, Elizabeth Warren was on the show.  Here are three videos.

Monologue: 100 Days of Trump


He may give himself an A. I give him a Z.

Elizabeth Warren: This Fight Is Our Fight


It’s crystal clear. We need to return to the economic policies of 1935 – 1980 and abandon Republican government of, by and for the rich. Liz could not be more spot-on.

New Rule: Change Anxiety


He does have the deplorables pegged, doesn’t he?


Apr 292017

I slept better last night, even though the pain has not diminished.  I'm not sure what or how much I'll be publishing tomorrow, because Wendy is coming to deodorize the TomCat and help with several other needed tasks.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump's First 100 Days. And What Has He Done? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


We have survived the worst 100 days in US history. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Why aren't news outlets talking about climate change?


On the other hand, climate change might have a positive side, if Mar-a-Lago sinks when Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten is there.

From NY Times: The Heritage Foundation, a powerful conservative think tank that played a significant role in shaping President Trump’s cabinet and tilting it far to the right, is expected to replace its leader, the former South Carolina senator and Tea Party leader Jim DeMint.

The anticipated shake-up, which was confirmed by two people with knowledge of the fraught internal dynamics, comes at an inopportune time for the group, with several major pieces of conservative legislation on the agenda in Congress. The budget, a tax overhaul and health care are all issues that Heritage has tried to influence, with varying degrees of success.

A spokesman for the foundation did not return a request for comment.

Mr. DeMint’s abrupt ouster, described by people as a “coup” against him, was the result of a larger debate among conservative donors who fund the group. One of its board members is Rebekah Mercer, a reclusive donor who has helped propel the White House chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, in his effort to dismantle aspects of the political establishment.

It appears that a mere KKK supporter is no longer extreme enough for Heritage Foundation. :Look for am Alt-Right Nazi replacement.




Everyday Erinyes #72

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Apr 292017

Experts in autocracies have pointed out that it is, unfortunately, easy to slip into normalizing the tyrant, hence it is important to hang on to outrage.  These incidents which seem to call for the efforts of the Greek Furies (Erinyes) to come and deal with them will, I hope, help with that.  Even though there are many more which I can't include.  As a reminder, though no one really knows how many there were supposed to be, the three names we have are Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone. These roughly translate as "unceasing," "grudging," and "vengeful destruction."

This may not be the most heinous thing that became public this week, but I want to lead off with it becausee it is so darned dangerous.

A new fight-club “fraternity” of young white, pro-Trump men is being formed, its organizers claim, to defend free-speech rights by “Alt-Right” leaders and engage in street fighting.

There's already the DIY Division of neo-Nazis with an agenda to turn protests by reasonable people (as the right calls them, "anti-Fascists," which is accurate but incomplete) into "street threatre."  But the arrival of this new group concerns me that this is becoming "a thing."

FOAK (Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights), now an affiliiate of the Proud Boys, and the Proud Boys itself, may seem to border on self-satire, especially if you read the initiation rituals.

The Proud Boys reportedly have a four-step initiation process. It starts with a prospect declaring himself a “Proud Boy,” suiting up in Fred Perry polo shirts with yellow stripes—similar to those worn by skinheads.

The second degree is a “cereal beat-in” during which the new member is punched and beaten by current members until the plebe can rattle off the names of five cereals (you know, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Cheerios!)

The third degree reported involves “adhering to the masturbation regimen and getting a tattoo,” blogger Will Sommer wrote in a recent post.

Since then, a fourth-degree has been added to the initiation ritual – brawling with antifascists at public rallies.

However, injuries received by protestors are going to be real.  This from the FOAK founder is chilling:

“Our emphasis will be on street activism, preparation, defense and confrontation,” he said. “We will protect and defend our right wing brethren when the police and government fail to do so.”

Tisiphone, and Megaera, please, form a squad of unnamed Furies if necessary, to protect rational people involved in rational demonstrations.  Such as today's Climate march.  And the demonstrations planned to support workers on May Day.

Probably we are, if not already there, at least becoming far too accustomed to seeing videos involving police stops, apparently based on suspicion of breathing while black or the like, to the point that there are too many for all to appear in this column.  This article, however, is so well written and makes such good points, so that I thought it needed to be brought up.

The traffic stop, in Gwinnett County, Georgia, involved the stopping of Demetrius Hollins, 21, by Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni.  Bongiovanni was standing by the sedan, Hollins emerged with hands up, and Bongiovanni slugged Hollins in the head.  Then, after Hollins was lying on the ground handcuffed, another officer was called to the scene – Robert McDonald – who exited his vehicle, ran up to Hollins and kicked him in the head.

(Parentheticasl thought: is slugging and kicking in the head [or, alternatively, poisoning young brains with leaded water] the only way white supremacists can make people of color brain-damaged enough to satisfy their need to think themselves superior?)

The author says,

What do you think is more likely, that this traffic stop just happened to bring together the only two bad apples on the Gwinnett County police force? Or that there is a larger problem in its culture, illustrated by the fact that a young officer hired four years ago expected no consequences for needlessly kicking a handcuffed guy in the head in front of a sergeant?

And goes on to point out that

the Black Lives Matter movement is portrayed wildly inaccurately in conservative media outlets,  which focus on the most extreme, unrepresentative rhetoric from the coalition, and all but ignore the actual policy demands that it has put forth….

Dubbed Campaign Zero, it draws its strength largely from the fact that many of the policies that it recommends are “best practices” taken from existing police agencies.

“They’re practical, well-thought out, and in most cases, achievable,” wrote Radley Balko, one of the country’s most knowledgeable law-enforcement-policy journalists. “These are proposals that will almost certainly have an impact, even if only some of them are implemented. The ideas here are well-researched, supported with real-world evidence and ought to be seriously considered by policymakers.”

Professor Harold Pollack, a policy expert at the University of Chicago, concluded in his assessment that, “One does not need to embrace every element to recognize that this well-crafted document provides a useful basis of discussion between grassroots activists, elected officials, law enforcement professionals, and policy analysts … And based on my own research on urban crime and policing, which has included the implementation of randomized-violence-prevention trials, interviews with incarcerated offenders, and collaboration with public-health and criminal-justice authorities, several proposals in Campaign Zero struck me as particularly smart."

Alecto, The problem of people with closed minds thinking that people who look like them can do no wrong is a longstanding one,maybe forever – which makes you the one to be working on this.  I know it's difficult. 

The Furies and I will be back.

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Chaffetz Goes Into Hiding

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Apr 282017

Every time any investigation starts to zero in on Michael Flynn, the traitor who appeared with Putin and Jill Stein on RT, heads roll, people recuse themselves, or something else happens to stall the investigation.  The latest to do so is Jason Chaffetz [R-UT]. even though his outward explanation appears innocent enough.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, was recovering in a University Hospital room Thursday after getting foot surgery to address complications from a previous injury.

He’ll remain at the hospital for a few days, according to a news release from Chaffetz’s office, just as Congress is negotiating a spending bill in an attempt to avoid a government shutdown.

Chaffetz expects to be sidelined for three or four weeks while he recovers from the surgery, in which 14 screws and a metal plate were removed from his foot. He had shattered several bones in his foot 12 years ago, he said, when he fell off a ladder while working in his garage. The pain recently flared up again, according to the congressman, and doctors removed the hardware to reduce the risk of an infection…

From <The Salt Lake Tribune>

Now I have no doubt that he really had the surgery, but if you think that was really the reason for his sudden departure from Washington in the midst of investigation into Flynn, please contact me about the wonderful bridge I’m selling… cheap.

Rachel Maddow covered this issue in two segments.  In the first she shows how Trump and his Reich overreact anytime investigation of Flynn rears up.

In the second, she shows just how this applies to Chaffetz.

Now that you see it in context, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?


Apr 282017

Pain is still high.  On the plus side, I got to watch my Broncos draft an OT in the first round last night.  No surprises there.  It’s what they needed most.  Now if only Democrats would do that!

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): What Would Trump’s Immigrant Ancestors Say? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


For the heinous crime of deporting Fredrick Trump to America and fouling our nation with his vile spawn, Bavaria deserves at least a nuclear strike, or even worse, government by Republicans. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: This past May, while candidate Donald Trump was running over Republicans and we all were relatively unaware of the impending nightmare that would be November 8, 2016, Noam Chomsky was interviewed on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman. He made this statement:


He’s right. But I’ve said that Republicans are mose dangerous for years and referred to the Reich as Al Dubya, before Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten. Here’s one example from 2010. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos criticized the media on Friday for placing so much emphasis on Donald Trump’s first hundred days, because “it’s so darn hard to count to a hundred.”

“I’m watching the news and they’re going on about a hundred days this and a hundred days that, and all I want to say is, ‘Who the heck can count all the way to a hundred?’ ” she said. “They’re acting like we’re a bunch of math geniuses.”

DeVos added that, if the media wanted to establish a benchmark for Trump’s achievement, “they should have picked a number of days that people can actually count to, like five or ten.”

Dang Andy! Considering what DeVos is doing to education, that will be true all too soon! RESIST!!



Ending that war took far too long.


Fight Every Battle

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Apr 272017


Unlike the article I posted yesterday about which I was uncertain, today I came across an article about a strategy in which I give complete agreement.  When it comes to the need to take our country back from the Tangerine Traitor and Republican Reich, if we don't fight, we can't win.

Democrats: Fight Every Battle

One of my favorite sayings from Elizabeth Warren is: "We might not win every battle we fight, but if we don't fight we can't win." That is theme of this fifth video in my "Politics Guy" series. (Fair warning: I get a little profane about Donald Trump, but certainly no more than he deserves.) And it's…

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