Chaffetz Goes Into Hiding

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Apr 282017

Every time any investigation starts to zero in on Michael Flynn, the traitor who appeared with Putin and Jill Stein on RT, heads roll, people recuse themselves, or something else happens to stall the investigation.  The latest to do so is Jason Chaffetz [R-UT]. even though his outward explanation appears innocent enough.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, was recovering in a University Hospital room Thursday after getting foot surgery to address complications from a previous injury.

He’ll remain at the hospital for a few days, according to a news release from Chaffetz’s office, just as Congress is negotiating a spending bill in an attempt to avoid a government shutdown.

Chaffetz expects to be sidelined for three or four weeks while he recovers from the surgery, in which 14 screws and a metal plate were removed from his foot. He had shattered several bones in his foot 12 years ago, he said, when he fell off a ladder while working in his garage. The pain recently flared up again, according to the congressman, and doctors removed the hardware to reduce the risk of an infection…

From <The Salt Lake Tribune>

Now I have no doubt that he really had the surgery, but if you think that was really the reason for his sudden departure from Washington in the midst of investigation into Flynn, please contact me about the wonderful bridge I’m selling… cheap.

Rachel Maddow covered this issue in two segments.  In the first she shows how Trump and his Reich overreact anytime investigation of Flynn rears up.

In the second, she shows just how this applies to Chaffetz.

Now that you see it in context, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?


Apr 282017

Pain is still high.  On the plus side, I got to watch my Broncos draft an OT in the first round last night.  No surprises there.  It’s what they needed most.  Now if only Democrats would do that!

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): What Would Trump’s Immigrant Ancestors Say? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


For the heinous crime of deporting Fredrick Trump to America and fouling our nation with his vile spawn, Bavaria deserves at least a nuclear strike, or even worse, government by Republicans. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: This past May, while candidate Donald Trump was running over Republicans and we all were relatively unaware of the impending nightmare that would be November 8, 2016, Noam Chomsky was interviewed on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman. He made this statement:


He’s right. But I’ve said that Republicans are mose dangerous for years and referred to the Reich as Al Dubya, before Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten. Here’s one example from 2010. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos criticized the media on Friday for placing so much emphasis on Donald Trump’s first hundred days, because “it’s so darn hard to count to a hundred.”

“I’m watching the news and they’re going on about a hundred days this and a hundred days that, and all I want to say is, ‘Who the heck can count all the way to a hundred?’ ” she said. “They’re acting like we’re a bunch of math geniuses.”

DeVos added that, if the media wanted to establish a benchmark for Trump’s achievement, “they should have picked a number of days that people can actually count to, like five or ten.”

Dang Andy! Considering what DeVos is doing to education, that will be true all too soon! RESIST!!



Ending that war took far too long.


Fight Every Battle

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Apr 272017


Unlike the article I posted yesterday about which I was uncertain, today I came across an article about a strategy in which I give complete agreement.  When it comes to the need to take our country back from the Tangerine Traitor and Republican Reich, if we don't fight, we can't win.

Democrats: Fight Every Battle

One of my favorite sayings from Elizabeth Warren is: "We might not win every battle we fight, but if we don't fight we can't win." That is theme of this fifth video in my "Politics Guy" series. (Fair warning: I get a little profane about Donald Trump, but certainly no more than he deserves.) And it's…

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Apr 272017

I breathed water into my windpipe last night by coughing at the wrong time and set off severe choking and gasping.  That undid the healing in my side, so my pain level is severe again.  ARGH!  The draft is tonight.  May the Holy Ellipsoid orb guide and bless your team, named especially my Broncos.

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From All In: Bernie Sanders sounds off on Trump’s latest fiascos

Senator Bernie Sanders sounds off on the flurry of activity from the Trump administration, including its last-ditch effort to kill Obamacare and a tax cut plan that would give breaks to those who need then the least.


Spot on, Bernie! Boycotting the Fuhrer’s photo-op was smart!. RESIST!!

From Raw Story: Maryland Democratic U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings said on Thursday that President Donald Trump and his administration are “stonewalling” the investigation into retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia and lies to the federal government and doing everything it can to sabotage the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government.

“Clearly the White House is stonewalling,” Cummings told Willie Geist of “Morning Joe.” “And I don’t use that word frequently because I try to give the benefit of the doubt, but they have not given us one shred of paper on him, not one syllable — after a bipartisan request was made for contacts that the general had with the Russian and Turkish governments and any kind of information that would lead us to understand how he was vetted and what the process was.”

Geist asked Cummings why he thinks the White House would still be covering for Flynn even after his firing.

“This situation is one that leaves me baffled,” Cummings said. “Here’s a man fired. Come on, now. Fired. He lied to the vice president but it seems that they have circled the wagons around him. I don’t know what this is all about, but I’ll tell you one thing. It leaves those of us who are looking into it, it makes us even more anxious to get information. And then it makes me wonder what if anything is being hidden.”

I think I understand. The more the truth about Flynn’s treason is exposed, the closer we will be to criminally exposing Trump’s treason. RESIST!!

From NY Times: President Trump told the leaders of Mexico and Canada on Wednesday that he would not immediately move to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, only hours after an administration official said he was likely to sign an order that would begin the process of pulling the United States out of the deal.

In what the White House described as “pleasant and productive” evening phone calls with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, Mr. Trump said he would quickly start the process of renegotiating Nafta — not abandon it, as he said he would do during the 2016 presidential campaign if he could not rework the deal to his satisfaction.

Now that NAFTA is in operation, simply terminating it would cause economic upheaval in all three countries.. It needs to be updated, but not in any way Trump would want to renegotiate it. RESIST!!



Flask back to the Fourth Reich.  From the present perspective of the Fifth Reich, I almost miss him,


Recovering the Party

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Apr 262017

Ever since the Fuhrer was able to occupy the White House with less that 25% of eligible voters and a minority of votes cast, several propel have published articles on how to recover the Democratic Party in order to enable it to take America away from the Republican Reich, an alliance of billionaires and misanthropes, and represent the people.  While I can't say I agree with everything these authors have to say, here it is for your consideration.


Democrats are still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss last November. Democratic leaders such as Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer are leading the opposition to President Trump’s proposals to overturn reforms such as the Affordable Healthcare Act. But history suggests that opposition to the president and vows of action to reconnect with alienated voters will not suffice. The Democrats will need new ideas, better alignment with the spirit of the times, and fresh new candidates to make a comeback and recapture the presidency.

They can learn from the experience of their party in the 1950’s. Their presidential candidate, Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson, campaigned in 1952 mostly on a platform of continuing and expanding the programs of his Democratic predecessors, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. He lost to Dwight Eisenhower, a World War II hero who vaguely promised to uproot corruption in Washington and end the Korean War, ongoing since 1950. Republicans won majorities in both houses of Congress.

The Democrats came back, but it took eight years. They mainly followed five strategies.

1. Analyze reasons for the loss

Democrats need to examine frankly why they lost in 2016.

In 1952, Stevenson lost for two reasons. One, Eisenhower, a popular military hero because of his World War II leadership, ran convincingly against corruption in Washington and the threat of communist aggression and promised to end the war in Korea, which had begun two years earlier. It would have been very difficult for any Democrat to defeat him in 1952.

Two, more relevant for Democrats to recall today, Stevenson, governor of Illinois, came across as detached, waffling and indecisive. He was a reluctant candidate, not entering the race until just before the convention. He was eloquent and witty but bland, uninspiring, and inconsistent, something of a lukewarm liberal. He endorsed and promised to continue FDR’s New Deal and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal policies. But he also expressed disdain for federal programs on public housing, aid to education, and farm subsidies. He favored self-restraint, government frugality, and state action on economic issues. We should not “do in Washington what can be done in Indianapolis” or “ask Uncle Sam to bridge Catbird Creek,” he insisted. He was a proponent of civil rights but skeptical of federal intervention and asserted the issue was a state responsibility. He said there was “no easy answer” to the Korean War. Stevenson’s loss was due in part to not having clear, distinct, credible positions on key issues.

2. Develop new ideas

Democrats need a fresh set of ideas and policy proposals.

Early in 1953, John Kenneth Galbraith, an economics professor who had served as an advisor and speechwriter on Stevenson’s 1952 campaign, wrote him with a suggestion. “How can we do the most to keep the Democratic Party intellectually alert and positive during these years in the wilderness?” Galbraith asked. “We have all told ourselves that mere opposition is not enough. Yet it would be hard at this moment to say what the Democratic Party is for. On domestic matters we are for good and against evil and for tidying up the unfinished business of the New Deal. We want an expanding economy but there are few who could be pressed into any great detail as to what this means or takes…. [W]e are still trading on the imagination and intellectual vigor of the Roosevelt era and that capital is running thin.”

The answer, said Galbraith was “some organization in or adjacent to the Democratic Party” where political leaders and intellectuals could discuss issues and develop fresh new proposals.

Galbraith, with Stevenson’s encouragement, assembled an informal group of thoughtful economists, political leaders, academics, and foreign policy experts. The group met every month or two for the next three years. It became known informally as the Finletter Group because it assembled frequently at the Washington home of Thomas K. Finletter, former Secretary of the Air Force. Stevenson attended occasionally. The group’s discussions were lively and imaginative as they explored ways to draw on traditional New Deal/ Fair Deal policies but come up with fresh ideas that would take the Democratic Party to a new level and help it project a new, winning progressive image. They debated strategy, developed new ideas, and wrote substantive papers on national security, disarmament, taxation, social security, income distribution, agriculture, education, international trade, disarmament, and the U.S. role in Southeast Asia.

The whole effort brought forth new perspectives and fresh ideas for more proactive, interventionist federal policies. Several Finletter Group veterans worked for Stevenson’s campaign in 1956 and later served as policy architects in the Kennedy Administration…

From <Raw Story>

I shared the first two of the author's six steps.  Click through for the other four.

Like Stevenson, Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate.  Had she been able to combine party support and the ability to stir up a crowd the way Bernie Sanders could, she would have won easily.  Democrats need candidates that can motivate voters.  Hillary could not.

I think that rather than lots of new ideas, Democrats a commitment to the American people.  There can be no doubt in people's minds that our candidates represent them and not some billionaire or huge corporation.

What do you think of the rest of the authors' points?

Apr 262017

I’m waiting for Store to Door to deliver my groceries, and Wendy comes this evening to de-stink the TomCat.  Please pardon my pain induced brevity.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): It Sure Looks Like a Russian Cover-Up | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


The cover-up could not be more obvious. RESIST!!

From NY Times: A judge in San Francisco on Tuesday temporarily blocked President Trump’s efforts to starve localities of federal funds when they limit their cooperation with immigration enforcement, a stinging rejection of his threats to make so-called sanctuary cities fall in line.

The judge, William H. Orrick of United States District Court, wrote that the president had overstepped his powers with his January executive order on immigration by tying billions of dollars in federal funding to immigration enforcement. Judge Orrick said only Congress could place such conditions on spending.

The ruling, which applies nationwide, was another judicial setback for the Trump administration, which has now seen three immigration orders stopped by federal courts in its first 100 days. And as with the rulings halting his two temporary bans on travel from several predominantly Muslim countries, the president’s own words were used against him.

That’s good news for Portland, one of America’s first sanctuary cities.

From Alternet: What is "dictator style"? For Donald Trump, it’s celebrating winning on a private jet while eating a Big Mac. He’s a "man of the people" with bad hair, oversized suits and a notorious trucker hat.

On the other hand, according to Peter York, author of Dictator Style: Lifestyles of the World’s Most Colorful Despots, "Trump’s design aesthetic is fascinatingly out of line with America’s past and present."

Barf Bag Alert!!


I can’t tell the difference. Can you? RESIST!!